Ascension of the Master Assassin
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Ascension of the Master Assassin


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What is Ascension of the Master Assassin

Ascension of the Master Assassin is a popular web novel written by the author Minimal_Effort, covering VRMMORPG, VIDEO GAMES, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 668K readers with an average rating of 4.5/5 and 60 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 33 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Venn was a nobody in life. Heaven Descent was everything he had. Having spent every waking moment playing the game as a game rat, he found himself back in time to the first time he started playing Heaven Descent after drowning himself with alcohol the day his sister died. With no knowledge of stock market nor sufficient capital, he is determined to rise to the top of the game this time to save his sister from her illness. "Watch me! I shall take everything that belongs to me and more this time, even if it meant prying them from the clutches of Heaven!" Check out my discord: https://discord.gg/9SAzmrH If you wish to donate via paypal: paypal.me/POTNW https://www.patreon.com/thisisplankton


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I was honestly empty mindedly scrolling through webnovel when I saw this. Its description itreaged me and pulled me in, after reading the first chapter I was surprised at how well it was formatted and how straightforward the story was begining to be. This lead me to bealive that it was one of the larger books that webnovel has. I was extremely exited to spend days pooring into this book, but then after I read through the current chapters and realized that this book has yet to become one of the larger books I was extremely sad. So far this has been one of the better books that I have read (albe it few) on webnovel. It seems like the author has a thoroughly thought out story in mind and I hope they continue to write and develop this novel. I look forward to its progress!


Requires coins after chapter 10 which is ridiculous and shouldn’t be allowed. Looked like it had potential but i will never know cause the paywall persuaded me to spend coins elsewhere.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Nice start abd good story. Problem is slow update. Got promising characters. Hope the author/translator continues the updates coming. Thanks.


It had amazing potential and fluent grammar but... who goes premium on the 11th chapter?! Great read if you are willing to pau for it otherwise.


I really liked the beginning of this story so I bought the privileged chapters just for the author to not post any more chapters for the entire month. Now he posted more chapters but they are all behind coin wall. -_- I am not spending anymore coins on this story As for the actual review: Store seems good, unique/innovative (cultivation) lvl up system. World building seems good so far. No major grammar or spelling errors. Character design a bit lacklustre so far but still the start of the story (read up to ch 15)


The only thing I don't like is that it is premium after 10 chapters. Other than that the story itself is solid and only time will tell. [img=faceslap]


Great quality novel, i really enjoy it, but ten chapters is not enough to hook the reader. I mean really premium after ten chapters, your robbing us blind author. I get youre trying to make money but i think that youll loose more people just because of that. hope you dont and good luck


This Story has a lot of potential. If the author pUt more time and effort into releases i would be willing to purchase more, but it is Updated really slowly with Short chapters which is unfortunate


i just somehow came across this novel, and holy shit its worth my time. tbh author, if you increase the chapter release per week, i dont even mind spending tons of coins on this novel. to u ppl tht randomly found this novel, better start reading this cuz its rlly good. keep up the great work author.


okay so far it's been good but the 🤬 recap doesn't make any sense you only shorten the chapters plus what you pull the other day making me pay to read bullshit and you do it again stop that fuking shit. if there is a problem state it and don't make us pay for it, that's super shitty of you


so far there not not a steady schedule and the premium came a bit soon but it's a good story with a unique skill gain method that I believe could have major impact how the the story will go.


Good start for me. Nice writing with great concept of the game which using monster core to develop the game character which is new to me. the downside is that the update is slow and the writer going for premium while chapter is only 10.


Ass.He let's girls walk all over him.


well written, I love the characters already and the story is intriguing. only bad thing would be the lack of chapters, hope their is more soon


everything is good but I don't like how the instant he was transported to the beginner grounds, he gets a a celestial quest and can turn into a sage, it ruins the suspense


I love this so much! but it's heartbreaking, I should have checked how many chapters there were before I started to read, because now I'm stuck on a cliffhanger an it's torture! I can't wait for it to update though, keep up the good work author.


This looks very interesting and i feel like this novel will deliver an amazing story as this novel is very different to the normal i cant wait for more chapters ............


Lots of cliches good world building. Characters are plain and cliche. goes premium way to quickly im Not sure about update stability but there arent many updates. Game is supposed to be ultra realistic but its not really which is fine. lots of errors in grammer but not many compared to other Stories . Overall very cliche feels like im just re reading 10 different books at the same time. dialogue is not great Author tries to make mc seem cool but it does not turn out that way and is just awkward with forced reactions


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