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Ascenders Rising...search for new book to continue


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What is Ascenders Rising...search for new book to continue

Read Ascenders Rising...search for new book to continue novel written by the author sir_impeccable on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ascenders: Rising From Zero is written by Olabayo Impeccant Enoch under pen name Sir_Impeccable and has been moved as new entry in Webnovel Spirity Awards. *********** 21 Ascenders were chosen. Each with the utmost goal of attaining perfection. With the mindset of becoming the perfection He planned for. A young boy from Earth finds himself in another realm, strange voice in his head and so his adventure begins. ——— I interrupt this with this broadcast. We have moved to Spirity Awards. Come there to support the Wolf Pack. See you there. Thanks —————————-


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Giving myself a 5 because why not? I’m the author and I am 100% confident in my work. This series is a interlinked with my first novel TRAILING SHADOWS, both, taking place in the same ORUN. My books draw heavy reference from Yoruba Mythology so be rest assured to be educated on Yoruba Myths and Legends. Aargh... said enough, jump in. Please, vote and comment. Thanks


This story is totally a combination of mythology and modern world. I like it for its story development and world build which is unique on it's own.


The way this story is developing is really good and I like how the MC evolves. I also like the way you wrote the book. This is a good read, keep up the good work.👍


It's quite a good story, and I read 10 chapters so far and they are really good. I don't understand why people are not reading this book, the author tried really hard so I guess this book deserves a chance.


Seems I am the first one to review this book after reading 7 chapters. Writing quality is good. Stability of updates is good too as about 40 chapters have been published. The story is developing nicely. The character design is good at present we see the MC evolving. The world background is equally good. Actually I am not able to located any mistakes. A good light read. All the best author!


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The revoked a star from the writing quality is simply on grammar, and a few spelling mistakes. Some of your sentences are a little choppy, but other than that well done. I'm not sure on your stability in updates, so I just gave it a 5 as to not retract from your overall score. The story development is quite good! I really enjoy how the powers are presented and explained, and how in depth it goes. The character is well rounded, though in my opinion he is a little stupid :> Still, I gave you five stars because personal opinion shouldn't result in a retraction of a star. Through the chapters I read, it is very difficult to get a clear view of what is around the MC. I think describing the area more would help with that! It's not too bad though, so I only retracted one star. Well done :>


Currently chapter 4 This was a novel about wolves....a book similar to the Call of the wild book I've read when I am just a kid. It really captivated me at the first chapter. The description was awesome. Keep up the good work author san! Release more chapters!


So I like the way the novel is written, but a little more description would help the audience connect with the world. Like set the scene before going into it, so the reader can imagine that scene behind the characters. Example would be two characters fighting... but you can give like even 3 lines of description on a jungle behind them, will allow the reader to place a jungle background behind then, rather than a plain white void. Also, the updates have stopped, I hope you will continue then soon


wowww... Great work Author... I love the way you carry the story line and the characters nailed it... I hope your book will get top views and massive votes ❤️❤️❤️


I liked the way you portrayed the teacher. He reminded me of one of mine. The student was so ready to correct the teacher to show their intelligence. I liked that also . I like how you peaked my interest in the introduction by telling a story that you can’t find on the net.


its good to read, i love the phasing of each event, the character of the story is really exciting, i want to read more, i wish more chapter please


Writing Quality -Writing is unique and well thought -Attention-grabbing -I have not seen any errors or typos. Stability of Update -I'm assuming you update everyday so yeah, 5 stars! Story Development -The pace is not slow it's not fast either. It's perfect. -The story is smooth and captivating World Background -The world background has been described vividly. -The readers will have an easy time to picture the scenes the author wants them to see. Character Development -So far, the characters seem very lovable and interesting to me. -They were described vividly. Overall: The story is amazing, and the plot is interesting and captivating. Readers won't be left behind for I assume that the author updates everyday according to his Author's thought. The descriptions are vivid, so it won't be hard to imagine all the scenarios taking place. Keep up the good work author👍👍👍


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