1 Different Earth

As the salty taste of the wind entered his mouth, he stood there buck naked, thinking, "Where am I?"

[Jeju Island Dungeon Entrance]

A hologram-esque panel appeared before him to inform him of his location.

"Jeju Island? That explains a lot. The last I remember, I drowned around, there, and was brought to Astralius."

He was not hit by a truck, neither was he summoned; he arrived at the other world in his trunks after having his lungs filled with seawater.

Looking around, he found something odd about the place. Jeju Island was supposed to be a tourist spot filled with life, but as he turned his back against the waters, he saw what used to be establishments and found mere rubbles.

The rest houses, the stalls, all of it were destroyed. The place was in ruins. There was no life in sight, not even a drunk tourist.

"So…what happened here? Did, um…West, no, North? Yeah, it should be North. Did North Korea go to war with the South? A Nuclear bomb, perhaps? But more importantly, Dungeon?"

A strange concept was added to this world.

"Now that I think about it, a panel appeared before me just now." A weird phenomenon that's only supposed to happen in Astralius. He was so used to seeing them that it took a while to register what just happened, "Dungeons, System Assist, all that didn't disappear when I came back?"

Most people would have been thrown into a panic. Thankfully, he had been in many worst situations before.


Five Rows and five columns created 50 perfect empty squares. In the first square, there was a Diamond Card.

With but a thought, the card appeared in his hand.Item: Remnant@!#$@# [????]


Effect: Class Roulette

· Uses Remaining: 1/1

"Remnant? I can't even see the Rank of this item. Is it too high of a level for me? That doesn't make sense, though."

He had so many questions, but moments after he brought it out, the Remnant turned to glowing dust particles that entered his body.

"What the!?" he was taken aback. This was a first even for him.

With its disappearance came a panel as a replacement. The seven-inch long panel had several words like [Berserker], [King], [Demon Revitalizer], [Spirit Caller], and the like listed.

"Is this a joke? What's with these Classes?" he didn't get an answer in the form of a panel or voice, "Let me first check my status…also nothing, huh? Too many questions, but so little answer."


He pressed the glaring prompt on the bottom of the panel, and the list started to circle like crazy like a roulette.

For the first ten seconds, the roulette was moving fast. He could barely catch a glimpse of the listed Classes. But soon after, the list slowed down to a reasonable speed.

"[Pugilist], [Chef], [Grave Buster], oh, there's even an [Monster Tamer]. So, one of these will become my Class this time? Last time I was given the Berserker Class, so, what about this time?"

After seeing the roulette, he didn't need any further explanation. This so-called Remnant was his. All these Classes were either claimed by him or something he rejected.

'It's a surprise it's even included. A [War God]? I don't want that.'


[Astral Page]'Astral Page? That's new? I don't think I've met anyone with such a Class.'

[Astral Page]

· One Page for each Category

Monster – Entrap the soul of a Daemon on this Page. That Monster will be granted a body before its demise and it will become your most trustworthy Ally.

Skill – Bind a Skill on this Page. The skill you can bind in this page can either be something taught to you by a Teaching Class, Inherited from a Dying Master/Companion, or from a Skill Rune. (Note: as long as this Page is left empty, the higher the Chance a Skill Rune will be dropped.) A screen populated with information appeared before him. It was a pleasant surprise reading the skills. But something else caught his attention. At the bottom of the screen, a teeny-weeny note almost missed his eyes.

Note: The Pages can be increased; the bound Skills and Monsters will also evolve.


Everyone can learn as many skills as they want as long as it was in their class range. A [Druid] can learn the Skull Bash skill of a Paladin as both Classes utilizes the staff.

However, there were limitations, like how a Water Mage cannot learn a Fire Mage's Skill unless he gains recognition and becomes a Fire Mage.

The class system held various kinds of mystery that can grant power beyond one's own imagination. But it was also restrictive. However, this Astral Page was different.

'Other Classes have no limits to the number of skills they could learn. One could have thousands of skills in a Single Class as long as it was in the scope of their Class. But this one is strange.'

Astral Page was different. It restricted the number of skills he could learn; in return, it could be evolved into a stronger skill.

He was amused.

'Enough of that, let's see, Status.'Ashe Zhang

Race: !@##@$ #!!! Error → Human

Title: @#$@#%$#! Error → Cataclysm [Eternal Stigma]

Class: Astral Page (Level: 1)

Class Skill:

First Page Skill: NONE

First Page Monster: NONE

'I'm human again, that's nice…but I guess the Eternal Stigma status won't be going away any time soon.'

Ashe couldn't do anything about that, 'Its effects were also pretty good, so why not keep it?'

Thus, his title of being the Cataclysm was accepted without much thought.

"More importantly, I need to get out of this Dungeon. I'm human here, that means I can restart my life."

Ashe turned his back to the raging ocean. If this really was a Dungeon, then it would be best to scout the area and see if he could take care of the Monster inside.

Besides, he also wanted to get a pet and skill.

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