181 Crypt

The Elder's watched in stunned silence, not uttering a word. Although they were all Elder's from the War Hall, and had experienced many battles and seen many brutal things, this was their first time seeing something like this.

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A moment later, Elder Thame waved his hand, and the protective screen of light surrounding the arena faded. John noticed the formation cease, and hopped out of the arena and to the place where the Elder's were standing.

"That was quite a fun trial, that should count as passing the trial, correct?" John asked with a smile on his face. The Elder's all looked at John with mixed expressions, while Elder Thame tried to think of what to say to John.

After a moment of silence, Elder Thame spoke up.


"...Yes, you pass the trial….But why did you go about it the way you did? You had him dead on the first exchange."

John had expected such a question, as he was sure something like what he had just done was unconventional.

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