1 The beginning after the end

Kaiser woke up feeling intense headache. He was shocked to say the least. He was supposed to have died, after everything that just happened to him. He couldn't understand. How was he still alive? was this the afterlife perhaps? But his thoughts were quickly replaced by his surging anger. 'Those bastards!" he thought. And he wasn't only referring to the people who killed him, but those who were behind them. As far as he couldn't tell, those weren't your everyday thugs. They didn't ask for his money. All they did was capture him, silence him, take him to a secure location, aka some nameless forest, then killed him while he helplessly watched.

He had to doubt that he was targeted by someone. Probably related to his latest research. Alas, that is a tale for another time. Right now, he had more pressing matters to worry about, namely: what the hell is going on.

He was lying in bed. Looking around, he found himself in a foreign room. 'This is not a hospital.' He thought. He tried to get up, and then noticed how difficult that seemed to be. His body felt weak. But when he noticed his hands, he felt a shiver run down his spine. 'Wait… Something is very wrong here.' He thought, hoping he was wrong.

He looked around and found a mirror, his face drained of all colors when he looked at his own reflection. He had scrawny physique, no more than 1.3m in height, with small hands and feet. Looking at his face, he was confused beyond words. Not because of how different his face is than what it used to be, but because of his features. His eyes and hair, they were crimson red! That was not supposed to happen. He never heard of anyone ever having such colors. That was not natural. 'They must be artificial! That's it!'.

Then it hit him. a sudden rush of memories assaulted his brain. He staggered and fell to the floor, world turning around him until he fainted.

He woke up after the sun has risen, light coming straight for his eyes, making it difficult for him to see. He took a seat at his bed and started thinking. He just awaked a set of memories, that felt like his own, but shouldn't have by all means. They talked of a red-haired boy's life in an orphanage, shunned because of his unique evil looking features. He looked exactly like those villains the main character would eventually defeat to save the princess, and the boys his age took immense pleasure of playing such character at his expanse. They would bully him and role play with the other girls, while he was running crying for mercy. Literally.

But he also noticed something that absolutely did not make sense. There were some sudden occurrences that shouldn't have happened. Finding himself in places he had no memory of going to while running for the little devils, wounds healing faster, sometimes at speeds visible to the naked eye… 'Sounds a lot like accidental magic from the harry potter universe doesn't it…' he thought before laughing at his silly idea. 'Magic…' unfortunately no such thing exists. Or at least he thought so, but he was about to be proven very wrong.

An own decided to interrupt his thought at that moment, entering his room and standing on his desk waiting. He jumped in surprised, at this development. But then, a rush of excitement invaded his very soul. He was hoping and praying to all the gods that this was not some prank. But he decided to give the universe the benefit of the doubt. If he couldn't be reincarnated ( because it was very clear to him that he was, seeing how he remember getting killed ), then he could've transmigrated to another universe as well, or perhaps he was still in the same one, just that he never heard of magic, and the harry potter books were an evil plot to make muggles believe that magic wouldn't make sense, by giving them a story based on real events, or at least or real life elements. 'Well let's read the letter and find out.'

Unsurprisingly, it was indeed the Hogwarts acceptance letter. He read it carefully. It stated that he was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and informed him that because of his special circumstances, the deputy headmistress will visit him tomorrow to introduce him to their world, and escort him to Diagon Alley, where he will get his school books and equipment.

He could hardly contain his excitement that day. It was Saturday, so he spent his time looking around the orphanage, until he was called for meals, and hardly got any sleep that night.


The next day, he found himself in the visitor room alone with a tall lady with a wrinkled face, with a witch like hat (so much for the statue of secrecy…). She had a stern expression, discouraging anyone from messing with her.

"Greetings Mister Lunar, I am Minerva McGonagall, deputy headmistress and transfiguration professor at Hogwarts. I will be your escort today to Diagon Alley, as well as the person responsible for introducing you to the wizarding world. I should congratulate you first for being gifted. You are a wizard, someone capable of using the rare gift of magic." She said, waiting for him to get out of his shock.

