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As per custom, Author here!😂 This story is a spinoff for the book, Diana I'm a fighter, but could be read as stand-alone. Which means I have no control over the plot any longer and would have to flow with it, just as it was set from the former story. That said, if you're not comfortable with ml sleeping with multiple women and Fl doing the same, please don't read, because the setting was in an assassination world and they do everything and anything to kill their target. No silly misunderstanding or rape, but it's very mature. Aigoo. Former readers will understand. New readers, please go easy on me. Have fun reading and if it's up to your taste, kindly support it with your vote and comments. Gracious😍


NATHAN AND AROMA?? OH MY GOD! Definitely gonna read this since Nathan is my bae from Diana ❤️❤️❤️ I love his character so much 😘😘 Thanks May for writing this! Need ma man Nate ❤️


Haaa!!!! I'm screaming.... I'm so happy that the author decided to write about Nathan's story. I have always loved Nathan and I remember telling the author to make Nathan fall in love lmao. I literally had cried just to make him happy.. lol With that, I loved the first chapter.. perfect start from where his life took a turn. I'm waiting for more❤️ and to the readers who stumble upon this book, Nathan is part of the author's previous work "Diana"..Check it out, its really good. Its really funny how people loved Nathan more than they loved the ml( which is his twin) in Diana. Ps: I think all the Nathan fans should be screaming right now. 😉 ❤️❤️❤️


Though there is only one chapter so far, I could bet that this story will be interesting and intriguing. As it is a spin-off of Diana and the story of two interesting characters is going to be unveiled, I am totally waiting to read more chapters. ♥️♥️


I am a new reader, but I am squealing. Omg. This is so wonderful. It is like, I wanna kidnap the author and make her tell me the whole story. Cough cough... Just joking. Won't kidnap her, otherwise, who knows yall might do that to me. Omg. I can't take the risk. But this is SO worth reading. It is absolutely wonderful story with perfect mixture of mystery, intrigue and emotions. I just feel that the story is definitely worth reading. Oh my God!! I can keep rambling on this. But, I am holding my horses. Go and read for yourself. Hehe.


This is great. I’ve been waiting for Nathan and Aroma’s story F O R E V E R. Both stories are great, but I just love Nathan and Aroma. I think you should first read Diana then this to get to know this story better, but reading this alone is fine too because the author sets up the story nicely as its own. 💖💖 If youre looking for bad boy romance, here it is ;)


I know that it's just one chapter, but I couldn't stop my fingers from leaving a review. I will finally get to read Nathan's story. If you are an old reader of May1st, and have read "Diana", I am sure that you must remember Nathan. I have always been team Nathan, and now that it's here, I can't wait to read more.!!! 🥰❤😍


I must confess this story is for those people (like me) who loved sarcastic and sexy Nathan more than Ethan🤣🤣 I'd say the halfway of the synopsis was enough to hook anybody. Assassins and sisterly figure yet the ML will eventually fall for her, seems it has fluff, guns and bullets. Jeez! There are only a few good books with these themetic elements and I've no doubts with this author (as I've read other works) ❤ Next review including the details after 50 chapters! (>.<)


Personally, I was more of a fan of Aroma and Nathan starting from Diana LOL so I think I owe this story a review ^-^ (Will prob write an updated one later when there's more than one chap but considering I was the one who kept on nagging for a spin off hehehehe)


Even though there are only two chapters, they already hooked me to read more 😍😍 I'm feeling so bad for the twins 😣 Author can't wait to know what happens next! Please update moreeeeeeee 🙈 Keep it up Author 👍 You are doing a great job! ❤️