11 last Friday night

i had so much fun friday night i said us too my friend's said you should do a song about it hayley they said okay i said i will bye guys i said bye hayley they said at home okay lets start i said after making a new song hey guys come to the back of my house i have the new song for you guys right now i said okay the said we are here they said good i said here i go i said me there's a stranger in my bed there's a pounding in my head glitter all over the room pink flamingos in the pool i smell like a minibar dj passed out in the yard barbie's on the barbeque there's a hickie or a bruise pictures of last night ended up online i'm screwed oh well it's a blacked out blur but i'm pretty sure it ruled damn last friday night yeah we danced on tabletops and we took too many shots think we kissed but i forgot last frieday night yeah we maxed our credit cards and got kicked out if the bar so we hit the boulevard last friday night we went streaking in the park skinny dipping in the dark then had a menage a trois last friday night yeah i think we broke the law always say we're gonna stop

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