1 Love vs. Sex

It's early in the morning,she was started to pack her things to going back home to her family in the place where she belong but wanted to leave forever already,in the country of Philippines.

Annie was a an asian woman who believe that love is unpredictable.She been exhausted for few years about her past.But still, life must go on.Annie was simple woman,conservative,attractive but yet simply chuckles, she's not that good when it comes to find the right person that she love.

She was born and raised in an Island,wearing conservative clothes and had simple life living in her family.She was graduated in Secondary when she left the Island and moved in the City, where it was different to lived in the peaceful island.

In the city where three hours to ride a bus from the Island.Annie felt different and more curiosity.Being a conservative woman,she was confused what is the best and what is the worst.While watching the sea waves at the back of thier new house in the City.Yes....Annie never forget the sea waves because it hasn't different the new place from the Island that she left.She's now leaving near the sea,because her father is a fisherman.

Long time ago until now,Annie's father was very responsible to work hard for the living.Father doesn't want to watch his children that struggling.Annie's mom was very strict then when it comes to the girls,were are the siblings of three girls and five boys.

One day,"Andrea when was your last red day(menstruation)"?mother ask her eldest sister.Annie was just graduated in Secondary that time.Andrea just noded,and not answering the mother.Mom started to got upset and scolded the girls,that she preferably watching them when thier menstruation come and done.Hahaha mom was very exaggerated,they are hiding to the room and talked about what mom was up to.It was funny thought that they discussed.But Annie was curioused about that.She was the 6th of the siblings,she was 17 years old that time when she was started her curiosity.

It was month of April, she wanted to work and looking for a job,because her father cannot afford to send them in college together.She has brother that studying in college that time.She was lucky to found job as a sales lady to the one of the biggest shopping mall in the City."I found a job"!I finally got it"Annie's bragging to her family."Well,good for you,just do your work good"her younger sister Andy told her."Yes of course",Annie's replied.

She had 6 months contract in her job.When she started to work,she got looked more attractive and beautiful.Until one day from one of her neighborhood courted her in friends gathering.She's a bit hard to get,because first time she will having boyfriend if ever she say "yes".She remembered way back in High School,she never entertain suitors at all.Until she felt something different and feel curiousity. One night the suitor come back and asked the same thing.Annie finally answered "Yes" to Paul that night.

After a month,"I'm so happy and I'm in love"Annie's shared her feelings to Andy."Eh come on"Andy said."What?"Annie answered."Paul was my schoolmate,and he has girlfriend in the campus"Andy sigh..Annie was a bit disappointed of what she heard from her sister.She started thinking about their relationship."I don't care what did you told me about Paul"Annie open up.This was the first conversation that open that night when they're went to bed."I never tell you what do you want to do about him"."I just told you the fact."Andy said." Yeah,thanks!I know what I am doing here",Annie replied.

After 2 weeks of not seeing each other,because Annie was busy at work and Paul was still studying at Secondary.Yes,Paul was younger than Annie.She had rest day that time.She got to swim in the sea for a while for a change.She saw Paul watching her,that their house is closer to the sea than Annie's house."Hey come on!would you like to swim with me?"she asked Paul.Yes,wait a minute and I would have to."Her boyfriend answered.She got nervous and she thought,what a naughty girl she was.She supposed not to asked that kind of stuff.But honestly she liked what she done.Hmmmmm,she felt like someone tickled her and blushing.Finally,Paul went down and they had talked while sitting down in the sand.Annie start the conversation."So,how are you Paul?"I'm fine,and you?he asked.I'm fine too thanks".Annie replied with a nice smile."I've heard you had girlfriend in your campus".Is that true?Annie asked him.Paul just laughed and said,"Who told you about that non sense thing?"I just heared from a close friend of mine".No,I don't had other girlfriend in the school.I just had one that i love and wanted so".Paul smiled and stared Annie for the first time.She got to smile and nod,"I hope so,because you are my first boyfriend and i fall in love with you ."I hope you won't hurt me please."Of course not!"Paul answered.

