Avalon of the Elements Book

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Avalon of the Elements


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Long ago the Dragon God who governed the world sent 9 of his dragon apostles to save human kind from its nearing extinction against the monsters. Each of these 9 dragon apostles choose 9 humans representatives to save human kind by giving them the powers of Dragon Emperors. After driving away the monsters these 9 humans created their own clans bearing the titles of each of the dragon apostles and the mark of the elements they govern over. Their clans then joined forces to create a country called Avalon as one of the last sanctuary for the human race. Hundreds of years has past and the 9 heads of the families has past their mantle as the head of their respective families for generations. Our protagonist is the next in line as the head of the Hiryu clan of Fire due to this his Father sent him to the Academy to learn the ways of the world, this is where our story begins........