20 Third Year Part 3

Blood Supremacy was a movement built around the belief that wizards with magical ancestry on both parents side, have better potential as wizards. This was a universal belief that wasn't exclusive to magical England.

Discrimination against first generation wizards is wide-spread, but not for the reasons people usually think. It was mostly due to their inability to adapt to the Wizarding World. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." would be a most helpful advice for them should they choose to follow it.

Unfortunately, most of them completely forget the fact that the Wizarding world was an independent world of its own, with its own rules, customs and culture.

Taking the Dress Code, for example: there was a general consensus that one should show as little skin as possible, out of respect for the others, most importantly the opposing gender. However, it would be exceedingly difficult to follow this rule if one was only clad in mundane clothes. Some of the mundane clothes would be considered outrageous in the Wizarding world, yet first generation wizards and witches never considered the consequences of their dressing.

Before Kaiser's eyes stood a living example of wizarding dressing. Susan approached him next the the castle's gates, clad in a casual blue and white dress, that was bordering on formal. Her glinting hair was beautifully cascading down her left shoulder. She seemed hesitant, but Kaiser brushed it off as her shy behavior. (A/N: I'm very proud of my description skills.)

She began the conversation by apologizing, but Kaiser merely shook his head, saying he just got there.

While heading for Hogsmeade village, Kaiser tried to strike a conversation, but Susan was hardly able to get sentences together, sticking mostly to two words sentences. He noticed her discomfort, since it wasn't the first time it happened. Whenever her friend Hannah wasn't around, she always had trouble speaking with him.

Fortunately, the awkwardness didn't last long, as they reached the all-wizarding Hogsmeade village. So, they diverted their attention to the numerous well-lit shops, and the lively atmosphere. The shops also seemed to give them something to talk about, which slowly made Susan more comfortable.

Kaiser also found out that Susan had a sweet tooth, after taking her to Honeydukes to try the different sweets there. He was impressed with some sweet, seeing how they contained some magical properties, like calming droughts, and pepper up components, without losing in flavor.

They even went to Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop, "the haunt of happy couples", for the 'sole' purpose of being sighted there.


Word quickly spread about the 'new couple' in Hogwarts before they got back from their 'date'. Unfortunately, Kaiser didn't have much time to spare for this, as he had a project he needed to finish.

His LCD screen imitation was progressing nicely, but the problem remained: making a framework to successfully print characters on the screen. It was a repetitive task, one he had no intention of doing himself. Therefore,his subordinates got the task of making a unit that would translate a character to a set of signals to transmit to the screen, after explaining to them how to do so.

His book-saving ability has evolved with his Occlumency training. Now, he only had to look at the page, before saving it in his memory. Which began a new routine, of looking at book pages without reading them, just in case he lost access to the RoR. Life is quite unpredictable after all.

His wand-less training still gave no results, which eventually got on his nerves no matter how much Occlumency he trained. It wasn't the only thing he was training. He wished to achieve Thought Casting, a step even more important than wand-less magic. It involved casting spells without wand movements nor silent incantation. He only had to use his intent and will to cast spells.

Fortunately for him, he had 2 years of continuously casting the same spells under his belt. Therefore, he had a small success in thought casting, albeit not satisfactory enough to make a difference.

The Lumos spell didn't require a wand movement, so he focused on it first, seeing how it only required him to cast it without an incantation. He closed his eyes, and focused on drawing his energy towards his wand. Next, he focused clearly on the effect he wished to achieve. Now comes the most difficult part: "Willing it into existence" still eluded him. Nevertheless, he tried his best.

It was assumed that, even though magical processes could be explained to a certain degree, there was still a "magical part" in there. Some professors directly gives you the "it's magic" explanation when asked, while others would point out that no one has ever discovered the reason for said phenomenon. Casting spells was such an example.

Many have tried to explain the process, but never succeeded. Rowena Ravenclaw herself tried, though if her book was to be believed, she had some limited success. The problem with her book is the warning written within. It says that, unless the person already succeeded with Thought Casting, it would be in his best interest not to the read that book.

Kaiser didn't understand why the warning was necessary, but he wasn't arrogant enough not to heed it. He would learn thought casting first, before judging for himself if the warning was necessary or not.


Christmas, or 'Yule' as the wizards like to call it, is one of the most celebrated holidays in both the magical and non-magical world. This year's Yule proved to be exceptional as a large number of invitations were sent overseas for a single Yule Ball.

