2 Griffith

Griffith's long-lashed eyes fluttered open and unblinkingly gazed up at the stone ceiling with his ice-blue eyes.

Sitting upright the lean boy of nine years stretched his aching muscles.

Slipping the thick furs off him, he turned to the side and placed his bare feet on the cold stone floor.

Reaching up, Griffith combed his fingers through his knotted his hair, dyed in the colour of midnight.

He sighed and stood up his pale almost white skin, now fully exposed to the cold breeze that wafted through his room.

Licking his plump lips the boy walked over to his wardrobe.

Opening it slowly he pulled out a white Smock and a pair of breaches.

Slipping them on, he reached back into the cupboards and produced a lettered tunic which he slipped on.

Pulling a pair of high woollen socks over his feet he strode over to his door, next to which his high leather boots stood.

He had soon finished with his boots and strode out of his room and down the hallway towards the kitchens.

The door creaked as Griffith swung it open, and stepping inside he saw the cook, "Good morning, Gage."

The boy's voice was fair and childish due to his young age, but there was still a melodic tone to his voice no one could miss.

"Good morning, Griffith." The head cook of Winterfell said chortling.

"How has your morning been?" the boy said. His childish smile playing across his lips.

The man smiled and it was plain as day that he smiled quite regularly, as creases formed next to his eyes, "Quite well, it was harder than normal to start the fire but all went well.

I plan on making a beef and bacon pie for lunch what'd you think?"

Griffith smiled cheerfully, "That sounds great Gage.

How's Turnip doing?"

Gage's smile seemed to light up like a bonfire, "Fantastic she's started to play with the doll you oh so graciously made for her."

Griffith waved his hand, "Oh, it was nothing. I'm glad I could make her happy."

Turning around Gage opened the hatch into the oven and using a glove he had just slipped on pulled out a nice hot bun.

Placing the bun on the plate he had placed on one of the surfaces before Griffith, Gage smiled, "Here's your food, now go before Lady Stark wakes."

Grabbing the food the boy waved and disappeared up the stairs that led out of the kitchen.

The door to the library slowly opened and Griffith tip-toed inside, careful not to wake Septon Chayle who was sleeping in the room next door.

Sneaking to the back of the library, where he would be hidden from the sight of anybody who entered the large room, Griffith placed his plate of food on the small round table.

He manoeuvred around the massive shelves till he found the book he was looking for.

Lives of Four Kings, it was called, a complete history of the four Targaryen Kings, Daeron I, Baelor I, Aegon IV, and Daeron II, written by Grand Maester Kaeth.

Pulling the thick book of the shelf, Griffith carried it over to his little table.

Sitting down, he pulled his plate of food over and started eating the broth inside.

Griffith was just reading a very interesting account of how Aegon handled the deterioration of trade with Braavos, when the door to the library was flung open.

He could hear footsteps approaching him and looking up saw his father standing over him a ray of sunlight illuminating his face.

"I thought you might be here." Lord Eddard Stark said smiling.

A childish grin appeared on Griffith's face, "Good morning father."

Placing his hand on his son's head Eddard ruffled the boy's long silver hair, "I really do wish you would join us for breakfast."

Looking away, and out of the window onto the bright green lightly snow-capped trees of the godswood, Griffith sighed, "Lady Catelyn wouldn't like that."

Eddard smiled, and in a calm fatherly voice said, "You can't stay in the library all day Griffith. Go outside and train a bit with Robb and Jon."

Griffith shook his head, "I'd rather not, I don't think swinging hunks of iron around is very entertaining."

His father let out a bark of laughter, "You really are nothing like your brothers.

Fine, if I can't get you out of this dark library that way, then how about you join me on a visit to Bear Island?"

A bright smile formed on Griffith's face and he nodded eagerly, he had always wanted to see the ocean.

From what he had read in the books and scrolls of Winterfell it was a massive expanse of water that stretched to the horizon with different kinds of creatures lurking under its waves.

Eddard sighed in relief, "Excellent, we'll be leaving in an hour, pack anything you need.

The journey will take us about a week, so come prepared."

He then turned and left the library, leaving a smiling Griffith behind.


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