1 Kill the boy

His face contorted into a frown as he watched him waved his hands in front of him, "we promised Chris to play together. We shouldn't leave him waiting." He heard his twin brother who had gotten so thin overnight, said to him with a soft smile.

Nathan stared at his mother who gave him a sweet smile as well.

They were seven years of age with the same appearance. The only thing that the family could use to differentiate them, was their hair color.

Nathan has blonde hair, while Ethan's own was pitch black.

Nathan was dressed up for school and was confused as to why his brother didn't join him.

He could feel that they wanted him to leave in a hurry and stood his ground that he will not leave without his twin brother.

The two were the joy of the family.

They did everything together and they still fought with their spiderman toy till late last night.

And now he was staring at his energetic brother looking so sick. His red thin lips looked pale and blue orbs getting overshadowed by his dull looking irises.

He could feel that he was trying to look strong in front of him, because his breathing was coming harshly, which could be detected from the speed in which his chest rose and fell.

The beautiful woman beside him, was smiling but Nathan could see how she appeared to be restless.

It was as if they couldn't wait for him to leave.

He had no idea that his twin brother, Ethan, had told their mom that he didn't want Nathan to see him sick.

"But I want to stay with you." He protested, even though he was now feeling like leaving the house, as that was what they wanted from him.

"I promise that I will be fine before you return." Ethan said and shooed him with his hand.

"Fine!" Nathan said, giving up and moved closer to kiss his mom on the cheek, before turning to leave.

He kept staring back and Ethan kept telling him to leave.

Ethan smiled softly as he saw him let out a soft grunt, before following the woman managing their household.

She was like a second mother to the twin. Her name is Maris, while the name of their birth mother is Melanie.

Immediately Nathan's figure disappeared, Melanie choked up in tears, as Ethan dropped unconscious in her arm.

The doctors that were already around and waiting for the other boy to leave as the patient requested, rushed out and began examining the boy.

A man in his middle thirties was among. His name is Tony, the twin's father. He was a sturdy man with curly black hair.

He held Melanie closer to his body and patted her back. "He will be fine. It's just a normal sickness." He said, but the woman shook her head.

"He was fine, last night." She said in between tears and felt his cold lips pressed to her forehead.

"He will be fine." He said again.


Getting outside the mansion, Nathan looked annoyed. His lips pouted and arms folded across his chest.

"How could they let me leave him like that." He muttered to himself, while Maris who was walking beside him heard what he said.

"Your brother wanted to surprise you with his recovery when you return from school. Play with Chris and return early, okay?" She said and pulled his chin softly, yet his small cute face didn't relax the frown that marred it.

His driver stopped in front of them. Maris opened the door and he got inside, looking at the other side to avoid waving her goodbye like he and his brother used to.

They did everything together, so unless he's with him, he won't do it.

Maris smiled softly and watched the car leave the premises, before dropping her smile. She also rushed back inside to know about Ethan's condition.

The kid just came knocking on her door in the middle of the night and collapsed in her arms. That's what the entire family had been nursing till earlier this morning.


The driver drove all the way towards the school and kept looking at the boy that had on a serious expression like an adult.

His arms never unfold from his chest and lips remain pouted.

"Everything okay, young master?" The driver asked. He was a middle aged man with a slightly bulky body.

"I'm fine, humph!" Nathan replied, not to appear rude by ignoring.

All of a sudden, a car stopped in front of them, which the man nearly bumped into. The first thing he did was look behind to see if Nathan was alright, and when he turned his head to see what's going on after confirming that the boy didn't get hurt…..


A bullet made a hole through his forehead and his body went limp.

"Kingsley!" Nathan shouted and was about to check the man, when the door to the back seat opened.

With his school bag, he was dragged out. "Let me go!" He screamed and trashed his legs, but it was in vain.

They were four men in total and all dressed up in black suits, with a black shade covering half their facial features.

Pressing a Bluetooth device jn his ear, one of them spoke up, "we only got one boy. The other one seems to not leave the house today." He said to the person on the other side of the line.

"It's fine. Kill the boy. That should teach the idiots a lesson on how they shouldn't meddle in my business." The voice replied and just like that, they got inside their car and left the scene.

The civilians who had run to hide after the gunshot, started coming out and called for help.

The females who were worried for the little boy, screamed 'kidnappers!!!'

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