Ch 1 / ASCENSION 12.5%

1 Volume 1 Prologue:The Impact

It was a green coloured energy rock about half the size of the moon. It hit the earth right in the very centre , curiously enough it isn't cause a global cataclysm like everyone thought it would. As it fell towards the earth it converted itself into waves of multicoloured energy that swept through the world giving 99.9% of the world the ability to use magic and the abilities like those in superhero comics it also expanded the Earth until it became nearly as large as Saturn with new mega continents . The world immediately fell into chaos with new world orders coming until a ranking was formed where those who were the strongest ruled at the top while those who were part of the "unlucky" 0.1% were at the bottom and were simply known as stragglers. The asteroid also allowed people to manifest a part of their power as a weapon while these weapons could appear and disappear at the whim of the user they had their own personalities. Some weapons much like the power scale that was developed had power that was equal to an atomic bomb while others had the power of a normal pistol.

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