967 Monsters

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In the vast universe—the splendid Celestial Court was glowing like the sun.

A warship was sailing away outside the Celestial's domain.

Elder Yan's projection appeared inside the warship. He said to Su Ping, "Tell me your address when you settle down. The training resources on the spaceship should be enough to last you for half a year. Tell me if you need more."

"Okay. Thank you, Elder Yan," Su Ping quickly thanked him.

"Master asked me to tell you that you can go to the best academy of the universe when you become a Star Lord. You have been admitted as a special student. Of course, you're not going there to take classes. An opportunity is waiting for you there; you can claim it when you become a Star Lord," said Elder Yan.

This came as a surprise. Su Ping replied with delight, "Got it."

"Be safe. Don't take unnecessary risks and focus on your cultivation," Elder Yan reminded him in the end.

Su Ping nodded.

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