2 Awaken

~Years Later~

"Aunt, I am on my way to the forest to get some herbs and wild flowers!" The young girl dressed in a sleeveless green gown called out.

She was just a simple village girl in the human kingdom. As simple as she was, she had a beauty that felt out of the world.

Her golden blonde hair was simply ecstatic and long, falling below her butt, with a pair of black eyes, pointed small nose and a pert small red lips.

Any man would fall for this simple beauty. The gods really showered their blessings upon her.

And so she set out into in the forest, singing a simple melody she picked up from her aunt while growing up. The animals loved her, the birds would chirp following after her.

She got to where she was to collect the herbs and bent to pick them. After an hour of collecting herbs, she kept her basket on the floor under a tree trunk and used her brown shaw to securely cover the basket as well as the items in it, then left.

"Now, time to get some of those wild flowers. They are simply adorable! Aunt doesn't seem to get enough of these, it makes her happy." She turned to face some birds close to her as she spoke.

They only chirped on talking to her. "Yes I know, let's go then." She left with the birds, moving deeper into the forest to get the flowers.

About thirty minutes into the walk, they came to a stop in front of a beautiful small field. The scenery was breathtaking, there were several flowers of varying colors, lined out there.

"It is no wonder humans don't seem to know this place exists, if not they'd have taken you away and perhaps build something here. Isn't that right Sebastian?" She spoke to the flowers then turned to a blue bird on her shoulders.

It chirped on and on, seemingly complaining about the human activities and she only nodded, agreeing with him.

"Well let's not waste anymore time. Lovely flowers, I would love to take some of you home and put in a flower pot."

She sought for permission before she bent down and started plucking the flowers, all the while singing her usual song, with her sweet melodious voice.

Far off, some men heard the melody and followed the sounds to get to the source. The voice was enchanting, and they had to see who made such melodies, that was pleasant to the ears.

Off they went and not long after they came upon the maiden. Seeing her there, collecting flowers and with her voice, singing a nice song, the men were thrilled and admired her.

"I want her!" The leader said to the others.

"We want her as well. She is so beautiful!" Another man spoke softly.

"Haven't had a young beauty in my arms in a while." A third man spoke and held his groin to show emphasis.

"I'll have her first, nice and gentle." The last man added.

Carefully, they made their way to her. Sebastian chirped more, hopping on her shoulders as it did.

"Oh Sebastian, quiet down, you'll scare the flowers. I'm almost done and we'll leave alright?"

"You won't be going anywhere."

Shocked, she quickly turned to her back, only to be greeted by the wicked grin on the faces of four men. They were dressed in their hunting gear, and their heated gaze seemed to burn into her skin, like she was some small prey.

"What do you want?" She asked the hungry, looking men.

"Nice of you to ask." The second man, with thick beards and a fat tummy said.

"We want you, submit without any trouble and we would make it worth the while." The leader of the gang spoke. His eyes roamed all over her body and she shuddered at his intense gaze.

"I don't think so, excuse me I need to leave."

"You are going no where beautiful." One of the men, who seemed to be the tallest one amongst them said to her as they walked closer to her.

"Just be nice Missy and we would make you scream out in ecstacy!" The last man uttered while unsheathing a knife from its sheath at his belt.

"Let me go, I don't want to be with any of you."

"So pretty and pure, look at those delicious lips of yours, be a darling and submit already." The leader of the gang said again.

The thought of being with these men almost her puke. It was so disgusting, she had to flee from this place and run as fast as she could.

She whispered softly to Sebastian, "Find my aunt, or get help quickly." The bird flew away. She took that as a signal, since it distracted the me a bit and made for it.

She ran with all her strength, but they were chasing at an alarming speed.

Through trees and twigs, she couldn't give up now and let these men defile her, she was scared like a cat, but she knew better, so she didn't stop.

Running and looking backwards at the men, she didn't notice a tree branch and by the time she turned she hit her head against the branch and she fell.

She got up, staggering in the process. The men had caught up with her, she quickly turned, ready to make a run for it again, but was blocked by the tall man, with a dagger in his hand.

"Where do you think you are going?" The tall man asked her. She ignored his obvious question and as the fat bellied man grabbed her by the hands, she kicked him with all her might and he fell down.

She walked back away from them, till her back hit a tree behind. That was when she knew she was trapped, there was no where to run.

"Feisty are we? Get her."

With the command from their leader, two of them lounged at her, while the other she kicked tore at her gown. Feeling despair and helpless, she screamed her lungs out, hoping, praying that someone would hear her, but no one did.

The leader walked up to them and pulled her by the hair, making her scream even more.

She was scared of what fate awaited her if they continued. All of a sudden, a burst of energy pushed everyone away...

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