1 Waking up in another world.

There was once a 'normal' guy called Albertus Trivali who was born in China. His father was half-japanese-half-chinese and his mother was Russian. He grew up in many different countries and experienced many different cultures in his childhood before settling down in America where he could make lots of money. In every place he went to there was always evil, gangster, mafia, pirates, druglords all those sickening people became trouble for society and no one can do anything about it. To make sure Albertus was safe his father signed him up to different martial arts he stayed and learned for months in many dojos before moving to another country.

Albert was sick of these scum walking on this earth and so he decided to become a vigilante who kills all the crimnals and also there will be no mercy, he will instil fear into the underground society. Although his martial arts was on a whole another level his body was still human and can still get cut, stabbed and shot so he worked for years saving up millions of dollars and designing an armour that will last him for very long and protect him. With his advanced technique and great defense he was able to take on dozens of men at the same time and kill them.

Over the years he took down major gangs, mafia families, cartels and when they saw him coming everyone would shit their pants, even the cops.

The civilians around the world would question his actions, the law enforcers would threaten his cause and the politicians would try to find a way to use him but he didn't give a dame no one will find him as he's too good at hiding his identity and if ever in his life were a print discovered god-forbid then he learned to control his body language so he wouldn't expose himself to detectives.

He lived two lives, one as the grim reaper of the underworld and the second as a mechanic who had lots of friends. He had no wife or children as he knew that they would drag him down.

One day Albertus was walking down the streets in broad daylight looking at his phone as his friend sent him a gif about a cat doing a backflip saying 'when you have a day off'. Albertus laughed and didn't notice an open sewer manhole as he fell down with eyes widening like an owl's but more terrified.


As Albertus fell in the darkness he would wake up suddenly to find himself on the arms of a man not just any man as Albertus recognised who it was it was a fictional character, a popular at that, and his favourite one from the avatar series. The man himself IROH; although his hair wasn't as grey as he saw him for the first time it was a light black instead.

"From now on your name will be...Kiro. No that sounds weird - I know...Kuro that sounds better plus Kuro rhymes with Iroh."

Iroh named the previous Albertus as Kuro which in his dictionary meant black in Japanese.

A little boy ran into the room as his loud footsteps could be heard. If Kuro could recall correctly then that should be his brother Lu Ten who died during a war; his hair was like a black egg but with a few strands messing up.

"Daddy!Daddy! What is it - a boy or a girl? Was new family born yet?"

Lu Ten ran inside the room shouting with joy as he was eager to meet his sibling. Iroh who was holding Kuro in his arms showed his other son a brief glimpse at his baby brother.

"This is your new brother. Kuro. He's younger than you so you have to look after him, Lu Ten."

By which Lu Ten happily nodded; Iroh then passed their son to his wife's arms who proceeded to hug, craddle and happily sway a little.

"He's very cute. He'll grow up very handsome and I hope He'll be strong and make a lot of friends."

Kuro caught a glimpse of his mother, she was a beautiful woman that looked like she was thirty but in actuality was probably older.

After finishing her sentence she couldn't continue as she stopped breathing, her eyes didn't open and just a smile was plastered on her face before she said...

"Promise me Iroh - you'll take care of our boys, sorry I can't be with you seeing them grow..."

Kuro's mother died, she died right in front of her family. Iroh cried, Lu Ten cried and even Kuro cried.

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