"I love you Annie,and i will never hurt you."Thank you,Annie replied.

They both went down to the sea and had swimmed.Annie felt warmed when she sticked her body next to Paul.Down there,Paul slowly touch her legs and butt.Annie got to hold his hands off."Please don't,stop it!"I'm sorry Annie,you were just looked so hot in your very sexy shorts that you wear"Paul chuckled."Thank you,but we have to be careful about things,this is the first time that guy touch my legs and butt",said Annie."I'm sorry again."Paul answered.

Both of them got to out from the sea and they saw the hanging bench in the neighborhood.Annie setting down,while Paul lying next to her and his head on Annie's lap.

They talked about their relationship,"I am thinking if we can have time together".Paul said."Yes me too,you can go to our house and visit me sometimes."Annie replied."Yeah if I have chance.Your brothers and parents doesn't know about our relationship for sure."Paul guessed,and he was right."I think this is the time,that my family know about you except my sister Andy."said Annie."Yes I think so too".Paul replied.Until they got to stared each other,eyes to eyes.Paul grab Annie's hair and kiss her lips.That was her fist kissed ever.And then got to hug after.

At night,she can't sleep.Toast and turn,she touch her lips and still imagined what was her first kiss.She always saw Paul in her mind.Annie felt agressive that moment.It's the first kiss that always came out in her mind.She doesn't had good sleep that night,and she have to wake up early in the morning going to work.After work,when she went out to take a cab going home.She saw Paul outside sat down in the waiting area."Hey,what are you doing here?"she asked."I'm waiting for you",Paul answered in a very slow voice."Oh really?"Annie surprised."Yes of course,I wanted to have time with you".Paul answered."I thought you want to visit me in our house".she asked again."Yes i will, after we going out,I want you to take a dinner or watch movie".Oh that's good idea,"Annie said.They watched movie,inside the theater,Paul was agressived to touch her legs and kiss her.Until her hands crawling to her breast.Annie doesn't do anything,was just let Paul to do what he wanted.She was agressived too.She got warm,and put her hands inside Paul pants.Until she stopped and realized what they do to each other.They went home after movie.They decided that have to relax when get home,and no visiting in Annie's house will happen.

After 3 months of relationship,Annie turned 18.They had talked and dating outside.But still,her parents doesn't know about their relationship.Annie really fell in love with Paul more.Until it's happened that they went to the motel.Paul ask her if it's just okay that they have sex.Annie hug and kiss Paul..she's very curioused about that stuff,and maybe because she's inlove.Paul grabbed her in the bed and let her sat down.He kissed her lips,and slowly took off Annie's clothes.Paul's hand slowly crawled in Annie's butt and removed her underwear.Annie was moaned so loud,when Paul held her hips and open her legs.Paul started playing her private part and gived a lick and sucked it.Annie was felt so happy and felt she was in the middle of nowhere that there is no hurts,just very nice and ticklish.Their orgasms was started.Paul was in the bottom and Annie was on the top.She felt nervous and doesn't know what to do..Just go on and on,until she found the very private part of her boyfriend.She is not expert of that sucking at the age of 18.Until that night,the best important thing will happen if they wanted too.Paul stick his private part to Annie's private part.But Annie was grasping so tight and felt hurting that night.Paul can't do what he want to his girlfriend.He respectively stop the thing to go on.They went home and bring Annie to their house.That time her parents know about him already,without knowing that something was happened that night.Their relationships was last more than a year that nothing happen again and not having sex at all.But life is so unfair,Paul found another girlfriend.Annie was enrolled in vocational course.Until Annie found out that Paul was had intimate to other girl already.She just sobbed and cried a lot for what she heared about her boyfriend.She blamed herself that she don't have time already and never see each other, after what happened in the motel room.She cried and sobbed.She still love the guy that her first love,but what she can do was not talked to Paul anymore.They don't had closure for their break up.