He wasn't optimistic at first, he thought this was some kind of sick joke. When he looked around the previous day, he found out that the cars were way too old. The whole world seemed old actually. People sitting at the benches reading newspaper. NEWSPAPER! That's ancient stuff, nobody did that anymore last he could remember. But he was still skeptical, he just couldn't bring himself to believe it. Did magic really exist then, if he could've transmigrated. No matter how much he tried logically explain what happened to him, he couldn't come with anything. 'Perhaps I am in the matrix then… that would be a plausible explanation. But then again, this feels way too real… I don't think we had the capabilities to build something that could trick me to this degree…'

Right now, however, he needed to prove to himself that this was not some kind of joke. He got out of his trance, and decided his next course of action.

"Um, professor, would you mind showing me what you mean by "magic"? No offense, but I was always told that magic was imaginary." He said tilting his head, doing his best puppy eyes expression, trying not to offend his future teacher.

Professor McGonagall didn't take offense at his words, she merely smiled. She took out her wand and pointed it at the table, before the table levitated.

Kaiser's eyes however, were now twinkling. Words can't describe the happiness he felt at that moment, and no doubt would he use this very memory for his [Patronus] later on. 'YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!!'

It took him an immense amount of self-control not to jump in ecstasy, while the professor watched him in amusement. One of the reasons she liked to introduce muggle-borns to her world is to watch their reactions, and Kaiser's was no different from most.

When his breathing came back to normal, she said: "I believe that proves that magic is no fairy tale."

Next, she explained to him what Hogwarts is, the subjects he would learn there, and the different electives. Then she talked to him about Diagon Alley and what to expect for this trip. But there was a tiny problem there that hasn't been addressed.

"um, professor? Aren't I supposed to pay a fee to study at Hogwarts?" he asked. Professor McGonagall understood his concern immediately.

"Do not worry, Mister Lunar. While there is indeed a fee to be payed, there are options for people with special circumstances. We will go to Gringotts bank first, and have you take an inheritance test. If it is found that you do not have sufficient money, you will receive a scholarship." She explained.

Kaiser sighed in relief at that. It would've been unfortunate to be refused the ability to learn about magic just because he was poor.


Half an hour later, he found himself at the entrance of the Leaky Cauldron. He was dizzy after his memorable ride on the Knight Bus. He didn't understand why that thing is designed to be uncomfortable. It took willpower to avoid vomiting his breakfast. He was grateful that Professor McGonagall used a sticking charm to make him steadier, but to avoid the dizziness, you'd have to get used to it.

But this led him to ponder over a few questions. Why didn't they just apparate? or use a portkey? The professor didn't look like she appreciated this transport mode either, so there must be a reason.

"Professor, is this how all wizards get from place to place? I remember reading stories about wizards flying on brooms or something like that." Kaiser asked.

"No. There are other ways for transport in the wizarding world. You are right to assume that travel by flying brooms exists, but we couldn't do that, as it would attract the attention of the muggles. And as I have told you, the statue of secrecy should never be broken. There is also the travel by apparition or portkeys. We didn't use portkey travel, because all portkeys are regulated by the ministry of magic, and you need a license to make one. Unnecessary paper work, when we could simply travel by apparition. However, apparition is heavily discouraged for younger wizards and witches, because they're magic is unstable, they may disturb the delicate process." She answered easily.

"Apparition professor? Is it like teleportation?" He innocently asked.

"Yes. I believe the muggle term is teleportation." She nodded.

They went through the Leaky Cauldron to the entrance of Diagon Alley. With a tap of a wand, the wall transformed into the famous entrance with a folding effect.

He contemplated on the happenings while tons of questions were being brewed by his mind. They all revolve around: how does this thing work? But he knew better than ask questions she wouldn't be able to answer, either because of the lack of knowledge or time. So, he went for the best question he could ask.

"Professor, If I wanted to understand how this entrance works, and possibly be able to imitate the effect, what books would you recommend?" he asked.

Professor McGonagall watched the young boy marvel at the feats of magic, unable to hide his curiosity, and couldn't hide the amusement in her eyes. 'He's definitely a Ravenclaw.' She thought.

