1 Arc 1- The Rich Heir

Feeling a pounding headache Zhang Yong opened his eyes only to immediately close them again. Taking a few second he reopened his eyes while wincing slightly and looked around. He was currently in a bedroom of what he assumed to be a typical rich young master. The walls where white with gold linings, there was a chandelier dangling in the middle of the room from the ceiling and there was even a mini arcade in one corner. The room itself could even be the size of a regular one bedroom apartment, that is, not including the bathroom and toilet area.

Coming to terms with the fact that he is in another person's body like the system said, Zhang Yong called out, "System?". The voice of what could have been a six year old child replied," Host~~~ you finally remembered me. Why didn't you call out sooner?~~~~." (˃̥̥ω˂̥̥̥) " And host I already said that my name is Tang Tang, did you forget already? Wu~~~ host doesn't care about me." .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Zhang Yong's mouth twitched as he listened to the cries of the idiot system. He couldn't help but remember their conversation when he first woke up in the system space.


Waking up all Zhang Yong realized that he was standing in the middle of a lake; or more accurately on top of it. He had no memory of how he come to be there, as a matter of fact he had no memories at all! All he remembered was that his name was Zhang Yong, he had a system and the place he was in was the System Space.

Opening his mouth he called out " System." And immediately a small blue ball appeared in front of him. " Host~~~ you're finally awake (≧∇≦)/ , this system's name is Tang Tang how may I help you?"

Zhang Yong didn't beat around the bushes, leveling the floating ball with a menacing glare he asked, " Why don't I have any memories about my life?"

Instead of being nervous Tang Tang answered with ease, " This is because host requested that his memories be sealed. But don't worry host after you complete a world a fragment of your memory will be returned." After answering the question he asked and the one the system anticipated he would ask, it remained silent allowing Zhang Yong to process what the system just said.

'Why would I want to seal my own memories?' Zhang Yong began to look at the system suspiciously before realizing that it had no reason to lie to him. In his current position it could kill him without a fuss ad without bothering to lie to him. Sighing, Zhang Yong decided to step into the unknown, after all he had absolutely nothing to lose.

"Okay so what am I required to do now?"

"I'm glad you asked host ^_^. You are required to occupy bodies and bring happiness into their life. The body you can occupy can be a cannon fodder, a male lead or even a passer by. As long as you grant the person's wishes and bring happiness to their life your task is complete."

Zhang Yong blinked, digesting what the system just said, then heaving another sigh he said," Okay so when do we start?" Tang Tang was startled, "Eh, host you don't have anymore questions?" Zhang Yong raised an eyebrow, "I assume that you'll be accompanying me to these worlds, so any questions I have can be answered then. It feels uncomfortable without my memories so finishing these worlds are my top priority." "Ah, host, Tang Tang understands. Does host at least want to choose his first world?"

Zhang Yong paused for a while before replying, " I hate fantasy so anything other that those are fine." "Okay host please brace for the transfer." And that was the last thing Zhang Yong heard before a light flashed before his eyes and he woke up here.

Flashback Ends.

Coming out of his thoughts only to hear the annoying cries of the system, Zhang Yong's headache intensified. "Shut up and explain the world!" Sensing the cold aura around the host Tang Tang's tears vanished and it immediately became professional.

" Host the world you are in is a modern one like you requested. The protagonist of this story is called Liu Wei, the grandson of the CEO of Jun Industries; the World top trading company. In the original story line Liu Wei grew up as a spoiled brat under the pampering of his parents and grandparents. However all that changed after his father dies on his 5 th birthday and his mother remarries soon after. His mother remarried a university professor much to the her parent's horror and soon she became pregnant. It was then that Liu Wei fell from heaven and straight into hell. His mother began to consider Liu Wei as the black sheep of her family and started to treat him as an outcast. As such the maids in the house also paid little to no attention to him. His grandparents however still cared for him but with them living a different country and with Liu Wei not having the means to contact them they never knew what was happening. However one of the maids and coincidentally the female lead of the story with her kind and gentle personality snuck Liu Wei food and cared for him. After a while and he started to trust her and together they plotted to escape from the mansion. And the protagonists of this world and heaven's blessed children the managed to sneak straight out of the mansion and into another country to find the ML's grandparents ╮(╯▽╰)╭. As expected they lived happily ever after. However this has nothing to do with you as the body you are occupying has a far more miserable ending. You are Zhang Wei, the ML's step brother. You are currently 5 years old while the protagonist is eight. The female lead has just stated to work in the mansion today and has not started paying attention to the ML yet. The protagonist will sneak out of the mansion when he is eleven 12 years old so you have 4 years. Your task is an easy one; DON'T DIE."