At Crossroads Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

At Crossroads


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Adelynn is forced to marry a CEO's son in order to clear off her father's huge debts. Six months into their marriage, she encounters her exboyfriend, Jensen. Jensen becomes dangerously obsessed with getting her married to him. With this agenda on his mind, he tries to get rid of Dominic, Adelynn's billionaire husband. When, Adelynn realizes that she's in love with both men, she's forced to make a decision. Who will she choose? Her husband or her boss who is also her exboyfriend? Excerpt: "Don't!" She hissed, clenching her fist. "And to think that I was going to divorce Dominic because of someone as despicable as you are!" "And here I thought that Dominic was the manipulative one. I had no idea that you are the devil himself!" "I had to get rid of him, Addie!. I love you so much and I should be your husband, not him! But, he always finds a way to ruin things." "So, you tried to kill him?! Not once but thrice! You were going to make my child fatherless! I hate you! I have been blind to my feelings for Dominic and now, thanks to you, I have realized it. I love him. He's a much better man than you will ever be! Now, you're going to rot in jail. Goodbye" she spat and stormed off.  His face morphed into a monstrous expression.  "It's not over yet, Addie! You will be mine for better or worse! I will get out of here and when I do, you're going to regret telling me you love Dominic right to my face!"


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