"In order to understand how the entrance work, you would need to be proficient in Ancient Runes and Charms. Charms are a core subject we teach at Hogwarts, while Ancient Runes are an elective you can choose at the third year. It requires basic knowledge about magic in general, so you will find it very hard to understand at your current level." She answered easily. But she could tell that he was not deterred, so she decided to push it a bit further. "Also, you should note that magical experiments can go horribly wrong if something is done incorrectly. That is why I strongly advice against trying on your own."

Kaiser smiled sheepishly at being caught. He followed her through busy streets, looking in awe at the different shops, items in display, while drooling like an idiot whenever they passed by a book shop. Professor McGonagall thanked her occlumency whenever she saw that expression, because it was truly hilarious, even for someone who rarely laughed like her.

They reached the snowy white building that towered over the other shops. Gringotts was truly something when compared to the other buildings around it, but Kaiser couldn't help but be disappointed overall at the quality of Diagon Alley. 'The wizards definitely lack style.' He thought. They were too primitive, no order to be sighted whatsoever. As if they took pride in disorder. While items were flying around, it gets annoying at some point. Besides, why the hell are items flying around. Can't they just teleport them and be done with it? Then the fire places, namely the Floo network. People talking with other people at the fireplace with laughable image quality, people walking out of the fire… 'What wasted potential…'

And it was. Afterall, when muggles communication system is better than the wizard's… It means there is something horribly wrong there.

When he reached the entrance to Gringotts, he noticed some words engraved around it.

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So, if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

'Gringotts… The most secure bank in the world…' thought Kaiser, before laughing internally. 'Isn't there supposed to be a break-in this year at you-know-which vault… Then teenagers breaking in to one of the most secure vaults. Though the teenagers did have some pretty solid plot armor so…'

As it was a Sunday, it was full of people. They waited for their turn, before Professor McGonagall explained the situation to the teller. Kaiser was taken to a room where they would perform an inheritance test. The reason is because they didn't know his parents, and they needed to make sure they were not wizards, or he isn't a descendant of a wizarding line.

He was required to give 3 drops of blood. Needless to say, they healed him afterwards, and he couldn't help but have more and more questions… Alas, he couldn't answer them right away.

Unsurprisingly, the test concluded that he is a first-generation wizard, aka muggle-born. 'Scholarship it is then…'

He needed to sign documents, stating that once he was out of school, he would need to pay them back once he could, magically binding of course.

(Note: There are some details that I skip, like the terms of that contract, because it's not that important overall. I'll let the reader's imagination fill the blanks)

The scholarship covers Hogwarts fees, and 2000 galleons to be spent on school supplies.

The trip to his vault had him cursing the goblins silently the whole way. 'The wizarding world has a grudge against comfort, that's for sure. Can't they use elevators or something, why the hell are we travelling by cart through rails…' He concluded. The accompanying goblin enjoyed watching his sick expression the whole way, if his toothy grin is any indication.

He received a pouch with an expanded interior, meaning that inside is bigger than it appears to be. He filled it with 400 galleons. The first shopping trip is always expensive, since he's need to buy a trunk, an owl, a wand and all one-time purchases. He also asked for some muggle money.


Their first stop was [Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C]. Before entering the shop, he remembered an important detail about Mr. Ollivander he read about in multiple fanfictions. Apparently, no matter who you are, he always knows your name. He gave it much thought, and concluded that it would work similar to the Maurauder's map. He must have something at his desk that informs him of visitors, including their names.

When they entered the store, it was eerily silent. They walked through the door and waited by the desk. Professor McGonagall didn't call, so Kaiser followed her example. She appeared to be waiting for something, and sure enough, it happened.

*POP* "Mister Lunar, a pleasure to finally meet you." Mr. Ollivanders appeared behind them. Kaiser nearly jumped in surprise, his hair stood on end, before he recollected himself. 'This is probably some rite of passage. Everyone gets a scare before getting their wands.' He thought.

"Um, how do you know my name? I don't think we've ever met before, sir."

"How indeed." Mr. Ollivanders merely smiled at him.

"Is there some magic on the door that identifies anyone who walks through it, or do you have some divine powers to guess people's name?" Kaiser asked innocently.

"A Ravenclaw, I see." Mr. Ollivanders answered, avoiding the question.

"Don't waste your time, Mr. Lunar. Generations of wizards have tried to crack that puzzle, yet no one seem to know the answer. And Mr. Ollivanders like to give a mysterious image." Professor McGonagall said, hoping to get to business.

