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Avatar of Chaos


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[Target: Warehouse, Gull Street and Waterfront Avenue. Frequented and used for cargo storage by human traffickers. Burn it down.] [Target: 2008 Honda Prius, Market and 49th Streets. Owner is a shop proprietor that exploits his employees. Light it up, bonus for not being seen.] [Target: 6-story housing complex, 20th and Cardinal Streets. An abusive father lives on fourth floor with family of five. Smoke him out, bonus for not using Ash.] What the system commands, I do. It’s been that way for a year now. I don’t ask whether the traffickers have live cargo in the warehouse, or how abusive the dad is. Either way, a bottle of booze ends up at my doorstep, or my favorite food truck will have a delivery meal someone forgot to pick up. I know there’s only a few handfuls of people here in Callastus that can do the kinda things I can, but I’m not worried. I figure, if they haven’t come after me now, they won’t. Yeah, life with a voice in my head and superpowers was pretty easy, up until I found a little girl that should have been dead, and looked like it, in a place I set on fire, without a scratch on her. Lucky for me, she doesn’t eat or have to be house-trained. Unluckily, she’s an Avatar, which I also am, apparently. Not only that, my system’s gone silent, she can’t speak, and I’m pretty sure that means something’s gotta complete the trifecta. Here’s hoping I won’t have to call off work to deal with it. Cover by me. Visit http://weavesilk.com/ to make something like it.