As We GrowAs We Grow

As We Grow

by vennienie14

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From the moment she met Su Cheng Yang, the whole of her youth was crafted. Yi Ling chased his back, followed after his footprint under the soft ray light of that summer. To Yi Ling, Su Cheng Yang was the joy in her early childhood, a sweet cup of tea from the summer during her teenage years. They grew up. Fall apart. The two are warring people, with different dreams, different thought and that was how they fall apart. As they grow, they realized one thing, Youth never return. They have been learning from both the wrong and the right way. A second chance of encounter, they slowly learn how to love again, slowly to learn from one another's differences and accepting A book dedicated to my youth, to you and the people around me. As we grow up, we learn to forgive, we learn to love, we learn to fall, we learn to accept and we learn to get up. As we grow up, we become wiser and mature. To our youth that will never return, this is a story from us and them. .

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