25 Chapter 25

Time passed by, it has been 5 days since they started training. Right now albert is in a pickle of what he can do when he went up against annie, since tomorrow will be the day to have some combat training.

'Fuck...I'm about to get destroyed by reiner, annie or maybe even eren' he thought as he doesn't really have any experience fighting people except for watching them in anime. He stood up and got himself ready. It's night time and everyone is already sleeping, he decided to sneak out then try some movements that he knows from boxing to other martial arts.

'In hajime no ippo...takamura said that don't close your fist all the way to throw a fast jab' he thought as he clench his fist lightly and tried to throw a jab he felt like there is no snap to it so he tried again and again.

'Do I need to make that "shh" noise?'


He stopped then went around to look for something that he could punch that won't hurt him.

'Even though I have that lolicon's immortality it might still hurt' he thought as he looks for a good cushion to punch, but couldn't find any so he decided to just throw the pain away and fucking do it.

He went up to the dummy that is made out of wood that will literally make his fist bleed.

He breathes in and out then "shh"



"Eh?" The dummy suddenly got a hole in it.

'System let me see my stats'


Here dumbass, you haven't checked it for a while when you were doing some missions....

Power: 40 (you could put a hole on a wood)

Speed: 39 (pretty fast, a little bit faster than the fastest man)

Intelligence: 38 (meh....your still pretty dumb)

Charm: 25 (you have to be more charming)

Luck: 25 (pretty good)


Breast sucking (the longer you suck them tits the greater the pleasure will become)

Ackerman bloodline!

Ban from seven deadly sins talent (immortality)


'Oh.....I should be careful when punching someone' he muttered, deciding that he won't use his full power.

In the shadow, someone is watching him. She has a blonde hair and was shocked of what she saw. She watch albert punch a hole on the dummy until he cleans up the dummy.

'Fuck...I need to hide this' he thought while he destroy the dummy to pieces with his bare hands.

The next day, their combat training started. Some are skeptical if they really needs this as they would be using the odm maneuvering gear anyways while some are excited as they really need to train their combat prowess.

"I'm gonna join the survey corps anyways, I don't think we need this to slay the titans...." one person said while the others agreed with his statement.

'Well....I need it cause I'm about to get kicked by reiner or annie' he thought, even if he has speed and power. What is the use of it if he can't dodge punches. Lacking experience with a strength and speed versus someone who has experience and plenty of strength and speed. Albert was sure that he would lose.

Soon the instructor started to teach them some basic combat stuff while annie just watches albert try to do it. Mikasa on the other hand is focused on it as she has the feeling of wanting to protect or chase after albert so that she can stay by his side.

"Okay, now time for real combat! You can pick your own combat partner, if by the end of this training you haven't fought 5 people minimum you won't have dinner for tonight and has to run 100 laps around the field" keith said, making everyone motivated.

'Hmph! Fucking kids.....if you don't practice combat then you won't be able to serve the people' keith thought as he just came up with a punishment for those who thinks that they don't need combat prowess.

"Hey, albert can we do it?" Suddenly a feminine voice said, albert knows who it is and doesn't know why she went for him.

"A-annie? I'm not as good as you in combat why go for me?" He asks her, she shook her head then look at him in the eyes.

"I saw what you did last night, don't play me like a fool" she said then got to her combat stance.

"Hou, it's rare for you to invite someone on a fight annie" reiner commentates while watching albert go on a turtle stance.

A/n: hajime no ippo, for those who don't know who takamura is.....

"Here I come!" Annie said then threw a kick at him, since he is in a turtle stance he doesn't feel hurt.

'Hehe thank you ippo' he said as he felt no pain at all except for his hand stinging a little.

Albert got ready to throw a jab lightly as he was about to throw it his mind went blank as he was met with a counter kick from annie towards his chin.

"Annie! You have to hold back you know?" Reiner said while he try to carry albert.

"A-albert!" Mikasa screamed then went up to albert trying to help him.

Time passed, he got up and found himself a little dizzy. He looks around and saw mikasa sleeping on his side.

"Did I just lost to annie?" He thought while he remembers the time that he was about to throw his punch. Well he was trying to hold back and got knocked out instead.

A/n: ban can still get knocked out, right? I mean mc is immortal here, but he is not as fit as ban and he can't use magic...

He looks at mikasa's sleeping face and caresses it.

"Your awake, huh? Now go run a 100 lap around the field" suddenly the door opened with keith looking at him.

"Yes sir" he said then shook mikasa awake.

"A-albert~! You're alright now!" She said then jump to hug him.

"Yeah, i need to do my lap" he said then walk towards the field with mikasa following him.

"Albert...I can give you my food later" mikasa said as she is worried that albert will be hungry.

"I'm okay, I can't have you starving" he said as he rubs her head.

"Okay..." she said as she enjoy getting her head pat by him.

"Now I'm gonna run a hundred laps" he said then started to run his lap.

'Should I try to finish it fast?' He thought as he want to try his top speed, since he hadn't done it yet.

He started running his lap while annie watches him go faster and faster. Soon he finished a hundred lap in two hours.

"Phew! I'm tired af, but it feels the pain in my body is getting healed but I still feel tired" he thought as he hasn't felt any pain while running. The pain that you get on your legs, he hadn't felt it.

He went back inside, making everyone who is having fun eating and talking frown.

"Hey! Did you really finish it?" Jean asks him.

"Yeah, it was easy" he said then tried to sit down next to mikasa, but was stopped by jean.

"No, you cheated there's no way you finished it in two hours. You lost to a girl as well hahahah" jean said while looking at him like he is a pathetic guy.

'Oh, I forgot jean was an asshole back then' he thought then just ignored him.

"He finished it...I saw him do it" annie said as he counted albert do it.

A/n: maybe two hours is too fast lol...

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"Stop lying" jean persisted, but albert just ignored him as he doesn't want to fight with jean.

"Shut up! I saw him do it as well!" Suddenly historia said as she watched albert do it as well....

"Here albert I will give you my food" historia said while blushing.

"No, I refuse it, I don't want you to get hungry. You're really kind, christa" he said then sat down next to mikasa, historia blushed from seeing Albert's smile.

"Tch!" Jean said then shut his mouth.

Time passed by, albert felt hungry, but kept refusing food from mikasa or the others. Since this is his punishment for being a dumbass.

As they are about to go to sleep, annie called him from a distance.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom, you can go first" he said then went to the direction of the bathroom then changed direction to meet annie. Suddenly he felt her grab his hand and pinning him to the wall.

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