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Aries-Female: Warm,passionate person with a healthy sexual appetite and strong opinions. Can be stubborn and impatient. Biggest flaw is lack of understanding for the needs of others to do things for themselves. Leads to imposing opinions and solutions to those around her. A direct and forthright lover.

Aquarius-Female: Unpredictable, exiting nature, has a humane outlook on the world, understands things that other people would run from. Might be late every time you are supposed to meet. A force to be reckoned with when in love.

Cancer-Female:Caring,loving, and kind. Will be faithful and true as long as she feels safe and satisfied. Likes to hold on to things that make her happy. Can be irrational, oversensitive and too quiet. Love is a getting-to-know-you game.

Capricorn-Male: Strong, reliable, confident and sure of his choices. Time practical and focused on his goals. Can be demanding, cold, distant, and strict. Has more of a realistic side of romance.

Gemini-Male: Positive, adventurous and surprising. Always on the move and ready to meet any life challenge. Shows a child like heart, pure and untouched when truly in love. Can be unreliable, acting like a spoiled child and scared of his emotions. To him dating is a skill.

Leo-Male: Open hearted, grand in his gestures easy to talk to, and comfortable to be with. Enjoys a relationship full of respect and warmth, has a beautiful hug no other sign has. Can be bossy, pretentious and self-involved. Thinks there is plenty of time for passion.

Libra-Female: Loyal, committed and tactful. Is prepared to give her life for her partner. May be too focused on other people and forget tho they are. Can be controlling, inflexible and disrespectful. Is a kids-to-be lover.

Pisces-Male: Caring, tender, sensitive, and a kind of man who nurtures his feminine side, has the ability to listen, compassionately approach his partner and understand the feelings of everyone around him. Can be inconsistency, unpredictable, and no on knows how he is gonna feel the next day. His love is like a roller-coaster ride with a lot of passion.

Sagittarius-Female: Makes you laugh, brings a new meaning into your life and dose everything she can teach you how to be happier. However, she can sometimes lose sight on what she actually knows and becomes pushy in opinions. Can be kind, fun, and adventures, but can also be unreliable, naive, and somewhat uncoordinated. Love is beyond the checklist.

Scorpio-Male: Is deep, emotional, loyal, and giving. Right to the point,he can get hurt by the smallest thing. Can be painfully honest, liberating and obvious in his character and intentions, can also be mistrustful, possessive and jealous, and ever aggressive when looking for vengeance. Is full-on mode when in love.

Virgo-Female: Intelligent,sweet, beautiful, hardworking and practical. Can be shy and over critical of herself and others. She will either tell you exactly what she thinks or stay silent. Is a natural observer and is very discerning. Has a methodical approach to life, Is tender but her heart might be closed for the outer world. Is often misunderstood, due to the fact that she won't accept her own feelings. She gives you her heart when in love.

Taurus-Male: Generous, tender and devoted, can sometimes be too stiff and unmovable. If aware of weaknesses, he can turn to sports or any sort of physical activity to feel grounded. More of a physical activation lover.


♈️Aries and Gemini♊️

♒️Aquarius and Pisces♓️

♍️Virgo and Taurus♉️

♋️Cancer and Capricorn♑️

♎️Libra and Leo♌️

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♐️Sagittarius and Scorpio♏️


♈️Aries x Capricorn♑️

♍️Virgo x Leo♌️

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