"Which is your wand hand Mr. Lunar?"

"I am right-handed, sir."

Mr. Ollivanders started taking measurements of Kaiser' hand for god knows what reason. He took out a wand from the rows of boxes. "Sycamore wood and unicorn hair, 11 inches, flexible."

Kaiser took it in his hand and he could feel something intangible seeping through it, an uncanny feeling he never felt before.

"Give it a wave, Mr. Lunar." And so he did. The result was, unsurprisingly, a mess. The wand boxes started falling, uncontrollably until the shopkeeper snatched the wand from him.

He tasted various wands from different combinations of wood and cores, making the place a mess. 'If only I knew how to push my magic into the wand, perhaps I'll blow up this place, so that he understands how stupid it is to do the test like this…' And yet, the more he didn't find a wand that matched him, the more Ollivanders seemed to get excited. He liked a challenge after all.

"Try this one, Poplar wood and Dragon heartstring core."

The moment Kaiser touched the wand, he knew it was the one. The wand immediately connected to him, he could feel it drawing power from his very soul, before it glowed crimson red, the same color as his hair and eyes. He was too preoccupied with his new toy to realize that the place where he was standing cracked.

"Very curious. A rare combination. You know, a wand's components can tell you a lot about its owner. The poplar works best with those of clear moral vision, while dragon heartstring is a sign of great power. I believe we can expect great things from you, Mr. Lunar." He looked at Kaiser with a wide smile.

"That will be 13 galleons."

"Um, don't you have something to hold the wand, Mr. Ollivanders? Or am I supposed to just keep in my pockets?"

"I can give you a wand holster, with anti-summoning, self-cleaning, and self-repairing enchantments. It also helps you summon your wand to your hand, with a password. All you have to do is hold your wand against it, and say your password." Kaiser nodded and did as told.

He set the password to 'Baguette Magique', which translates to "Wand", since he won't be speaking French any soon. He paid a total of 25 galleons, before leaving for the next shop.


Their next stop was a trunk shop. It sold school trunk of various types. You could choose the number of compartments you wanted for the trunk, and the enchantments as well.

He chose a 3-compartment trunk, for clothes, books and equipment and ingredients, the last one being under a stasis enchantment. As for the other enchantments, he chose a light weight one, and a blood-based security system. Apparently, they use your blood to extract your magical signature, before linking it to the trunk. It cost him a total of 75 galleons, his biggest purchase so far, and probably for a long time as well.

Next, was the potions equipment, telescope, and school books. He went for the second-hand books store, and looked there for books with good condition. He found most of them, except for a few, which he would buy at Flourish and blots. He took any book he found interesting, while keeping an eye for books on "Occlumency". After all, they had 2 of the best Legilimens in Magical Britain at Hogwarts, and his mind right now was an open book. He eventually found what he was looking for, and more.

He bought his school books, along with few other theory books. He was very interested in magical theory, and he wanted to see how wizards explained "magic". More importantly, he wanted to see their logical process. From the books he read about Harry Potter, wizards trust opinions and emotions more than facts. He wanted to check if their logic is affected by this as well.

Professor McGonagall suggested a few books about transfiguration and charms, and she was pleased to see him show interest in her area of expertise. He also bought a book for an introduction to wizarding culture for muggle-born wizards, and wizarding laws.

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By the end of his shopping trip, he was very satisfied, and couldn't wait to start playing with his new toys, and more importantly, doing magic! Unfortunately, he couldn't do that until he reached Hogwarts.

It was when they were exiting the Leaky Cauldron that Professor McGonagall remembered about the trip to St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. She was supposed to take him there first before exposing him to the magical world, but she forgot. So, before going back to the orphanage, they made the trip and had him take him checked and take his potions.

The trip was fast and uneventful. It only took fifteen minutes to get his potions and get checked up.

When he got back to the orphanage, he couldn't start reading yet. He had some chores to finish first, and they took most of his time. By dinner time, he was really tired. He went to bed as soon as he finished his meal. He decided to start in the morning. The books aren't going anywhere after all. (though he did see some books that could, if he remembered his trip through Diagon Alley correctly…)

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