114 Surprise Attack

'If it was one Qi Condensation opponent, I wouldn't be too scared. Even two I could probably get away from, but three Qi Condensation, and two late Mist Creation opponents is too much. I need to eliminate the Mist Creations first to create a hole in their defense and hopefully slip through.'

John quickly analyzed his current predicament. He was unable to kill the Qi Condensation opponents, since doing so would take a long time and all his strength, allowing the others to land fatal blows on him. However, he was confident in eliminating the two Mist Creation Realm opponents quickly if he had an opening. His strength had increased greatly since the tournament Realm, and John no longer considered Mist Creation Cultivators his match.

Dylan and the other Mist Creation Realm cultivator were standing closely together, clearly intent on protecting each other and mostly staying out of the way of the Qi Condensation experts.

Suddenly, John's world went blood red.

'A domain! And a more powerful one than when Dylan used his. This must be Jason's.'

John found himself inside another domain, almost exactly the same as the one during the tournament. However, this one was much more powerful than that time. Despite that, John found it not too difficult to resist. This domain targeted the blood of the opponent, trying to slow it down and weaken its enemies, as well as the will of the enemy.

John's blood was augmented by both his Immortal Asura Body and the Supreme Battle Art, making it almost impossible for the domain to have any effect on it. His will was extremely tempered, as this domain was unable to shake it. However, within the domain, Jason would find himself empowered, and John could still feel a slight detriment to his power from the domain.

"Let's see where you run to now," Jason called out in a confident tone while looking at John. He knew Dylan's domain was mostly useless against John, but he was much more confident in his own. Not only was it powered by his higher Qi Condensation Realm cultivation, it was also more profound in its comprehension, making it much more powerful than Dylan's.

The entire group slightly relaxed their guards once Jason's domain went up. They knew how powerful it was, and were certain that John was unable to shake off the effects like last time. Jason started walking towards John, sword in hand.

Myriad Annihilation Scythe: First Attack

Myriad Annihilation Scythe: Second Attack

John had been silently building up his essence power to unleash these two attacks almost simultaneously. Jason looked at the approaching attacks and scoffed while sending out his own Qi attack.

"Hmph, powerful, but useless against me."


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The two attacks collided, and a small Qi explosion radiated outwards. Jason was about to follow up with more words, but his eyes suddenly widened as he shouted out.

"Careful, that was a trap!"


The ground exploded beneath John's feet as he empowered his body with the Five Step Movement Technique and peak Supreme Battle Art. An indomitable battle will radiated out from him as he nearly instantly appeared next to the two Mist Creation Cultivators.

Both Dylan and the other boy's eyes widened in shock as they hastily raised their swords at the approaching John. They had expected Jason to take care of John quickly, but he instantly took the battle initiative and struck out at them. What they didn't know was that John had plenty of life and death battles already, and knew that taking the initiative was everything. Once he fell into their tempo, he was as good as dead.

Myriad Annihilation Scythe: Third Attack

John had used the first two attacks as a feint towards Jason to build power for this third attack. By unleashing this third attack with his peak Supreme Battle Art augmented body, this was the most powerful attack John had ever unleashed.


The two boys were flung back violently after trying to block the attack. Not hesitating to waste this precious opportunity, John dashed forward towards the two of them while they were still tumbling backwards. The three Qi Condensation juniors were hot on his tail.


John's scythe cut clean through the body of the one Mist Creation junior. His dazed eyes quickly opened wide in surprise before his soul quickly dissipated, leaving this world permanently. His corpse suddenly vanished, and John quickly dashed towards Dylan.

Being much more powerful than the other boy, Dylan had managed to mostly maintain his balance and even sent out a counter attack towards John. However, his body was gravely injured from blocking John's attack head on. He had been able to defend himself somewhat against John at the tournament, but now that John was in the late Mist Creation Realm in essence and body cultivation, Dylan was no longer John's match.

Five Step Movement Technique: Fourth Step!

John had utilized the first three steps to quickly close the distance on the first boy, and was unleashing the fourth step for the first time in combat. His body disappeared from sight as Dylan's attack exploded where he had just been standing.

Dylan was shocked to see John dodge his attack so easily, and before he could react, all he heard was a loud shout.

"Dylan, behind you!"

Dylan turned his body quickly to see John standing directly behind him. John's eyes were like the eyes of a battle demon, shocking Dylan to his core and freezing him momentarily. Dylan quickly snapped out of his daze, but was horrified to see the blade of John's scythe was already behind his body.


Dylan's horrified scream was cut short as John pulled his scythe violently back towards his body, bisecting Dylan cleanly in two. His eyes were opened wide in horror and disbelief before the life quickly faded from them. His corpse suddenly disappeared from view.

"You should have taken your loss in the tournament and moved on, you only have yourself to blame!" John muttered before turning towards the treeline.

Five Step Movement Technique: Fifth Step!

After opening a hole in the group's enclosure, John utilized the fifth step of the movement technique to dash towards the treeline as fast as possible. Being an escaping technique and not a true combat movement technique, the fifth step was incredibly fast, and before the others could react, John was almost at the treeline.

"Catch him!"

Jason yelled as he followed with all his might. John's sudden attack and incredibly fast movements surprised even him, and he was unable to help his two sect members before they died. He had already allowed John to kill Dylan, and if he escaped on top of that, he knew he was going to be severely punished by his sect.

John was just about to enter the treeline when an incredibly powerful Qi attack flew directly towards him from within the forest. Having not expected it, and already having used the fifth step, John was unable to dodge the attack and could only block it head on.


John successfully parried the attack, but felt his arms creak from the power of the attack as he was knocked backwards nearly one hundred yards. He quickly stabilized himself, but was dismayed to find himself once again surrounded by the three Qi Condensation boys.

'Dammit, that was perfect, but someone attacked me from the treeline. I won't get another opportunity like that.'

John was livid at having his successful escape attempt be thwarted. His anger was fully ignited, and he wanted nothing more than to kill the person who had just attacked him.

'Everyone from the Crimson Valley Sect who can threaten me is here. Just who the hell attacked me?'

Just as John was thinking about this, a lone figure walked out of the treeline, sword in hand. John's eyes widened in shock, before they filled with pure anger and hate as he stared at the familiar figure walking towards him.

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