1 (The hidden side.)

Chapter one:

It was a beautiful day on the kingdom of Wakanda. Princess Shuri was working in her lab, improving on some new Black Panther suits when Nakia the newest Dora Millaje walked in. She was protecting Shuri while Okoye was in Russia with King T Challa. Suri turned to see Nakia.

Got any contact with my brother, Nakia? Asked Shuri. She was just getting used to Nakia's new look. Nakia had shaved her head and got a tattoo to look like the other Dora Millaje.

Not sense yesterday. Shuri, can I ask you something? Asked Nakia. Shuri turned to look up at her. Yeah. Anything Nakia. Replied Shuri. You know how T' Challa is looking for a Queen. Who do you think would be his Queen? Asked Nakia. Shuri looked at her confused.

Is Nakia wanting to be Queen of Wakanda. I mean she is a good person, but she wouldn't be fit for a Queen, thought Shuri. But, she instead told Nakia. You would be a great Queen, Nakia. But, being a Queen is hard. I mean are you ready for that? Asked Shuri.

Yes! Screamed Nakia. Shuri almost jumped out of her skin. She screamed so loud she thought Nakia was going to throw her spear. She was just happy that she didn't say that Nakia wasn't a good Queen. Shuri thought after she was blipped back, that Nakia was acting strange. Any woman who wasn't any relation to her brother, Nakia would try to scare them off.

Nakia, why do you want to become Queen of Wakanda so badly? Shuri asked. Nakia had gave her a look that was so terrifying. Because, I love T Challa and I want to be the one to stand beside him. Said Nakia. Shuri understood. She never had felt love in life. Shuri had a connection with Sergeant Bucky Barnes. She had felt something strange when she was around him.

I get it, Nakia. Shuri said. Shuri went back to working on her suits when Nakia went to join the rest of the Dora Millaje. When Nakia left Shuri went to her own private collection of stuff she had been working on. She opened the closet and standing in front of her was her very own Black Panther suit that she had created for herself. Shuri wanted to be a genius of course, but she had really wanted to be the first female Black Panther. But, she never knew when to use it for the first time. Shuri then sighed, and closed the closet.

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