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Asura's Lover


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Once a former delinquent, he founded himself falling in love with a girl in his classroom. He cleaned up his act, became an honor rolls students, and overall—changed his entire image in order to pursue her. She liked him back, confirmed by a kiss on the cheek during spring break. He felt as though all the time he was spending with her was the best days of his entire life. However one day when he came to class late, he saw a new kid coming from the merge of the two class flirting with her and she not rejecting it but rather—reciprocating it? Anger built up inside him but his master taught him discipline so he kept his calm and took a seat on the opposite side of the classroom trying to keep himself in check. Being ignored by the guy she likes, as the week passed by and she wasn't able to have a single conversation with him, she discussed the situation with her friends and they scolded her for her mistakes. "But I was just trying to be polite," she explained. They shook their heads and told her to explain her side of the story before things go too far. Searching for him during lunch break, she asked his friends and learned of his location. He was in an alleyway that led to the backside of the school, smoking cigarettes according to them. She headed there and founded him beating the life out of three dudes. There faces were bloody and their clothes were torn to shreds. The guy she liked, at that moment looked like an Asura as blood dripped down his fists. She shivered and he scoffed in response thinking that she was scared of him. "No longer caring", he walked passed her and moved with his day returning to his delinquent ways. When in reality—she was shivering because she founded herself falling in love with this side of him even more to the point of arousal.

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