Asteroid Rising
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Asteroid Rising


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What is Asteroid Rising

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A solder from a super-advanced civilization watched as his galaxy-wide nation was destroyed. Millinium later, humans have again taken to the stars, and the soldier travels across the galaxy searching for other survivors. However, even though humans have once again mastered FTL travel, they have only scratched the surface of the possibilities of organic modification. Read to discover a severely over-powered MC travel across a galaxy of wonders.

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Hey, even though I am the author, I shamelessly comment on my own story! I wrote this story based off of my own “plays” I used to enjoy as a child and that still entertain me in my audibly years. I am currently acquiring a Bachelors degree in physics, so the science presented in the story will (hopefully) conform with reality. Still, this is ultimately a fantasy, and I ask for you all to be forgiving of the many atrocious mistakes that I will probably make on my first novel.


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