Regarding the Novel

Hello, hansora's here ;)

As the Wind Blows Your Scent to Me is my latest book. Unlike my previous two books, this story doesn't involve amnesia. Well, actually, I was attempted to write one where it's the ML's turn to lose his memories about the FL but, nah. Maybe some other time?

My idea for this one is, would you give love a second chance? Would you grow your character for you to deserve the second chance?

Or, would you be fixated on the first love that you have lost? And, how much would you be willing to give to keep your first love?

As usual, my book is more into slice-of-life as the characters passing by the time at their own pace. My brain couldn't really work for a heavy book, sigh, so, it would just be all fluffy with only a little drama.

There would be two main couples in this book.

I hope you'd enjoy my latest book!

With love,

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