13 Chapter 13

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Needless to say, my relationship with Pakku went from friendly to downright enemies after our fight. He respected the chief orders but hated the idea of me breaking the rules and that I was out of his control. With the chief being technically the only one capable of ordering me, and even that capability was… questionable, for as of now I was like a freelancer, making money but with no obligation to them whatsoever.

Yue, was angry at me for me while, which… didn't bother me at all, as I was focusing the majority of my time on my training, bloodbending and healing bending. With healing bending slowly but surely getting better. The trick was, meditating more, being more in touch with my spiritual side, quite cliche but hey… it worked.

As for bloodbending, well I'm happy to see it finally happened, I was officially a bloodbender… but I was so far only able to use it during the full moon, and I was nowhere near of a level of skill where I could use it in a fight, but hey… I managed to force an ice rat to submission, and while my progress during these last months has been anything but amazing, I was happy.

Oh great my water sense is tingling… Fuck me sideways, the old bastard is coming.

"Akira," Pakku greeted, as he entered the spirit oasis.

Damn it! "Leave," I said with my eyes close, this old bastard was not going to stop my training.

"I am free to roam the palace," Pakku said with an amused tone.

"Is there a purpose for this… unpleasant visit?" I asked with a tired groan.

"I came here to demand a duel," Pakku stated, while glaring at me, "Three months ago… the chief saved you, and I can't move on, until I have personally punished you,"

Well… this was perfect, "Let's go," I jumped out of my spot, "I will enjoy kicking your ass…" I smirked.

"Overconfident… such a shame, you had some much talent," Pakku sighed.

"Too much talk from someone that belongs in a museum," I chuckled bitterly.


Our duel… was an event for the tribe, the oldest prodigy against the youngest prodigy, a battle between generations, it was such an event, that some of the benders around had built us an arena once they knew we were fighting, and people was selling food and shit, we even had someone as the referee, aka the Chief, who had reluctantly accepted, after all he didn't want us to fight.

The chief's voice boomed out into the audience, giving us the green lights. "Let the battle begin!"

The chief had barely finished his sentence when Pakku instantly shot a barrage of water billete at me.

With a quick sigh at the old man, I created a thick wall of ice, which allowed me to block the attacks, as I parried the old master water whip that circled my walls with one of my own.

I continued to block the old master's next two blows as well by redirecting the water he was launching at me, before attempting to counter with what I call an ice uppercut that makes an ice spike protrude from the ground at my target's location.

This move ultimately failed when the bald decrepit bastard leaped backwards avoiding my attack, by a few inches.

Deciding it was time to start using my own style instead of the conventional style of bending, I exhaled as I stared at the old man with a wide smile.

Pakku glared at me as he quickly continued his assault, failing to even land one of his shots close, showing why water sensing is my favorite ability, helping me to predict his moves before he even used them.

"Do you need a nap? I can stop if you want," I asked as I casually continued to dodge.

This comment threw Pakku off balance, with slight rage filling his core, "I will teach you to respect your elders."

"Respect is earned," I smiled bitterly at him, as I started to attack him with an assault of ice spikes, Pakku while graciously countering, it was clear he was having a hard time, so he opted to shake the entire arena with a rather unique attack, that would've been a real nice move to end me, if I had fought him by his rules, seeing the attack was undodgeable in such a finite space I opted to fly out of the way.

Pakku of course was taken aback by this skill which I had used to dodge his finishing move.

"Oh, yeah… I can fly," I winked at everyone at the arena, just to spite Pakku, the best part was… none of them knew how I was doing it, you see during these last few months I had well… improved my technique, instead of using a lot of water, I would now freeze the soles of my shoes, my belt, my gloves and collar to flight, bending the ice, and making this technique for the naked eye… a mystery.

With a smirk I snapped my fingers gathering all the water in the air, creating hundreds of projectiles, and without wasting any more time I was back on the offensive with a barrage of powerful ice bullets, each one being even bigger than the last, raining on him by the hundreds.

The old man was quickly becoming overwhelmed by the raw force on my attacks, and had begun to solely focus on his defense, sadly for him, this was never going to end, for my bullets were nearly limitless, making his decision under the onslaught of incoming bullets a bad one.

"You know," I said with a smirk. "I owe some of this power to you."

"A decision I am coming to regret," Pakku managed to reply, gasping for air, as he struggled to move with a bleeding leg.

"Too late for it though," I smiled.

As I continued with my deadly rain, Pakku was at this point out of breath and could hardly attack at all. I knew what the old man was trying to do now, he wanted to fight an opening, and I was going to exploit that, and with that in mind, I intentionally left my back side wide open.

And the old dog, in his desperation, took the bait, and instead of managing to deliver an attack. He was sent flying to the walls of the arena as I planted a huge water fist to the twice as big as his body to his left side.

In the shattered ice that once was a wall, the old master laid defeated, gasping for air. His eyes meeting mine in anger and another emotion I couldn't quite pick just before falling unconscious, declaring me the winner.

"I hope this is the end of all this," I sighed, flying down to the arena, the audience was mute with how things had gone… I had defeated what they thought to be the best water bending master of all ice. And I had done it with style.

"That kid is a monster,"

Yes… yes I am.

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