7 Summer

Amelia Bones was a powerful witch, one that Voldemort himself was wary of. Which is the reason why he personally fought against. He didn't want to leave her alive, as she could be troublesome. She was one of his first targets. And, if she was aware of him from the beginning, she could be better prepared to face him. He hoped she would listen to his advice about the Fidelius. Only time would tell.

Unfortunately, he couldn't tell them about the horcruxes yet. He knew what they were, how to make them, and how to destroy them. But the last one was tricky. He could either let Harry take the killing curse on his 4th year, after a successful ritual. Or, he could find a way to get rid of his horcrux before he had to. He preferred the second method. He didn't want Voldemort coming back to life so easily. And, with Harry's protection against Voldemort, and the 'prophecy'? protecting him. Against anyone else. But he didn't truly believe in that. Why would the universe choose someone, give him cryptic, uncertain words, that someone would have to fight someone? Why bother? He'd need to do more research into prophecies and seers later.

But for this summer, he would only focus on Runes and Arithmancy. They would help him immensely in his quest. Runes and Arithmancy were used for enchanting and warding. Enchanting is the art of giving objects magical properties. Warding consists of setting up protections around a location. Both are exceedingly sought-after skills, as not anyone can succeed in them. You need to know the runes by heart, be able to draw them upside down blindfolded. Then, with each rune you draw with specific tools, which, in turn, might need to have runes drawn on them, you need to infuse the runes with specific intent and spells. But not before making the proper blueprints and all necessary calculations that goes with them, while choosing the correct materials with the necessary and compatible properties. It was a disaster.

He would also focus on meditation. He hoped to reach the next step, as it would give him better control over his mindscape. He spent hours in meditative state. People would mistake him for an old monk trying to break through the shackles of mortality. Alas, he was only trying to have better access to his mind.

At the orphanage, he was an outcast. He didn't hang out with any boys 'his age'. He had trouble eating at the same table at them with the amount of non-sense being said… hanging out with them? That's just impossible. At least, the people at Hogwarts had something in common with him: Magic. That, and he'd probably need their help later, so it's a win-win situation.

Of course, there was this bigger than average kid who wanted to bully him. He kicked him in the testicles. Though he didn't put too much force behind it. But the kid would certainly remember it. Later that week, he heard people talking about a silent kid who kicks in the nuts, which had him smile. No one bothered him after the incident.

Though he kept his physical training simple, he never shrank from it. He had decent meals and more than enough sleep. He wanted to be in top form when he starts the second year.


Kaiser sat on his bed in meditative state; looking for the locked part of his mind. It was an itch he couldn't shake. He could feel the itch, calling for him to reach it, but it whenever he tried, it was obscure, as if light vanished from the world. He tried to make sense of it, try and get a 'look'. But he just couldn't. He didn't know why, nor how. But he knew he couldn't. It was a very frustrating experience. Looking for something, without any direction, other than "it's there.". You'd have better luck looking for needle in a haystack.

Kaiser spent hours upon hours, trying to feel the itch, only for it to get stronger, but he had no clue where it was. But progress was progress nevertheless. But that didn't decrease his frustration. He tried to do something else in the meantime, because he knew forcing it wouldn't do him any good. This proved to be an important trial for him, as it built his patience.

His practice of Runes wasn't that hard. He only needed to memorize some things, which was a piece of cake, and draw them relentlessly.

He didn't lose contact with any of his friends, trying to answer their letters regularly, and send letters of his own. They were all quite enthusiastic as long as you spoke of their favorite subjects, and Kaiser made sure to remember those. Susan had been sending him letters back and forth, since the first she sent thanking him for helping her beloved aunty. Daphne, on the other hand, was tough one. She seemed needlessly formal on her letters, and was difficult to find something that interested her to talk about. Though she answered his letters, it was with minimal wording. He wasn't sure if it was her personality, or if she was annoyed with him. Therefore, he only sent her letters every two weeks, asking about her well beings, staying as polite as possible. He did skip a week to see if she was simply annoyed at the letters, but thankfully, she did send him one three days later.

He also met with a few of his year mates in Diagon Alley, when Susan invited him. They had some ice cream, and chatted about their summer. Though, that wasn't the only time he'd been to Diagon Alley. He went several times over the summer to get some books on a wide range of subjects, including books to help him learn Gobbledegook, the goblin language. It was said that the goblins had the best smiths. Maybe in the future, he could learn a thing or two from them. Just maybe?

