180 Brutal

Elder Thame figured John would have been intimidated by this test, but he acted as if it was beneath him.

Elder Thame frowned at John's words. They were the complete opposite of what he was expecting.

"John, I know you're strong, but overconfidence will only lead to your downfall. The cultivators of the sinister path are unlike us. They bathe in battle daily, and slaughtering is like a drug to them.

Even this boy, who is no older than you, has fought and killed more people than you can imagine. Do not underestimate him, or you will perish."

Elder Thame could tell that John was not taking this trial seriously, and wanted to warn him against such an attitude. Before the Elder could say another word, John hopped forward into the arena, scythe in hand.

Elder Thame sighed, and waved his hand. The light screen closed, trapping John and the other boy inside.

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"The boy has been promised freedom if he can kill you, so he will do everything in his power to kill you. Be careful."

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