82 Chapter 82

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A few hours after my training match with Iroh, I was left with questions that no matter how hard I tried I had no answers, and frankly, I didn't care for them right now. Was I evading the clear problems of my life? Maybe… but those problems are for future me to solve, right now…. Right now I want to fight Aang again, this time without having to enter the avatar state to defeat him.

And considering he was rushing through the mines under the city to help Katara, I knew what had to do… intercept the little monk and have a little chat with him, of course, I wasn't an evil bastard, I was going to help Katara survive as long as possible, by providing her with more than enough water to fight Azula and Zuko one on one.

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"Here we go," I chuckled, breaking the earth underneath me, creating a tunnel to intercept Aang on his way to defend Katara.

"What in the…." Aang said, almost shouting in surprise.

"Hello little monk," I smiled under my mask, waving at him, "If you want to pass… you need to defeat me, or at least entertain me,"

"I don't have time for this," Aang said in a stern tone, trying to run past me, naive little monk.

With a sight, I opened up the start of the fight with a powerful palm slam to Aang's chest. A gurgle escaped the stunned monk's mouth as the air of his lungs left him. Taking advantage of his stunned state I moved my hand to his throat and lifted Aang off the ground and with something that could be described as a growl I said, "You will fight me, Aang, there is no other path… you either give your all and show your progress or you will regret putting Katara on this situation,"

Aang stared at me, as he scrambled for balance midair before his body was slammed into the tunnel wall behind him. The concussive force of the impact rattled the tunnel.

In response, Aang shouted a battle cry and tried to push me off him with air bending attack, at this I let out a soft chuckle, almost as if whispering it and with a smile after having acquired the response I desired I let him go, dropping the monk mid-air, letting his body be prey to the universal law of gravity and as his body slowly fell prey this law, I turned around and kicked him away with all the strength I could muster before he managed to touch the ground, all while dodging his pitifully predictable air bending attack, but that wasn't all, taking a deep breath I rushed at him propelling my movement with fire, catching him midway to where my kick would've dropped him and delivered second brutal attack, a punch to his head. Putting Aang in a state of shock as the earth beneath him shattered ever so slightly.

The strength behind my punch was strong enough to create a very small crater under Aang, where his body now rested, "Oops, I think I overdid it." I said to myself. As a smile played at the edge of my mouth.

Surprisingly enough, Aang stood up, bleeding from his head with an enraged expression on his face, very different to what I would expect from the so-called pacifist monk, but it was undeniable, this was what I wanted, "I don't like violence, I never will… it brings nothing but destruction… but, you are blocking my path to defend Katara… and if I have to defeat you to do so… I will,"

"Are you saying you are willing to kill me to save her?" I whistled at that, "If so, I have to admit… you have earned my respect, but let me make one thing clear for you… you will never…. Ever defeat me, but I can't say I don't appreciate the effort, as banal as it is… it makes me feel… special,"

"I swore to the monks I would never take a life… but…" Aang said hesitation surging through his emotions like a river in the desert, "But if I have to put you down to save Katara…. I will,"

I clapped at that, as I laughed, "Bravo, bravo! The resolve… the wil... the intelligence to know when life must be destroyed is important, though I feel even if you could defeat me… you wouldn't go through with it, but thinking about it is the first step, so bravo,"

Aang shouted once again, as he tried to capture me with earth bending, "Left, right, left, left, up, up, down," I hummed, dodging his attacks, "And Iroh says I am predictable, fighting you is like one of those dancing games… on easy mode, spice things up Aang, Katara needs you…." A part of me wondered, why was I being so unnecessarily cruel with him, did I really want to fight his Avatar state so much? Or was Vaatu dictating my emotions know? So many questions.

"Who are you!?" Aang questioned, shocked at the fact I was toying with him.

"Who knows," I shrugged, and before Aang had the chance to ask again something snapped inside of him, knocking him out of the game, as something more powerful took over.

"This…. Ends now!" Aang shouted his voice changing from his original to a mix of his and a female voice, one that I faintly recognized as Raava.

"Well hello, Raava," I chuckled, "It's so unlike you to hijack the body of your host… boy do I feel special tonight,"

"Aang is ill-suited for this," Raava snarled, creating a ball which was made up of multiple elements, "But I will put an end to this! Begone! FOR THE LIGHT NEVER LOSES!"

I blinked in realization as the fact, that I might have not thought about this plan too much was sinking into my brains, with a sigh I woke up Vaatu, as I inspected the width of the tunnel and considering the width of the incoming attack, it was more than clear I had no chance of dodging this, oh well… time to die or defuse this shit, and I consider myself a defuser.

Using my energy bending, I focused all my power on my palms with Vaatu helping me to control the energy, and with a quick move of my I broke the attack into nothing, doing something similar to what I had done with Iroh and his lightning, "You know if you want my personal opinion, "The Light never loses!" is a pretty sad choice of last words. But, to be fair," at this I let Vaatu take control for a bit, he, after all, had to say hi to his beloved sister, "it's far from the worst decision you've made today, dear sister."


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