3 Prologue

Ophiuchus looked through the papers on his desk chewing on a tooth prick and rubbed the bridge of his nose as his snake slithered up on to his lap. "What am I gonna do about these zodiac, they are the main reason why I get headaches" he sighed and looked at his snake and stroked it lightly. "From Taurus taking peoples food to Aquarius swimming naked in public pools, and not to mention Leo flirting with young girls trying to seduce them!" He groans and leans back in his chair. "What the hell am I am going to do!" He closes his sees rubbing his temples when his snake puts a piece of paper on his face.

"Not right now" the snake sticks his tongue in Ophiuchus ear. He jumps up the paper falling in the floor and rubbed his ear. "I absolutely hate it when you do that!" He looks at the snake holding the piece of paper in it's mouth. "I am dealing with trouble makers I have to think of a way to treat this before the humans start a riot" he takes the paper and looks at it reading what the snake wrote. "A vacation?, the last thing they need is a vacation!" He groaned and put the paper on his desk and leans back rubbing his temples again. Then suddenly stops. "Haha! Get the zodiac in here!"

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The twelve zodiac stood in front of Ophiuchus, some looking worried, others looking already over it wanting to already leave, and the others actually paying attention. "I have getting a bunch of complaints about how much you guys are causing problems, bathing in peoples swimming pools naked, starting fights, getting arrested,not to mention braking and entering" he looks at Taurus who just smiles. "So this is why I am sending you all on vacation" they cheered "however" they groaned and looked at him. "You will be stripped of your powers, you are to stay in your human form by all times, and you all must interact with humans" "exactly how long do we have to do this?" "Amazing question Leo, a whole year" some of them laugh, others cross their arms and roll their eyes. "You expect us to interact with humans for a whole year?" "Yes Scorpio" "and where are we going to live exactly?" "With each other, you will be living in a twelve roomed mansion, with the necessary needs, you each get your own room decorated the way your room here is" "you really thought this over, didn't you?" " nope just thought of it, you guys will leave next week, pack your clothes and your bath products!" "Will we be sharing a bathroom?" Ophiuchus looked at Virgo "no because we all know how Taurus is after taco night."