Ascension of the elder

Author: Belial232
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It clear from the writing that this is the first work of the author. Among the aspect that should be improved there are: way too many info dumps, random intrusion through the fourth wall, super long paragraphs and bad narrative pace. Finally the most annoying and unrealistic thing is that it seems that the MC is the only person with normal functioning brain, he easily makes discoveries and improvements to the methods and knowledge of a several thousand-years-civilization. The whole world need to be completely brainless or lack any curiosity since the MC’s discoveries can be easily done with super-easy experiments or just common sense.


That's a good story. The only real problem as of chapter 35 is the age of the MC. He is 8 - 9 years old but behaves like an ***** and nobody seems to find anything wrong with that.


Too much, too little time. Would have been fine if the MC started at 15-16 and not 8yo. At this age, your parents doesn’t let you leave the house without them even if you have guards. The breaking point for me was that ppl who he just met trust him to the point that i couldn’t understand. For the first 2weeks the MC reincarnated, he built his guard of 50 knight, moved to a new manor, renovated it, became an arraymaster and at 8 YEARS OLD... I honestly feel like the author is belittling my IQ


The beginning is good, cultivation system ok But the MC outlook bad, it was written he lost all his memories including his name yet still adhere STRICTLY to his former life culture (*of which in that same life everybody isn't equal which was shown in his own life*) The worse of it all he say we are a team so what is mine is yours (he was talking to 2 ppl) they aren't his wife but his servant and a branch family boy that once had beef with him Even in a team it's preposterous to say what's mine is yours Is the author trying do hard to make the MC good guy and altruistic


I just don't get how the MC looses his memory but can remember information and even details of the info that correlate directly to his life from earth for example the martial arts he knows, the ones he used to practice and the ones he just knows but did not practice. the more i read the more unrealistic the MC is becoming. my advice to the author please read ''Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon'' and its sequel Journey of an ''Overpowered Transmigrated Wizard'' it might give an idea the of the type of MC suitable to this type of story and also please make the other characters a bit more realistic they are too trusting,dumb and naive in my opinion.THIS is the most important advice i can give do not let the MC forget his past if u decide to rewrite this story its obvious you are using the amnesia of the MC to give weight to how difficult his reincarnation was but its absolutely unnecessary.


Average Joe turned godlike - this briefly describes the story. Ascension of the Elder had me hooked at the very first chapter with an interesting introduction and a hilarious reincarnation process (disco balls and eldritch horrors). Overall, the story is interesting and well paced. However, it has some glaring holes, which fixed, would bring the story to a near perfect 5 star in my book. The mc is an average Joe that suddenly dies. With grit willpower, he steals soul energy and manages to reincarnate in an alternate universe. The mc is *very* op. I mean very OP. He is essentially immortal, due to his soul, and can quickly deduct any cultivation technique, spell, and array - this leaves a story focused on his friends and family that he gathers around him and the almost slapstick-style comedy interactions between them. The mc is only 7 years old, but acts mature - but isn't without flaws, as you learn when he kills for the first time. This gives us a Japanese-like OP protagonist, much like Death March, etc. Now this is all fine and dandy, but the novel also has a few inconsistencies that many readers feel incongruous about. For example, the mc, from one day to another, suddenly displays inhuman like prowess in cultivation and spells, and acts nothing like a child - why doesn't any one question this? Next, he is given a beginner's guide to arrays, and learns that arrays consists of characters like Chinese symbols; how can he then suddenly pass a Master level array exam without having learnt them? Or, the MC meets his first guard, a released prisoner, but out of thin air pulls out separate letters addressed specifically to his family's situation and to himself (even though he had never met him before and didn't know who he was). These types of glaring potholes/inconsistencies can be glossed over, as the story is entertaining, but it detracts from its overall value. Next is the grammar - and this is where the biggest flaw is revleaed with Ascension of the Elder. The author doesn't use commas, periods, or question marks. No seriously, he doesn't use them. Yes, there are sentences, but you can have entire sentences without the proper commas or question/exclamation marks. E.g., "who are you what are you doing here?" Is a typical example, where you'd expect a question mark in the middle of the sentences, indicating that's its actually 2 different sets of questions. This subpar grammar, significantly detracts from the reading experience and ruins the immersion, as the reader has to deduct the proper meaning of a sentence and sometimes reread it to understand it. (And no, I'm not saying I'm grammar God, but I know when it completely wrong). Lastly, the story is well written, and introduces some interesting concepts and a good plot. However, it also suffers from overly long exposition, for example in the 2nd and 3rd chapter, which is almost completely consist of exposition and background story telling. Once you get over this hurdle, the story quickly kicks off and you're introduced to the main characters. In the latter part of chapter 50 - 160 the story slowly turns more and more slapstick comedy-like, with overly eccentric characters and the humor feels pretty forced. The author loves, for some reason, to insert taglines and cliches from pop-culture, but where I found it fell short, was when characters in this fantasy world began to use pop-culture references, without ever having access to then. E.g. the crazy Susan saying "Nani?!" - how would she know what that means? Or, when she sings Mad World. In short, the humor is okay-ish but often the author tries to hard to force the comedy and insert references to pop-culture that doesn't belong. Story development is good and the world building also so. There is a sense of a deeper plot going on regarding the mystery behind the bastion and the city that the mc lives in. And there is also a sense of a larger world due to the recent dialogues that the characters have (cont. In comments).