One thing he found out on Gobbledegook. When it was said it was a "rough and unmelodious tongue, a string of rattling, guttural noises", they weren't joking. It was nightmare for humans. Apparently, it suited goblins since they had an easy time pronouncing it. But for Kaiser, it was certainly unpleasant, if he his disgusted face was any indication. He didn't have much use for speaking as much as reading it.


Kaiser knew he was getting closer, and it motivated him somehow, lessening the frustration he's been dealing with for the last 2 months. There was still 2 weeks before the start of the new school year, he still had time.

He sat down on his bed in his usual comfortable position, and cleared his mind, until he felt 'blank', completely under control, with no emotions interfering. It felt neither comfortable nor uncomfortable, as he couldn't feel anything. The truth is: he didn't like it. Being able to feel is what makes us alive. Take that away, and you'll feel unnatural. 'Unhuman'. But it did help thinking more rationally.

He concentrated on the itch, the summoning he's been having for a while now, trying to look for it, only to come back empty handed. He made sure to suppress all emotions while trying to have a better feel for it. He was as steady as a boulder. The moment he let his emotions get the better of him, is exactly the moment he'd fail. No, he couldn't fail. He wouldn't accept it. This was a necessary skill, one he desperately needed. He abhorred the thought that someone might be able to access his mind at will, even the best of intentions. It feels worse than being seen naked. Even if there wasn't necessarily something to discover by reading your memories. But when there is, it's even worse.

Kaiser lost all track of time. He couldn't tell how long he'd stayed in that state; he didn't care either. All he knew at the moment, was that there was an objective to reach. He wouldn't back down before it was reached. Little did he know that he spent more than ten hours meditating.

As Kaiser was delving deeper and deeper into his mind, he suddenly had this intense feeling; It felt like a rush, a wave crashing into his mind, as the dark 'space' suddenly felt clearer and brighter. It was the last thing he remembered before he passed out.

He was drifting in a sea of blurry white mist. He could 'see' scene and thoughts of his life, both past and new, passing by. It seemed chaotic, yet organized at the same time, as he knew what to associate with each one. The scenes of his left felt like a continuous line, sorted by date. As if his whole life was a single long movie. Thoughts were linked to each particular 'scene'. A huge web of thoughts, sound and images is what his mindscape felt like. He could see that in each scene, whenever he read a book, there was a very peculiar thread leading him to a huge pile of books. Everything he has ever read. It was all placed one on top of the other, composing an almost life like titan. It was the weirdest sensation he's ever felt. What he looked at was certainly chaos. Anyone else who came here would be totally lost, unable to make sense of it. And yet, it felt normal to him, as it was his. He knew and understood every part of it. A conflicted sensation, it was. 'Organized chaos' would be a better term for the situation.


As the light of the day hit Kaiser in the face, he slowly opened his eyes with difficulty. He never thought his bed was so comfortable. An unfamiliar ceiling greeted him. He was in a white room, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed next to a window.

"It was about time you woke up." Kaiser turned around to find a red-haired woman starring at him. "You're in Saint Mungo's Hospital. You've been in coma for 11 days." She answered the unspoken question for him.

Kaiser was shocked to say the least. Why was he in a hospital? And why the hell was he in coma in the first place? He didn't remember anything noteworthy happening. He was meditating. He unlocked his mindscape. He passed out. But that was never supposed to happen. Did he do something wrong? He didn't think he did.

"What happened?" He asked worried.

"We were hoping you'd tell us. A huge wave of magical energy was detected coming from your room. The [Obliviators] arrived to see what was left of your room. It seemed like there were cracks everywhere, with a huge dent on the wall. Two muggles were injured, nothing serious, thankfully. The Obliviators couldn't erase the incident, so they had to fake report it as an explosion of some kind. The healers thought it was the sign of an Obscurus, but you don't show any signs of being one. The trace wasn't triggered. It was labelled as Accidental Magic, but the wave was too huge for simple Accidental Magic. The magic residue is certainly yours, so an attack can be ruled out. What happened before you passed out? What is the last thing you remember?"

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"I was meditating. I have no idea why what happened did so." Kaiser answered with a frown. Unanswered questions. He hated those. Why was his progress result in such incident? This was never supposed to happen. If it was a result of unlocking his mind, the books would have certainly said so, as it was too big to leave out. Which means it was something else. What was it exactly?

Amelia somehow knew he was being truthful. Spotting liars was part of her profession after all. Either that, or he was an otherworldly liar, which he was in a literal way somehow, but she didn't believe a 12 years old boy can be that good. She nodded at his words. "You will stay under observation for the day. Tomorrow, someone will escort you to the train station. Good day to you."

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