The Yule Ball was a noble tradition among 'pure-bloods'. It was an opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances. But this one was highly unusual, as it was normally only among the wizards of the same nationality.

Fleur Delacour was puzzled why they wouldn't be attending a boring Yule Ball in France, but a probably boring Yule Ball in Britain. She had asked her father what was the reason for that, but he only said that Karl Greengrass sent invitations to numerous important figures in different countries.

The Delacour family was very wealthy, and also held a lot of influence in France. The head of the family, Antoine Delacour was the head of the department of Law Enforcement in France, he was not retired and focused only on expanding the family business. They held a famous apothecary in France, along with few shops that sold magical items, book shops… They also invested in the recent rising Firebolt company.

Fleur was obliged to attend these occasions, unlike her little sister Gabrielle, since she was the heir to her family until a male heir was born. She didn't enjoy those occasions, as the male attendees used this opportunity to try to court her with lustful eyes, affected by her Allure.

Veela are a semi-human race, known by their silver-blond hair and violet eyes, along with their exceptional beauty. However, they also had an innate ability: their Allure. It was a mind attack that attracted the opposite gender, sometimes even the same.

For young Veela, this 'curse' was uncontrollable as they mature. Once they reach a certain age, the effect diminishes unless willingly increased. And Fleur suffered from this curse, like most growing Veelas.

She obviously couldn't have any male friends, since they all reacted badly to her Allure. Female friends were even more difficult to have: the overflowing jealousy they felt for what they considered to be her 'gift' stopped her from forming any strong bonds with her peers. She found solace in studying magic, more specifically Warding.

She arrived to the party on time with her father, as a sign of respect for their host, as did most of the guests. Every one present had the same social standing, so it was only natural they wouldn't keep each other waiting, only those with special circumstances arrived a bit later, but apologized for the delay.

The party consisted of an open buffet, with high quality dishes spread among the tables. Since the guests came from different regions in the world, the dishes naturally had to be varied to suit different tastes.

Some small talk later, and then you could see old friends assembling dividing the hall in some set 'factions', Fleur stayed put next to her father visibly uninterested by all the commotion around her, her eyes wandering around, until her father saw a blond haired man next to a conspicuous kid with evil features standing calmly and greeting a few guests.

"That must be Kaiser Lunar, the rising Rune Master. Let's introduce ourselves." Antoine said to his daughter.

Kaiser wasn't very interested in this kind of events. He would rather spend the day in his lab than be in this overly formal event. He still kept a polite front and greeted everyone who was introduced to him. After all, he was the main reason this gathering was held. Some of the guests had a few guests, but nothing was confirmed yet.

Kaiser watched as Antoine Delacour approached them and greeted Karl Greengrass, but he noticed the rather peculiar girl accompanying him. Her violet eyes met his, though he saw no change in her expression. 'A Veela, huh…' Kaiser thought.

The Legilimency probe he's been feeling for a while was coming from her, though it was entirely different from Legilimency attacks he's used to. Normally, when he was probed, he could feel that his memories were being targeted. But this time, he had no idea what was the goal of the attack. However, once you take into consideration it was the Allure, it makes sense.

A lot of people tried to crack how Veelas worked, but none seemed to succeed. It was exactly the same with the Basilisk. People knew it was a Legilimency attack since it required eye contact, but they had no idea of its inner workings.

"… Allow me to introduce you to Kaiser Lunar." said Karl Greengrass gesturing to him.

"A pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Lunar." said Antoine with a barely noticeable french accent, offering his hand for him to shake, which he did.

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"The pleasure is mine, Mr. Delacour."

"This is my daughter, Fleur. She is a sixth year at Beauxbatons academy."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance." She said with a small lady-like bow, which he returned. She had a thick french accent, contrary to her father, clearly indicating that she was not as experienced as him with the language.

They conversed for a while before Antoine remarked: "I must say, I'm impressed with your self control. Most of the boys your age would be drooling right now in the presence of a Veela, especially one as young as my daughter."

While Veelas were considered 'half-breed' by a vast majority of people and looked down upon, Antoine didn't consider them any less than wizards and proudly used the technical term in public.

"Then I must apologize on behalf of my peers. They've made your daughter's life more difficult than it should be."

Antoine and Fleur were surprised at the maturity he showed despite his age, though by now, they weren't treating him like a child as he was certainly not behaving like one.

"May I have your attention please." their conversation was interrupted by the sound of a spoon clicking on a glass, coming from a man who stood in an elevated platform reserved for magician. Unsurprisingly, the man was none other than Karl Greengrass, the host of the party.

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