201 Wave mission

"I can see the target moving towards Ino." Hinata

"I am preparing to ambush the target." Ino

"I can also see the melon" Naruto

"What melon? Our target is a cat." Kurenai

"Sensei, you have this melon too." Naruto

Suddenly the intercom became silent. Naruto moves his eyes from the binoculars and looks confused. The next second he looked back and saw a dark eye. Kurenai rubbed her fist and asked with a smile "what were you talking about again?"

Naruto started to sweat and said, "sensei, the weather is hot, so I decided to eat melon after finishing this mission."

Kurenai hit his head *Bam* *Bam* and said "you think I am stupid." Naruto looked at her with one panda eye with a horn on his head and muttered "I was about to invite you."

"What did you say?" Kurenai asks, turning back with a sweet smile. Naruto shook his head and said, "Ino just successfully caught the cat."

Just a few seconds later she saw Ino and Hinata coming with a cat. Hinata blushed when she saw Naruto's face. She knows that Naruto sometimes acts perverted, and the reason she is shy is that he sometimes does this with their sensei too.

Ino looks at Naruto and feels speechless. She looks at Kurenai and her chest then looks at Hinata and finally looks at herself. She sighs in defeat.

Kurenai, who notices Ino's gaze, feels a little embarrassed but she maintains a casual look outside.

She then said, "let's go, we will report our mission." Naruto stands up and cleans his dust. There is not even a single sign left of him getting beaten. All of them are always confused as to how those injuries heal when they are in front of someone or about to meet someone.

Kurenai comes to the Hokage office and reports to him directly. Normally missions are assigned by the mission department. But special Genin get their mission from Hokage.

And Naruto and Sasuke both ate fall in the special category.

Kurenai reports on the completion of the Mission and waits for the next order. Hiruzen gives Naruto a look, who immediately understands. So he acts a little.

"Jiji, we have enough D rank missions. Can't you give us something a little challenging? I feel bored with this kind of mission."

Ino also agreed with Naruto as this kind of mission is mentally tiring. Hinata only stands quietly, she is fine as long as she is With Naruto.

Hiruzen looked at Kurenai and asked "what do you think? Are they ready for the C rank mission?"

Kurenai looked at Naruto and sighed. She knows Naruto's capability by now. If she, their teacher can't find out, then who will. She also knows that he already has power similar to or surpassing Chunin.

She looked at Hokage and nodded her head and said "yes, they can take the C rank mission."

Hiruzen nodded and took out a C rank mission. This is the escort Mission to the Land of waves.

Naruto already told Hiruzen to keep it for him. He actually didn't need this mission, but still decided to do this himself. This mission is important for Hinata and Ino's growth. He is planning to use this mission to sharpen them.

Hiruzen called someone and asked him to call Tazuna.

Naruto also acted happy that he got to do a C rank mission. Ino and Hinata are also excited. This will be their first time going out of the village.

Kurenai also smiles seeing her student happy and excited about the mission.

Tazuna looks at everyone and feels uneasy. He didn't tell the truth about the mission, he also can't force the village to send more powerful people as it should be a C rank mission.

Naruto chuckles when he feels the old man's emotions. He didn't say anything. He knows for a fact that everything will come to light soon.

Kurenai looks at her team and asks "have you prepared everything?" All three nodded their heads.

Kurenai looked at Tazuna and said, "let's go". The old man nodded his head and went out of the gate. Naruto looks at the two gatekeepers who will be in the Chunin exam and smiles at them.

"Sensei, why do you wear bandages like clothes?" Naruto asks while he walks beside Kurenai.

Kurenai looks at Naruto weirdly. She doesn't know how to reply to his questions. She tilted her head and said "maybe, I used to get injured or I like this cloth set up. I don't know why I wear them."

'How would you know that Kishimoto has weird fantasies.' Naruto thought.

She then shook her head and said "concentrate on the mission. Don't get distracted by other things."

Naruto smiles.

Naruto already feels the presence of two ninjas in front of him. And it seems Kurenai senses them too. Just a second later Hinata also saw them with her eyes. She warned everyone with her finger.

'Sigh! They are unlucky this time, they are facing a team, that specializes in information gathering.' Naruto thought.

Kurenai didn't act, she decided to let her students handle this. She observes Tazuna and notices his tense body. At first, she thought it was because he is worried about the journey but now it doesn't seem so simple to her.

Hinata didn't wait and immediately threw a few stars at the small water on the road. Just as he did that two men jump out of the water and stood in front of them.

"How did she find us?"

"Don't forget they are from Konoha?"

They talk to each other.

Naruto, like Kurenai, stands at the back and protects Tazuna. He let Hinata and Ino fight. Hinata was a little worried about being scared, same for Ino too.

Hinata takes a deep breath and makes a fighting stance, just like she trained with Naruto. Seeing her Ino also stops worrying and makes battles stand.

The demon brother looks at the two kids and sneers. They didn't show mercy and attacked with their full force.

But will Naruto let them? He uses telekinesis on the two.

The two demon brothers suddenly feel restrained. Not very much but enough to not let them use their full power. This scared them a little but they can't fall back now.

They keep their guard for a Sudden attack and attack Hinata and Ino.

"Byakugan" Hinata opens her eyes and dodges their attack. She counterattacks too. But like always she still lacks the intent behind her attack.

Ino on the other hand didn't lack any intent but she lacked strength. Her speciality isn't hand to hand combat but mind-possession. But that doesn't mean she should neglect her body training.

After 5 minutes the brothers are already exhausted as their moves are restricted. Kurenai appears beside them and knocks them out with a chap in the neck.

She then ties them with the tree and looks at Tazuna seriously. She walks toward him and asks seriously "why didn't you say that, there is a possibility of Ninja's involvement in the mission. This probably surpassed the C rank mission. It might be B rank or worse, an A-rank mission."

Tazuna felt guilty and started to panic but he didn't say anything. Kurenai frowned and said "if you don't talk then we have to abandon the mission. I don't want to risk my team's life for this misinformation mission."

Tazuna now starts to panic. Kurenai turned around and said, "let's go, we are leaving this mission." Hinata and Ino nodded their heads.

Tazuna finally Sigh and "wait" He then bowed to everyone and said, "please, help us."

He then starts to tell them about the truth and Gato.

Hinata was almost about to cry. Ino is sad too. But Kurenai is still expressionless. She then looked at her students who clearly wanted to continue the mission and help this poor old man.

She then thought about everything and then sighed. She then nodded her head and agreed to help the old man.

She thought that there might just be a few more Chunin rank Ninja. She can handle them alone so it would be fine. Even if there is Jonin she is not someone to trifle with easily.

She then looked at the two brothers and said "but we have to return to the village to report about this matter." Tazuna became stiff and worried.

Naruto made two shadow clones and said "Sensei, leave this to my Shadow clone. We are not far from the village anyway."

Kurenai walks toward the two unconscious brothers and seals them inside a sealing paper and gives it to Naruto and says "be careful, and report everything faster."

Shadow Naruto nodded and left with the sealing paper.

Kurenai looked at Tazuna and said, "let's go, but don't hide anything from us anymore." Tazuna nodded his head hurriedly.

Hinata and Ino are happy too. They are also proud that they held against two powerful ninjas.

Naruto chuckles and smirks. He knows the true horror they will face next.

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