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Hi there, Author here. I'm here to simply ask you all to try reading this out and let me know where I lack and where I've done well. I'll finalize the release schedule here on a later date and I hope that we'll have a good time together.


Quite enjoyable book which captures RPG elements quite well. Yes, it has game elements which many have, but it also has a proper application which most lacks. I am okay with everything about this novel despite one thing, the writing. Especially the words, I have seen a lot of content with hi-fi/cold words, but they usually remain on an editorial page or some research paper. This novel is using many words which have popular synonyms, but author refuses to use them: gravitas which also mean seriousness, Gryphon which also means a griffin, lackadaisical which also means just lazy, incredulous which means just stunned or doubtful, and list goes on forever as I included only a few words in first 3 chapters. Maybe, I am the only one who feels that these words are quite cold but anyway this is my review.


Overall the story is good and has a good potential. I'm a fast reader so my only problem is the paragraphs spacing I guess, so it's sometimes hard to read. Best of luck Author!


Amazing book, the start is so interesting that most would find it difficult to leave. Well, I should continue reading now and everyone should read too! Peace.


This story is a nice read a bit bland at times but progress in a good way and writer seem to be getting better with each chapter, I wish this book a happy new year and good luck


Alright, I'm a sucker for brooding, dark characters, but I must say, even without that, the story is quite engaging. As of yet (chapter 22), we still haven't gotten a concrete view of the world, though glimpses of it are subtly littered throughout the chapters, which I like. My main problem is the writing consistency; while the author has a wide vocabulary, some annoyingly repetitive passages disrupt the flow. However, it's nothing further editing wouldn't fix, and the quality itself is excellent. It might be a spoiler, but Marvos is the best boi, and I challenge everyone who doesn't think the same. Trust me. If you still haven't decided, you HAVE to give this book a read!


Writing quality : it's great, barely any mistakes so far. Story development : The concept is truly interesting, which makes me binge-read it quite easily. Character design: The MC isn't naive , he knows the truth of the world, thus wanting to live with it . World Background : So far so good for now. Keep on writing!


i really enjoyed the tone established early on, as well as the character interactions and reactions given. the worldbuilding is excellent, and its very easy to get into this book despite not truly knowing what'd you'd be getting into. i can't say i have many (if any) critiques so early on, so i can definitely vouch this as a good, immersive read! the hard work is made very apparent!


Support is here! To anyone reading this I'm here to simply ask you to read this novel. If you want to read an elebrate fantasy rpgish novel the this is a must try. Umu To the author, keep on writing! Story must be told.


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