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Read ASTRO GIRL novel written by the author khleeopathra on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, comedy, weaktostrong, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


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ATTENTION...!!! Mature activated . . Visual tokoh-tokohnya bisa kunjungi igku @da_pink . . . . Kisah ini tak hanya sekedar cerita cinta yang mengedepankan nafsu dan kepuasan semata, namun lebih dari pada itu. Ini tentang ambisi balas dendam, saling menghancurkan, juga obsesi ingin berkuasa dan merampas hak milik orang lain. Kehidupan Kinan dikorbankan, karena dendam masa lalu orang tua yang dulu pernah saling terhubung. . . inilah blurbnya. . . Kinanti Maya, menjalani hidup yang tak biasa. Berawal dari hilangnya kehormatan sewaktu SMA, hingga ia pun menjadi gadis binal dan murahan. Namun, nasib mujur selalu menyertainya. Tetap saja banyak mata yang memandang kagum. Selalu banyak kata-kata cinta yang mendarat untuknya. Kinan bahkan punya karir yang cemerlang di dunia perbankan, ia menjadi kesayangan petinggi perusahaan. Banyak pria yang berhasrat ingin menjadi kekasihnya, hanya nafsu bukan cinta. Sampai pada akhirnya, pemuda yang lebih muda itu pun datang. Memberikan cinta yang sebenar-benarnya cinta. Mereka bahkan dianggap pasangan serasi, karena memiliki gurat wajah yang mirip. Tetapi, justru terhalang restu orangtua dari sang pemuda, yang bernama Putra. Banyak hal yang terjadi pada Kinan setelah pertemuan dengan Putra. Dunianya terbalik. Kejadian demi kejadian yang menjatuhkan dirinya seolah mengucur deras menghantam pertahanannya begitu saja. Bahkan, ia pun mendapatkan serangan hebat pada hatinya, yang tak ingin menerima kebenaran. Mengenai jati diri sebenarnya. Apa yang akan terjadi pada Kinanti Maya setelah tirai kehidupannya terungkap?

da_pink · History
371 Chs

Forbidden Love Story (BL)

This story is all about the Love Story between two college students named Lance and Rin. Lance is a type of a guy that possess attractiveness, intelligence, and snooty, he is from wealthy family, and one of the heartthrobs in the university. He was called “The perfectionist” because of his physical appearance that catches every girl. Meanwhile, Rin is counterpart to him, he is an introvert, feminine look(cute), and kind person. Like Lance, Rin is also from wealthy family. They are childhood friends and when times go by the two are fell in love to each other. One day when their families found out their relationship, Lance’s family decide to send him to abroad in order to end their relationship. However, they decided to fight for their feelings. But in the end, Lance and Rin did not succeed to save their love for each other because of the accident happened to them. Lance’s family take this chance to split the two and Lance sent to abroad. Lance’s mother makes him believed that Rin is badly injured and eventually died. Rin loss his memory and his family hid everything about Lance and about the past. Years later the two met each other in a college university. Still Rin can’t remember who is Lance and what is his connection to him. Rin feels strange when every time he sees Lance. After Lance met Rin again he still believes that Rin died long time ago that dead person can’t come back to life. Destiny always makes away for the two to meet and tragedy also makes away to split them.

ArionWriter · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
7 Chs

Claws and sins

Desperation,  curiosity and a careless mistake concocting together to breed the recipe for doom     Bethany on a search for the cure of her mum's plague she is advised to meet the monk at he monastery uphill . On her way a heavy storm halts her path and she decides to take cover in an abandoned house on the way. Entering the house she spots  many life like sculptures deciding to explore she unknowingly reads the spell to break the curse which was finalized by the trickling of her blood onto the written spell.    Adrian locked in time has become a legend which people wondered if it was true or not . After being betrayed and turned to  stone Adrian awakens a thousand years later . Now hungry for revenge he looks for a way to go back in time and ventures in search of the lifter of the curse only to realize the little thing doesn't even know what she had done.           *This is a slow burn romance * Suitable for 18 and above Snippet **    Adrian stood at the alley one hand in his pocket and the moon casting an ominous glow on his face making his dark features seem darker . Seeing him there one cannot mistake what he is and that is exactly what happened with Bethany who stopped in her tracks as she spotted the man she knew was waiting for her.       Adrian walked up to the girl each step graceful and well thought out spotting her wide eyes he could not help but chuckle at her expression,  did she really think she could escape him. Stopping two steps away from her he lowers his head to match her height the rythm of her heart like a drum making the sounds of euphoria pass through him.    " I think I have found a new addiction silly bird" he teases watching as warmth spreads from her cheeks to her neck going downwards he wanted to see to what extent he could make her blush and explore where the blush stopped and milky skin begins.    "What is it of you don't mind me asking " Bethany asks treading cautiously she still didn't know how to address him, seeing him snap the man like a twig the other day made her weary and very aware of what he could do.    "This " he said pointing directly over her heart. updates 2 chapters a day or at least a chapter Enjoy

mira_love13 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


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