Asher's Destiny: Beginnings End
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Asher's Destiny: Beginnings End


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What is Asher's Destiny: Beginnings End

Read Asher's Destiny: Beginnings End novel written by the author InfinitelySleepy on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, cultivation, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In his previous life, Asher was dedicated to his Empire and had sworn to protect it. Claiming the title of the strongest in the world, he ultimately died at the hands of his comrades at a younger age than one would expect. Despite being the strongest, his life was short and miserable, fortunately, near-omnipotent beings had other ideas. Reincarnated in a different world with a new concept of power similar to the magic he had before, what will he decide to do with a second life? Thank you to all who gave my story a try! Consider sending me a vote or an honest review to support me! Current Update Schedule: man idk


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Hey fellow Authors and Readers! :) "Asher's Destiny: Beginnings End" is actually one of few fantasy novels that I have written in my free time! I only ask to for your support! Be generous and leave an honest and thoughtful review! I make mistakes but who hasn't? Let's grow and learn together! If you like the story, please add it to your library and vote to give me your support! Have a great day!! <3


The author really knows how to write the characters well. you'll get to feel a lot of emotions. The world building was laid out wonderfully and the writings are easy to understand and can vividly make the scenes act as how is would be written. it's a good story y'all!


An excellent novel with an interesting premise, a likable cast of characters, and an intriguing plot progression. The execution is well-done as the readers can follow it in a steady progression. 4.8 good job. It's nice, I'm expecting for more to come!


Writing Quality: Good and readable Updating Stability: Superb and always updated! Story Development: Nice pacing Character Design: It's nice and clean World Background: Had enough to engage more chapters.


Nice story At first I thought it was the same routine betrayal scene but somehow it was for redemption, I didn't know who I should be angry at. keep up your hard work


This novel is chock-full of the desperation that makes us human. Reading this author's writing, I can feel the life resonating within it - it grows across my screen, germinating intrigue, and creating a root system of a great story. I can't wait for this story to boom. All the best!


I love the cover of your book! It is really awesome just by looking at it~ Your introductory in the first part was superb! Paired with the iseka genre, I think this novel has potential to be known to readers like us!


The story is really intriguing! The author did a great job while describing the scenes. Good job, author! Hope to see more of the good work! Good luck!


I came across this one day and decided to give it a go. I read anything that interests me and this was very intriguing. The beginning was a good prologue to everything and how there were bible quotes at the beginning was something that was a nice addition. I literally BINGED it to the latest chapter and I want moreeee. Each chapter seems really consistent with its length too. Really underratedddddd!!!


This is a very well thought out & planned story from the looks of it! I already have 2 favorite characters, Asher & Rowan. I cannot wait to see how far this story progresses it is 1 of my favorite books so far on web-novel Ayainfinite you are a wonderful Author and I hope always to be able to read more of your work in the future!


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