1 Chapter 1 - Start of Trouble

The police cars chases after a black car speeding up in the highway, over the speed limit.

One police threw a tracking device that sticked on the rear bumper behind the car.

Inside the black car being chased, sat two person in full black suit. The other guy removed his mask, which revealed his brown messy hair and green eyes. "Helaina! Are you crazy!?" he shouts at the person driving.

Only then, the other person removed the mask, revealing a long wavy black hair, as the air from the opened side-window blows her hair away from her clear fair face. Her pink lips curved into a smirk as she checks the mirror with her bright blue eyes, the three police cars in chasing after her. "Don't be such a coward Daniel."

"Coward!? Well then I'm sorry for being scared of dying!" he exclaimed at her.

It was dead end and the police stopped at the edge of the cliff to watch the car jump off the cliff and completely fail to make it to the opposite cliff. The car fell down the scree and exploded.

"Did he just committed suicide?" one police said as he and the others stares down at the car.

"Idiot! he escaped! Look over there!" the other police pointed at the left. There they saw two people parachuting down away from the car.

Right after landing they took off her parachute and dashed off through the forest.


On another matter, the whole city rejoiced at the first ever youngest president in the history. Andrew Park walked down the White House, as camera's flashes and reporters struggles to get a good picture of his face, his face that resembles the exact similar features as Daniel.


In a dated mansion, entered Helaina and Daniel. She threw her bag, full of cash, on the sofa.

"Another day unrecognized. Hey Dad! Did you watch me in the news?" Helaina asked the man wearing suit in tie in-front of her. Then there's Daniel rushing to the nearest restroom, throwing up, because from his near-death experience.

The man replied with a poker face. Helaina noticed this and said "....but it's ok if you didn't watch it you know, nothing special really happened." she said scratching behind her ear.

Ignoring her, he went to deliver the news to Daniel. "Daniel. Your brother became the President."

"What!? What are we going to do now?" Daniel said worriedly.

"So what if your brother becomes the President? He doesn't know about our organization, we can continue living with our lives!" Helaina said.

"He does actually." Daniel said.

"What!? How?"

"Because he's the original right hand of your father..."


"Helaina. I know you wouldn't fail me. You're the only one I know who will succeed." the man whom let's call Mr. poopypie stepped in.

For the first time in her life, Helaina heard a somewhat compliment from her father. "What are you planning?" she asked.

"I didn't want to do this to you my daughter. But think about how corrupt the government is. If our organization disappears, who will return all the money that rightfully belongs to the citizens? The Hartman organization has to keep going. So I have a task for you."

"Ok, then what do you want me to do dad?" she asks.

"Assassinate the President."

"Excuse me-what!? Dad we only steal! We don't kill people!"

"Don't act like you don't know you're in a criminal group! You've had this coming for a long time. This is the only way we can stop him. You're going to apply at the white house as a maid as soon as possible." Mr. poopypie said firmly. "Meanwhile the whole crew will move to another area, so don't come back anywhere near this place anymore."


Two days later,

*Sigh.... somehow, I got accepted immediately* Helaina thought to herself as she stood in front of the White House wearing a T-shirt and baggy pants with her hair up in a ponytail.

"There's nothing much to do really, when you see the President just act like you're dusting whatever's near you. Other than that, we just chill and uses the free wifi." the maid explained as they walk along the corridors.

"Oh I see..." Helaina says. *Shouldn't they be extra careful when hiring someone who'll work for the President? For all we now someone could be an undercover assassin planning to kill him.... like me*

A little boy passed by them.

"Who's that?" Helaina asks the maid.

"Oh, don't you watch the news? That's the President's son. Yohan Park."

"How many children does he have?"

"Oh you're so funny. Just one. Anyway let me give you a tour of the restroom. They have large restrooms here." The maid said as she leads her towards the restroom.

Their journey towards the restroom was paused when they bumped into someone.

*Huh? What is Daniel doing here?* she thought. "Da-" Helaina was about to greet him but she was cut off when she heard the maid greet him first.

"Mr. President." the maid greeted with a bow.

"Huh?" upon hearing this Helaina stopped for a moment. *Wait- by brother, I didn't know Daniel meant twin brother!* she thought to herself. *Oh god, I almost got caught!*

President Park stares at Helaina. "Da....?"

"What?" she says.

"You said 'Da', what were you about to say earlier?" he said intimidatingly which made her quiver a bit.

"Uh... I was just about to say, 'Damn, you really are good looking in real life!'" she lied.

His suspiciousness slowly fades away but his face was replaced with a displeased expression. "Hmm. Should I replace the HR department? It seems that they've been doing a terrible job at hiring people. This new maid lacks professionalism."

"N-no sir, don't worry I'll do my best to train her." the maid says frantically. *If the HR department gets replaced, it'll be bad for me as well* she thought.

Andrew Park began to turn the opposite direction when, "So being a maid requires professionalism now? My bad your graciousness." Helaina said loudly which made him stop.

"How childish." he said and left.

"What did you say!?"

The maid holds her back. "Miss calm down! He's your boss!"

"...right. I'm sorry. Carry on with your restroom tour."

"Sigh... just be careful with your words and tone next time." the maid said. "What's your name by the way?"

"Uh.... Rylie....yeah that's my name."

"Hi Rylie, I'm Erika." she said as she lends out her hand waiting for a hand shake.

*Why is she so nice? I don't want to have any friends inside this White House, my only task is to kill the president, not to make friends.* she thought. "....Hi Erika." she shook her hand.

"By the way, are maids allowed to work in the kitchen? Especially around the knife area?....." Helaina alias Rylie asked.

"Well it's definitely the maids' job to clean the kitchen and go buy the groceries, but when it comes to cooking, we have personal chefs for that. Why do you ask?"

"Oh you know, nothing in particular..... just curious that's all." Riley says, not making an eye contact with Erika.

"Well if you're planning to kill someone, just know that there's cctv hidden everywhere. I'm giving you a heads up because I'm your friend." Erika joked in a casual manner.

*Shoot, looks like I forgot about that. This is going to be harder than I expected* she thought.

~End of Chapter 1~

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