224 Time skip, new family

Two years have passed since Ohara was destroyed.

The Lives of the people who used to live in Ohara changed. After serving the great disaster they decided to change their lifestyle.

They are not together like they used to. They are scattered across different islands. Tesla has made sure that.

Pirates' activity has increased a lot in the sea. There are many new names which now ring louder in the sea.

Among the current generation, there is a Pirates whose name is as loud as those of the past era.

"Madara Uchiha"

What surprises everyone is that he is Alone. Yes, in his Pirates crew there is no one except him. Even then he alone has defeated many strong pirates in the sea.

Ironically, He acquires the Nickname "Ghost of the Uchiha" who knows who spread this Nickname but now it's in many pirates' mouths.

It isn't just the pirates who are getting stronger. In the Marine, there are also few new promising recruits in this era.

One of them is very peculiar, his name is Steve Rogers or Captain Roger.

He has the power same as the Rear admiral but he doesn't want promotion. He stayed in his captain rank.

He is very popular in Marine. Many said he will be the second Garp. He is very upright and always Uphold Justice.

Those who know his past will always look at him admiringly. He used to be skinny and boney also always last in the camp.

But with his hard work and constant practice he has changed himself. He has proven that with enough will and strong persistence anyone can become strong for justice.


Tesla has now made a small merchant that sells all different kinds of things. It is becoming popular in East blue.

But many said that this business will continue to grow. His products are always good quality.


Ace is Two years old. Tesla will always go to Rouge and spend time with her and Ace.

Rouge is not that sick woman anymore. She has become completely fine. Even her beauty has improved a lot.

She lives in the same area as Dadan lives but in a different house. She is happy with her life. Mito also always stays with her.

What Rouge is most happy about was that Tesla would always be by her side. He has now become another part of her life.

Whenever he is not with her she would worry about him.

She sometimes even thought that she acted more like a wife with him than an elder. But even so, she doesn't hate this. He has given her a chance to look to live, she can see her son grow up. So if he really has feelings for her when he grows up she would do anything for him.

She just worried that she won't be young enough for him.

Other than those thoughts, she noticed his gaze on her body many times, specifically when she fed Ace. She knows that it is because of his age. But Rouge never stops him.

She once teased him by saying if he wants to drink too when he was looking at her breastfeeding Ace. To her surprise, he nodded.

Rouge giggles and opens her other breast for him to see if he really would do it.

Tesla immediately joins Ace and drinks from her other breast. Rouge laughed when she saw him drinking like a baby.

After that day, he started doing it every day. Rouge only agrees to feed him when Ace is sleeping.

And Ace as a baby sleeps a lot.

Tesla didn't advance anymore. He will advance after Ace grows a little more.

Robin is now 10 years old, she also started to develop her womanly body.

Olvia told Robin and Tesla to stop showering together. Their reply was if "she can shower together at her age then why can't they"

Olvia said, "they were kids at that time." But Robin and Tesla ignored her and continued to shower together.

So after some time, she stopped saying that. So now They sleep together, eat together and even Shower together.

Olvia tried to sleep differently but she can't have the same goodnight sleep when she is with Tesla. So after some time, she stopped sleeping alone.

Tesla has already started to show its growth. Now he is as tall as Olvia. So they sleep on each side.

Olvia has seen him naked so many times and she has also seen his special body part. She was surprised to see it.

She doesn't know if she should be worried or happy about it.

Robin's control over sensing Tesla's mood has reached an unimaginable height. With her intelligence, she could figure out his mood now.

She also knows that his feelings for her, Olvia and Bell are different from others in the village.

Well, she is smart but still needs some time with love and relationship matters.

But she has this same feeling towards Tesla so she thought that it's a good thing.

Bellmere has also now become a part of the family. She calls Olvia a big sis and treats Robin and Tesla as niece and nephew.

Olvia, Robin and Tesla also see her as part of the family now.

Though the interaction was only 4 times, it was enough to make the bond.

Everyone is also now familiar with her personality. She is really bold and very stubborn.

Olvia was shocked when she heard her saying she wanted to catch Shiki by herself. Tesla only giggles as he personally gets to experience this.


Current time,

"Bellmere, who are these children?" Olvia asks shockingly to Bellmere.

Bellmere is Exhausted, Tesla passes her a glass of water and looks at the two children sleeping. One is 3 years old and the other is a newborn.

Tesla knows who they are very well.


Tesla was chatting with Robin when he remembered that it was about time for Nami and Nojiko to meet Bellmere.

He contacts the shadow that is in the Oykot Kingdom.

He also told the shadow to secretly protect them and not let any harm come to them.

And yesterday night he got the message that the attack had already started.

At first, Tesla wanted to save Nami and Nojiko's parents but it seems they both are orphans. When the orphan got attacked Nojiko must have hidden and run with Nami.

Tesla personally went to the island to observe everything and make sure they don't get hurt. And meet Bellmere.

As he expected, a few things changed. If Tesla's shadow wasn't protecting them then they would have died. Also, Bellmere is very far from them to meet her on time.

So Tesla told the Shadow to take them to Bellmere while he started slaughtering the pirates.

He would never let them live and continue to waste the oxygen.

~Flashback end~

Bellmere takes the glass of water and drinks hurriedly.

She then starts to explain what has happened and the destruction of the Oykot Kingdom.

Tesla walks towards the baby. He takes both of them from Bellmere in his arms.

Bellmere finally relaxed and looked at the ceiling. Tesla took them inside Robin's room. They have been wet in the rain. They need a proper medical checkup.

No one stops him, they know that he has medical knowledge.

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