Ascending To GodHood. Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Ascending To GodHood.


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"Ascending to GodHood" _______ "Lily tell me that story you were about to finish" A Teen said to a girl "3 Years Ago A Lengerdy Figure Has Rise Shooting his Arrow From 2,000 Miles away killing his Enemy in a blink of a eye,His Enemy Tremble, Arrow Raining Down On his Enemy From All Direction Cutting Down all 6,000 People in 2 Day...Then 1 Day He Disapper..No One know what happen Tho" A Young Girl With Hazy Body and Face said to the Teen. "Where is he now Lily" The Teen spoke to her. "That I don't Know Zin" Lily Spoke to him "GoodBye Lily I have to go now" Zin Said to her and his body start to turn hazy and Left. "Zin, It surely has been talking to you Master I have to go.GoodBye" As Lil spoke to herself a Tear Drop slide Down her cheek and drop to the Water. Then Lily Body Disapper replace With a Bow. ______ As Zin Woke Up and Started to Have a Headache. "M..My Head Hurt So Bad, Then a Memory hit him falling into piece" Zin Now Deep Voice Sounded Within The Dark Night. When The TV Turn on by itself. Zin look at it then read "Ascending to GodHood will be release Today Afternoon's The very first VR Helmet and Game Will Legend Rise or Fall or Will Old Legend Emerge" The Screen flash the message and disapper. Then the TV Closed by itself "Ascending to GodHood Sound Like Fun I want to play" Zin Spoke Out. ______ That Day a An Legendary Figure Will Emerge Along with an Old Gulid with 9 people Will come back to the sence. _______ That Very Day A Massacre will fill the Forest. ______ That very Day Everyone stand in his path will Tremble. _____ The Whole Gaming World will be Unbalance.