All the characters are the same mental age, which breaks the immersion, but other than that? It's pretty okay. The world building is solid. The humour is solid, but the constant references breaks ******* and immersion


Really nice story, unique take on cultivation and mana, MC is op but is building a op team around him.




The start of the story was quite exciting and the first chapter was one of my favorites. Though, I feel it could still be polished a little more, and that emoji at the end should just disappear. After that kind of chapter and the way the author was continuing, I had high hopes for the mc and his cultivation journey. However, there were a few things I didn’t like about the mc. For example, the mc is supposed to be pretty old when he dies. Despite all this, the character acts anything but his age. I would wish more depth and color from this character, he could be so much more. Secondly, the mc is told to be extremely average, yet there are many times where he displays unusual knowledge and sounds anything but average. Other than that, there are many holes to the story and the mc seems overly trusting. The story has potential, but it is written very badly.


I love this book it is hidden gem that I found on accident when I first started getting into this website. Kyle (MC) is the perfect blend of humor and Intelligence and he has some issues but not like most around. It is awesome and I will support it until it becomes terrible.


This is a good cultivation story for people who are looking for something different than the usual story in the genre. The story is logical and every “cheat” comes from experience the mc has or had in his life. The first problem is this book only updates about once a month. The infrequent updates bring you out of an amazing world and make it that much harder to get involved with and understand a complicated world. The second problem with the story is that because of the lack of updates the story constantly stalls and your left to figuring out where it left off.


Through chapter 127, I have thoroughly enjoyed this story. It is a slow burn, slice of life type tale that is done well. Some of the character ages and time flow of the story are a bit skewed, but overall a fun story. Recommended.


Books so far is great(ch129). The characters are diverse with the plot thickening at a steady pace, author also doesn't forget the little details regarding interactions between the characters, which is a great change of pace because the book isn't solely for the plot. Author. I hope you continue to make a world out of this book!


wonderful awesome storyline. only drawback the speed of chapter release. but better than being dropped at least I kept hopeful to read future released chapters.


Very good so far


Awesome story author. Don't you dare drop it, okay? I also wanna mention how the plot is good so far but I can't but think that MC has a little too much plot armor? I mean he found a whole ancient house full of armors, cultivation techniques, material, and other things. I don't say that it's bad but still....It's like having a clear path towards success without working hard to earn it. Other than that, the story is pretty and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in kingdom building, army building and also fantasy. Pride out


The writing quality is good, but punctuations are a major issue in the beginning chapters, like a mess of data dump. other than that I love the story, the characters, and the world. It can be confusing at times but only minor errors or issues. The cultivation technique and leveling is new and it seems to confuse some people, but I have not had any issues. (stage & level system, but only #s, it might have been easier if Stages were named and levels were #s, like other novels to avoid confusion) Bonus: As of yet it has been free to read. PLEASE DON'T DROP THIS NOVEL! PLEASE DON'T DROP THIS NOVEL! PLEASE DON'T DROP THIS NOVEL! & more updates please & Thank you.


The start was decent, but then there was a huge time skip. As someone who reads novels like these for the ideas behind the inner workings of the cultivation system(s) skipping exactly the parts that would usually contain comments on that in exchange for some more mindless fighting and at that point not so original jokes about training slash torturing was slightly disappointing . Also lately (ch150) it feels the plot is barely moving forward, if at all. I hope a bunch of fresh ideas ambush the author in the bath.


Truth me told I didn’t even give the book a try. The title of the book is not in proper grammar. The title should be “Ascension of the Elder”. Also, while giving a summary or intro to the book, you never start a sentence with the word “but”. There was also a few missing commas, but at this point I’m just really going at it with the nit-picking for proper grammar.