1 Start Of A Past In The Future

In infinite space, there exist infinite dimensions, and universes, which hold different-different galaxies, with different-different types of life forms, as well as plants and herbs.

In one of these worlds exists the world known as earth.

This world is one of the worlds, which holds no magic, but the technological advancement of this world is soo high that it can become harmful for the earth.

For example, in the year 2068, humans were able to solve mysteries, of genetic changes and increase the strength of the human body 10times, by strengthening the genes and reducing the speed of body growth.

It also led to mass protests, against the company that found this genetic modification.

Soon after that, The government took control of the genetic modification research labs and other assets of the company and claimed that the research was already destroyed.

But within a few years after that, the same government claimed that they have been modifying the soldiers so that, there will be no more possible threats from other nations.

Then the age of war resurfaced on earth, to gain the power of genes for themselves, many nations experimented on humans as well as animals.

After a long-lasting war of politics, threats, theft and, secret assassinations, peace again came to the world because many nations have gained the power of genetic modification.

After 100years of that people have started to use genetic modification in everyday life, gaining superhuman strength was a matter of money and connections.

There were different types of modifications available for humans but more than that there were many other breakthroughs in technology such as teleportation, flying cars, floating buildings, robots for guarding houses, new energy resources, etc.

people could use all of these things in their daily lives.

THE YEAR 2170...

Outside a very expensive-looking mansion, there were 2 robots stationed as guards and 10 drones were hovering around the mansion keeping watch for anything suspicious.

Soon a luxurious-looking car, which was floating in the air, came from the left side of the shining black road and stopped in front gates of the mention.

The robot guards scanned, the people inside the car, and then the front gates of the mention opened, the car went in, the gate closed again.

Soon the car stopped, its left door of the back seat opened, someone who looked like a scientist wearing a white lab coat with 1 green line on shoulder exited the car, then the car moved again while the door of the car closed.

No one noticed but someone was hiding under the car, holding onto some parts of this car.

After some time the car reached a garage where many cars were parked with different-different colors and shapes.

Then the person who was hanging onto the car slowly falls on the ground, without making a sound, and slips away before anyone can see him.

He moves to a different car and hides behind it, after sometimes when no driver came out of the car, he finally lets out a sigh and said "phew it's good that there was no one in the car otherwise, it would have been troublesome... ill get that thing and get out of here asap"

This person is Seon Oliver and he is the protagonist as you might have guessed he is umm... a thief.

well, you gotta do what you gotta do for a living.

He usually never goes around stealing from the rich, because if he did, they could turn him into a criminal for many crimes, he didn't even commit, and he will never be able to live after that.

I used the word 'Usualy' because this time it's different.

Since he was little, he had no one to call his parents and the only person who took care of him was Mark Oliver.

Mark found seon when he was 6years old, seon was abandoned near a police station in the middle of the night.

It was seon's luck that mark was working the night shift at the police station at that time.

When asked about his parents seon only said "mom, dad are fighting and mom said live elsewhere"

"She looks big an-and had black hair, black eyes"

"I don't know where they work"

"We live in a house with kitchen and, its blue house, there are windows in it too"

In short words, his parents were fighting and no one wanted to take responsibility for the kid.

After that mark tried to find seon's parents but no one ever showed up to file any missing person report or to claim seon, and with the description, seon gave it was hard to pinpoint his parents' location.

Soon after that Mark decided that he will adopt the kid.

Since his wife had died in an accident a few years ago and he was living alone.

He needed someone to be his family.

Mark knew how hard it was to live on the streets, he used to live a life of a poor person when he was 13 years old.

He was forced to live on the streets because his parents came from another country but because of the losses in their business they had to run away and in order for them to make sure their son does not get involved in their debts they had to abandon him.

His parents told him to change his name and live a new life.

His parents never came to find him and he assumed that they were dead, he never tried to find them because of the promise he made to his parents that he will not try to find them or the people who were after his parents for any reason whatsoever.

After that mark worked hard to become a police officer and then married his wife who died in an accident.

So his life was filled with sadness and losses until he met seon who was now his adopted son their life become happy for the next 7 years until the debt collector finally showed up in front of Mark's house.

In the front door of mark and seon's house, 4 people were standing 2 of them had mechanical arms as their body parts and they looked like experienced fighters.

The other two looked like a businessman and a rich-looking person with a thumb finger made of gold on his left hand and a device that looked like headphones hanging on his neck.

"Knock knock hello is anyone inside?" said the businessman-looking guy who was wearing a black coat and black pants with white-colored square glasses.

"yes wait a minute I'm coming," said as he moved towards the door from the living room.

Hearing mark's voice the rich-looking guy said to the two guys with mechanical hands "break the door"