Ascension: Demon Monarch System
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Ascension: Demon Monarch System


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What is Ascension: Demon Monarch System

Ascension: Demon Monarch System is a popular web novel written by the author Syphiinz, covering EVOLUTION, SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, ACTION, WEAK TO STRONG, DEMON, ADVENTURE, GAME-ELEMENTS, RUTHLESS-MC, ACADEMY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 42 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 158 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What if the hardships one faced was only preparing them for a grander destiny? This fate could be said to have fallen on two unsuspecting people. Only after the occurrence of dismal circumstances did their paths converge. An ostracized youth; Apollo. A self proclaimed yet incomplete Demon Monarch; Azridan. These two meet, finding themselves somewhere unknown to both of them. Rather than either of their worlds, a series of mysterious events propel them to a new world—Astarat—where cultivation takes precedence. In this place, Azridan is to groom Apollo into a suitable candidate. However, to do so, not only would he have to end up challenging the world, he have to face situation unfamiliar to him. Follow the demonic liege as he unlocks his ability to summon demons, conquer and master Sins and travel beyond the world of Astarat. His confrontation with the Terrors is only his first step in his path to evolution! For the rise of the Demon Monarch albeit treacherous shall be nigh unstoppable! Book Discord: https://discord.gg/EX63KcUWjG —————————————————————————————— Extra Chapter Reward: 400 PS = 1 Bonus Chapter 900 PS = 2 Bonus Chapters 1,500 PS = 3 Bonus Chapters 3,000 PS = 5 Chapter Mass Release (Sunday) —————————————————————————————— Other Relevant Tags: Adventure, Game Elements, Hierarchy, Ruthless MC, Tragedy, Emotional Evolution, Academy, Military, Gore

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An in-depth breakdown of the novel after 100 chapters. Allow me to help you determine whether or not this novel is for you. This will not be a harem novel. However, it may imitate real life where you can have different partners at different stages in life. Hence, relationships may start and they may end if he deems them to not be the "one". It depends on the flow of the stories. After all, this isn't just one book but rather a series under one grand title. The beginning isn't extremely fast-paced, but it sets the momentum. The MC—Apollo Kaiser is rash, lashes out, and has a rather immature mindset in the beginning but again—he begins a child. So this behavior is to be expected. When I write, I like to emulate to the best of my ability. In doing so, I expect some type of emotional invocation from my readers. Both the MC's journey and others are filled with growth. The pace at which he acquires power is neither slow nor fast but it can be both. To sum it up, if you get past his infuriating past (Chapter 2-16), a world of intrigue awaits. Moreover, all questions that arise will most likely be answered throughout the novel.


I dont normally make a review for the novels i read because im one of the many silent fans. But this time im leaving one. It is amazing continue doing what you are doing and know that many are happy with the stories that you have created. And if tou havent given this book or his original book a try i highly recommend it. You are a very gifted author continue doing great work.


Honestly this novel is really good so don't stop I think you can keep improving appolo the cultivation system is very well done for all that is weapons, take the ones you like so far the story is perfect but i just hope there won't be a harem Please no harem!


I don't understand the bloodline evolves from human to devil, but why does it not have devil features such as wings or horns, only eyes change?


Reveal spoiler


This is an amazing story and I love how you write it and the story development. I also like the back story's of the main character [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


What?! He can even battle with his eyes closed without prior training?! I don't like the direction it is going. He can win against level 9 zul warriors when he is in the mortal realm. He never retreats and always wins. You are making him a 10 year child with only a couple of months of training seemed like an experienced warrior with decades of life experience on his shoulders.


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needless to say i'm impressed. i'm already a whole 91 chapters into the story and would read more if i still had some power and energy stones, but sadly i don't.


I love this book i got to chapter 116 and i hope the author Reads this and Answers this is it doNe or will there be more i Not the beat at reviews but this book was amazIng iT was good some parta seemed kinda Like theY were beingn dragged on and on but i read this hole book in 7 hours so i cant reaLly talk.


Overall I've quite enjoyed this book, I rarely give reviews but this just made me wanna write one. I love our mc's cold-blooded personality!


So far i am really enjoying reading about Apollo and can't wait for more updates. The only thing missing right now are more inter-personal relations but since this can still can be considered the start of the story (until he goes to the demon world nothing has really started), i can overlook it but i hope to pick up at the academy.


This is something I didn't know I needed. The writing style is amazing with very few to non-existent mistakes. The plot is even better. Frequent updates is the cherry on top. Give it a read and I'll guarantee you'll get hooked


Alright so here I am writing a review it's been like a year since my last one😂😂. But to get to the point I can say with a hundred% certainty that if you like this genre of books this is one of the best ones. I'm saying that from experience it has good characters, the update rate is stable. Character growth that you can see over time just all in all a great book with an author that looks at comments and reviews and uses the criticisms of his work to make it better. check it out some time you'll like it👍🏾


This novel is amazing, one of the best on the site for my tastes. The construction of the world and the characters is perfectly done Author, thank you very much for this masterpiece


Thank you author for you hard work, is it just me or do I smell Bl not that I mind I’m looking forward to see where the story will go[img=recommend][img=update]


I really like it so far please get the MC a mount who doesn't like mounts keep up the good work and be safe out here. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈


story line is interesting... writing style is neat too... world background still have some holes on it but I am writing this review on teh basis of first 36 chapters... but overall book is worth reading for[img=recommend][img=recommend]


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Stability of updates : obviously it's very good. Character design : Much development here for our MC i'm really satisfied, characters feel like living being, they're interesting and deep. Story development : That's personnal here, but i really like the flow of this story, fast or slow when it need to be. World background : Flourishing world.


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