After in first year of vocational course..Annie stop studying,and looking for another job again.In her work,she found the guy that not as good to her first love.Annie attracted to tall guy same as Paul.His named is Carl.They attracted to each other,Carl was a bit playboy.He had lived in partner before,and now had two girlfriends in thier work.He was attractive,tall and handsome.Annie liked him,until they fall in love to each other,even Annie knews that Carl fucked the exes and done.Carl is very sweet and romantic guy that she known.One day,it's Annie's birthday."What do you want in your birthday hon"?asked Carl."I don't want anything else,we can celebrate with our friends will do".Annie's answered.After that night of celebration,had drinks and had nice foods to eat.Annie was drunk,she slept with Carl.That night,"I love you hon"Carl said."I love you too".Until something happened to them.Carl grasp Annie..had sex and finally Carl made it.In Annie's thought that night,when Carl private part got inside her.It's a bit hurt but not that hurting liked what they did with Paul last time.It was bared in her mine.After dating and had sex with three times.Annie's menstruation got delayed for first time.She got pregnant without knowing of her family.Until they confronted and let the parents know about it."I can't believe what you have done!"mom was got mad to Annie."I'm sorry Mama"Annie sobbing.Her mom can't accept for what happen..All she knews that Annie was the very shy and conservative type of woman in the neighborhood unliked the other girls out there.All the neighbors was expected that too.

They are living together with Carl in the small apartment.Until the baby was born.Carl was very secretive,he don't talked too much and shared about his inner feelings.But Annie was the most showy to their relationships.Their child was a boy.It changed so much to them.Carl was responsible,but after 7 months,Annie heared that he had girlfriend where he was worked at.Annie ignored about it,she always think that they had a baby already..so no one will take her boyfriend at all.

After years went by,they got married after five years of living in.All was changed,the true color of his husband was found out.He was so lazy and irresponsible.Annie have to find a job for their living.His son was studying and let the parents looked after him.Annie was so busy at work,while Carl just simply stayed at home.He will only worked if needed or on call jobs."You don't have time for me already"Carl open up that to Annie."Sorry i got tired from work,and still have the kid to take care after work.Carl was so jealous without nothing.He started hurt Annie physically..But Annie still understand and forgive him for the sake of their son."I'm trying to save our marriage after all"Annie cried a lot while told to Carl's mother.

The day and years gone and done...After the sad story from mentally and physically abused.Annie decided to work in other country as an OFW.She worked to Hong Kong in more than 2 years.She found out that his husband was have an affair to someone else.But she can't decided to let Carl go,until she can't talk to him in person.Annie went back home and settled their problems.In the named of marraige and for their child.She forgave her husband.But the worst part,Carl was got drug addict.He still not changing,he was getting even worse than before.Annie decided to end their marriage for more than 10 years.

So,Annie went back to abroad for living.She raised his son alone that is studying in Secondary.His son was taller than her,they just looked like siblings.Annie was more attractive and lovely after broke up.Until he found her another relationship to an older white guy through on line dating.Steve was very honorable and humble person.Annie fall in love with him."I must told you about my past"Annie said."I don't care about your past anymore"Steve replied on their chats.But she still confessed everything what happened to her past.

After the 6 months of being relationship,Steve wanted to meet Annie in person.He was in love with Annie."I want to do everything for you to make you happy"said Steve.Annie was very nice to her boyfriend.She did everything too,and not after his money."I got job and earn my own money"Annie said."I am grateful also to have you"said Steve.In a long distance relationship,everything can do just stick the two people together and strong.

"Do you missed sex already?"Annie asked Steve."Of course,10 years I got divorced"Steve replied to her.From coservative woman,not having a good sex in her entire life.She surprised her boyfriend Steve.She talked about sex..and she played herself..Though it was good.Steve was so happy to have her.For Annie,she was just very conservative and not doing interesting sexual life in the past.She scared to follow her heart than thoughts.If you love someone,you can do everything,the way you can make your partner to be happy.Be prude is not helping to the relationship.Her past was just luck of cooperation to have a good sexual contact.She realized more than that,must give more interesting and open minded about sex,wherever you are closer or long distance relationship.Now she was happy to give herself more than she could do as partner.And they will settle a date to meet soon.

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