Avaboya:  Hidden World Book

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Avaboya: Hidden World


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Avaboya: combination of the names of two sorceress' who stumbles upon a portal, Avaline and Boyana. Over time it is a refuge for Mystic beings which slowly develops their own kingdoms. The portals; which are never fully understood were manageable by magic. Being anchored in secretive places known to Mystics and safe from the Hunters. Unpredictable they are one day closed and believed to never open again. Separated from Earth Mystic still on earth were at the mercy of the Hunters and a changing world with only the Knights as their allies. Avaboya would also be refuge to many endangered mystic animals, but also contained its own flora and fauna unique only to Avaboya. One such creature would be a bird called a red eye which escapes from the world when a portal mysteriously reopens drawing attention on both sides and by people with various agendas. Even catching the notice of gossiping residents of Greenville Greenville a historic small town a buzz with stories about a red eyed black bird. It is the home of Abigail and her friend Hector. Soon to be home of her cousin, Crystal. Crystal, adjusting to a major life event will find herself displaced on the other side. Abigail, protective and determined will also be dragged there as well. Hector will search for answer getting into contact with potential allies as well as learn about a family secret.


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