1 Life 1: Jian of the Sacred Ointment

Swish and swoosh the winds went as the rivers gently pitter-pattered their droplets into the grounds, as the earth gained a moist tone to it.

And around the grounds were numerous rocks covering up the small oasis of a lake that was buzzing with steam as the whole place sent out mist after mist in the early morning and once one looked up they could see the sun rising with its orange lively tint colouring the yellowish sky with a tinge of orange as some blue seemed to seep out from the cracks.

Alerting one that it was either just sunrise or early morning. And behind one of these great big stones sat a young man quietly waiting for some magic to happen as he revelled in his position waiting for the right moment and right angle to see- see it all...

Yes to see each and every part of the female anatomy one by one and to visualise the plump breasts pressing on his face as he began to feel up the others tight thighs and soft supple bottom that seemed to be made of marshmallow fluff.

As he licked the rosy cherries on top with a simple strike before engulfing the ice cream like melons that held the rosy pink cherries in place.

The mere thought of such a thing was giving the young man a nose bleed as he did a spit take every so often.

However, he still hadn't seen any of the rewards due to still waiting for the time to see them.


-30 Minutes Later:-

Now the young man had gotten bored and rather tired as the damn mist was covering everything he wished to see and out of frustration, his body twitched slightly leading him to accidentally cause a piece of rock to break as it splashed into the lake.



The rock piece fell into the ocean as it caused numerous sounds to echo around the place.

And the females that were in immediately got out with incredible speed as they'd changed and headed out to see what all the commotion was about.

And now seeing his plan ruined due to his frustration the boys body began to shake as with rapid speed he ran away and on his way he'd met a fellow apprentice-brother and without the apprentice-brother knowing he placed his goggles within the guys hands as he leapt away like a crane soaring through the air with incredible elegance.


Causing even the brother he met to be in awe with his fluent and elegant leap- causing his mouth to form an 'o' shape.

And once the young man had made his exit on top of a mountain nearby he leaned down as he began to watch the drama down below.

He knew what would happen and the thought caused him to stifle a laugh out as he tried holding it in so that he wouldn't be caught- not yet he was still young and still had many melons to pluck and many peaks to climb- it was merely the start of his adventure.

Once the boy had leaned onto the grass with his chest placed on the tip of the mountain edge he began his spectatorship as he eyed in the drama about to ensure in front of him.


-Near The Femme Fatale Springs:-

The brother who'd been awed by his fellow apprentice brother had his mouth gaped open as he wondered where he had gone and how much skill he had to perform such an incredible feat.

And unbeknownst to him, he was already surrounded by a dozen beautiful females- and each one of them had either a sabre or a whip within their holds as they stared at the man with incredible contempt.

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"Jian, You've done it again- you've peeped on us agAIN- DID THE BEATING LAST TIME NOT TEACH YOU ANYTHING- TELL ME!"

Seemingly awakened from his trance the now named Jian just looked at them with a dumbfounded expression as he said.

"Wait- Again- That Guy- DAMN YOOOOUUUU!"

"Jian have you finally gone crazy after all the beatings we gave you or something- What do you have to say for yourself now- you've been caught red-handed not to mention that you have a suspicious pair of goggles on your hands?!"

"Wait I can explain- It Wasn't Mee!!"

"Save it for the judge... Jian #1 Sex Offender of the whole sect."

And as they said that each female pounced on the young man as they tore his Tang Suit to shreds before beating him up and leaving massive bruises on his body.

Once they had beat him enough all the females left before giving a "Hmph, this is why you'll never get married you Scroundel, Lunatic, Pervert, Asshat, Shitbag of a Senior Apprentice Brother..."

As he lay on the earthy ground wanting to cry at his misfortune, the troublesome asshole appeared.

Once the real culprit had seen enough he'd laughed so hard his belly hurt and once the women had gone he'd appeared again in front of his elder.

"Awww, is Senior Apprentice Brother alright- I'm sure you never hurt while they stabbed you to bits before slicing your skin with their whips- obviously it never hurt after all you are the strongest Senior Apprentice Brother of all time right Brother Jian- I gotta say though the girls are right, if you keep up with your disgusting hobby of observing them then you definitely won't ever get married in this lifetime rather the one you marry will probably off herself due to how big of a pervert you are... I suggest you calm down before the girls really make sure you can't use your little brother again..."

Hearing this Jian's face almost exploded in anger as his face exuded steam before turning red in colour...

"You, You, Youuuu- I'LL KILL YOU Atlas!!"

Hearing this the now named culprit began laughing his head off as he said, "Catch me if you can Brother Jian though I doubt you'll be able to do squat today with your body hurt like this- but because I'm a good little brother I'll give you the sacred ointment."

"Please Atlas just give me the damn healing ointment- I can't move and I feel like my limbs have been fractured please I'll do anything- at all just give me the damn ointment..."

Hearing this a smirk rose on Atlas's face as he merely nodded giving the ointment to Jian before he fled the area.

But unknown to Jian was that Atlas had switched out the ointment with Lube...

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