5 Chapter 5

xiao xue brought the tea me and father and mother drink the together

while drinking tea father spoke son you already know that the empire issue that every 10 years old to 20 years old whoever want to join the new school academia that open in azure empire the level of cultivation that required to pass the enrollment is fifth level of body STRENGTHENING THATS if for 10 years old to 15 and

16 years old to 20 the level of cultivation required is late stage of body STRENGTHENING

and i know son that you don't want to enroll at THE celestial academy but i hope son can go so that you can be strong

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i look at to my father and mother and shake my head say what makes you think father that i can pass the requirements to enroll in the celestial academy

you say father that 10 years old to 20 years old that can enroll but I'm 8 years old only

my mother replied that's right dear our son Lao Shi is only 8 years old

i only said 10 to 20 years old that can enroll but i did say that 10 to 20 years old only can enroll but there's an exception a talented that the age is less than ten that at already at peak stage body STRENGTHENING

and you son i think there's no need for you to hide your level of cultivation

i smile and i say in my thought i manage to hide my level of cultivation but father can see through it hahahaha

after father say that there's no need to hide my level of cultivation

i release my level of cultivation

bang bang bang

my mother shocked the most and stare at me at confused and xiao xue kneel down due to the pressure of my peak stage level of cultivation but my father laughing that even all the disciple of Lao clan can hear ..

good good good your my son at all

i smile at father and i stop releasing me level of cultivation and my mom run at me and hug and did not say anything but inside of mother she was grateful that i was strong

i started explaining to my father and mother that i had a dream that their was an old grandpa in my dreams and ask me if i want to be his disciple and answer disciple Lao Shi greet master i kow tow 3 times and the old grandpa transmitted to me a Xuan D level technique cultivation and Xuan D level marital arts technique

and that

i finish my explanation to my father and mother and father and mother say their goodbye and go back to theirs house's

*the name of THE father and mother of Lao Shi is

Lao xian is the father name and mother is Lao xue we

I'm sorry for the late introduce of his parents name....