3 Chapter 3:reincarnation

year xxxx a boy standing in a courtyard looking in clouds and tears flowing down from his eyes

sigh..it's been 8 years already that i was reincarnated in this world wbyhy..while i was ascending those sneaky bastard attack me and old fool trying too protect me got injured and i don't know what happen after that

and me i successfully ascend but why i am reincarnated but i think the reason i was reincarnated it's because of broken pot that merged in my soul

sigh...but from my knowledge in my previous life i was reincarnated 500 years after i ascend sigh....

hehehehe..those bastard i don't know who they are and why they attacked me and old fool but from what i know it's because of these damn broken pot

I'm gonna kill those bastard hmm first i have to become stronger and find old fool i think his alive somehow ...

hmmm this void cultivation technique is stronger than my spirit devouring technique in my previous life

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i didn't cultivate this void cultivation technique in my previous life but i can now and i can even surpass my cultivation level in my past life hahahahahha...

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