1 First Face

'Kreeeeeeek'.A short but loud shriek went throughout the school through the PA.It may have been short but it was enough to capture the attention of every student in the school. The 10th and 12th graders writing their exams looked three the window with a confused look on their face. Children fro. the lower classes who were about to leave the school stopped short and looked at the Principal's office. Some expected good news, perhaps a holiday. others just watched, wanting to get back to whatever they were doing.

"Pfft...Hahahahaha" A loud burst of laughter followed. It was clearly the Principal's voice but the character was not. Never before had anyone heard the principal laugh in such a manner.

The voice calmed down slowly and began to speak. "Uhh... uhh... school's over. No more school. Just uhh.. go back home." the voice said laughing in the background.

The students stood, watching the office. No one seemed to care about they were doing anymore. Some even began to pack things hurriedly, fitting all their books in their bag.

An attendant rushed over to the room slamming into it as hard as he possibly could. The door however seemed to be locked from the inside. A doorway connected the school office. The attendant rushed around to the door. Locked. All this while the laughing continued. It reminded the people in premise of a certain well known clown.

BANG! Loud, shocking and astonishing. The sound was clearly that of a gun. Slowly a pool of blood appeared at the attendant's feet. Surely, what waited on the the other side was a corpse.

The face of all the people was filled with both shock and terror. The clerk closest to it all, a man named Jacob, felt the entire scene unfold ,surrounded by a pool of blood.

"Get a key!"

"It's not there!!"

"It's locked from the inside!"

"Police! Call the police and an ambulance!!"

A group of teachers gathered and dispersed the wards. Some had baffled expressions on their faces while the others grew in excitement.

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"Push! in 3.. 2.. 1..!!"

After slamming into the door about 7 times the door broke open and what they found was the door running into the face of the principal shot in the right side of the head. The gun lay a few centimeters away from her body, moved perhaps due to a fall.

One of the peons checked for breathing, quiet unnecessarily. It was clear that she was dead from the bullet stuck in her head.

It was a murder on school premises and seemed like suicide. Nonetheless, the staff members waited sweat dripping down their foreheads.

"Did you call the police?!"

"They're on they're way. It'll take a few minutes before they reach."

"Why would she do this?"

"She seemed perfectly fine today."

"How do you expect us to know. Right now all we can do is to wait for the authorities to arrive."

"The students have been evacuated. Some of the teachers are looking for anyone who may have a gun."

"There's no way anyone could've gotten out anyway. we were standing right here at the door."

"It's worth checking though"

"Check the surveillance cameras. They'll have something."

They rushed over to the desk. Fortunately the camera was always on record. According to their economic data they could "afford" it and in this case it turned out to prove useful. Unfortunately however there were no surveillance cameras in the principal's office. This was a huge letdown.

Sirens began wailing in the background. Some of the students were still waiting outside along with parents, most of them demanding to know what had happened.

Groups of cars swarmed the area. Rumors spread from student to student. In all this commotion one man watched from the crowd as people moved around frantically, smiling and just as quickly as he was noticed he vanished, like his face was wiped off the face of the Earth.