6 see astro at the park

me and my friend's were at the park because they went me to sing to everyone there and i said yes me i'm so into you i can barely breathe and all i wanna do is to fall in deep but closs ain't close enough til we cross the line hey yeah so name a game to play and i'll roll a dicd hey oh baby look what you started the temperature's rising in here is this gonna happen been waitting and waitting for you to make a move before i make a move so baby come light me up and maybe i'll let you on it a little bit dangerous but baby that's how i want it a little less conversation and a little more touch my body cause i'm so into you into you got everyone watchin us so baby let's keep it secret a little bit scandalous but baby don't let them see it a little less conversation and a little more touch my body cause i'm so into you into you oh yeah hayley you did great thank you guys i said but i do not want to do it again sorry hayley but you have to do one more for my cousin brithday Rose said fine i said we were walking when we got pall in to the bunch shh astro why are you guys hide in the bunch for our fan's arr chasing us but why i we in here for so you guys do not get hurt oh okay i said abd hayley you should make a band up we hear you singing you have a voice of a angel sanha said thank you i said well that is because my uncle is michael jackson and my aunt us jaent jackson i said then moonbin said that is uncle anf eunwoo uncle and jinjin uncle and mj uncle name was michael jackson abd their aunt name was janet jackson and that there mum's name was sea my mums name is sea that maen that you are our sister and you are my brother's we said

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