16 Aftermath of the troll incedent.

[Gryffindor common room]

"I am not doing that again. How the bloody hell did a troll get inside the dungeon?" Ron stated.

"No idea, good thing we took it down" replied Harry.

"We were not the ones who took it down" said Hermione.

"Having trouble remembering much, I levitated and dropped the club on its head" Ron angrily stated.

"Yea Hermione, Ron knocked it out" Harry supported his friend.

"Yes you did, but did you notice when it tried to hit me, the club just bounced off the sink, did you also see the long metal needle poking from its eye?" Hermione questioned. "Someone was there, I am sure of it. He was just watching us making sure that we don't get hurt. You did indeed knock the troll out, but the person knew that was going to happen and should have reversed the softening charm on the club"

"Now that you think about it, I saw the needle poking out of its eye. I thought it may have been splintered from the wall or something with all the destruction it caused" Harry said.

"I knocked down the troll, not some rogue needle story you guys are cooking up. I am going to bed" Ron left angrily.

"Don't mind that Hermione. He will get over this soon" I am also going to bed.

[Dumbledores office]

'I hate when things are out of my control. Dealing with six trolls in a small corridor would have been taxing even for me within a short period. Was it Dawlish? He was an ex auror and has the necessary skill set to deal with such creatures. But why didn't he come to take the glory?' Dumbledore popped a lemon drop and thought. He was waiting for Snape.

Snape soon came inside and said "Headmaster, the poison was concocted personally and not something one can buy in the market. I do not know what the paralytic poison ingredients are but I can safely say that it will knock a troll down in less than ten seconds. A wizard will go down instantly. The metal needles extracted from the trolls are also custom made and had a rune to improve its penetrating power" he said and placed a blackened needle on the headmaster's table.

"Severus my boy, I fear this is the beginning of something" the headmaster said gravely.

[Leo/Quirrell POV]

'That was exhausting. Killing trolls is alright but making sure the golden trio survive is quite the headache'

[New mission - Survive the stampede of 20 trolls with just physical/just magical strength within two weeks. Reward - Runic Rubik's cube. A must-have tool to improve your knowledge of runes. Each different arrangement of the cube gives a different rune to study and practice.]

'That's a good reward. The previous curse-breaking Rubiks Cube is an absolute tool. Every time I create a pattern with it, it provides a new curse to break. Sometimes it was just a tickling charm imbued curse while another time it was a weak fiendfyre. Since you don't know what you are going to get, I had to approach each pattern with the utmost caution, but it has improved my knowledge of curse-breaking a lot'.

"System show my status" I said.

[Status: Name - Leo AKA Quirinus Quirrell

Health - High human male (Healthy).

Magic core level - 2nd grade Upper(99.9%)

Strength - High Human (enhanced with strengthening potion)

Agility - High human male (At least you can run away when things go south)

Endurance - Peak adult (You can go a few rounds and still be standing)

Will - High human (Only thing you had of value)

Skills - All known spells at Level 3, Dagger skills - Expert, Throwing needles/scalpels - Expert, Occlumency skills - Expert in 3D method, Warding - expert, Cursebreaking - expert, Runes - Novice.

Items - Trunk, Custom wand, Useless wand, Charisma enhancing dress robes, Gnome dagger, Venom of acromantula, Venom of manticore, scalpels x 10, needles x 25, Training room, Curse-breakers Rubik's Cube]

'My magic core level has been stuck at level 2 upper for quite some time and I don't feel any change coming soon'. "System I could use some of your chicken soup life advice on how to improve my magic core level".

[All things will be revealed in due time. That is how the world works.]

"That was completely useless zen wisdom. How is it going to help me?"

[Believe Leo. Promise me that you will believe.]

"Yea I believe that you are completely useless. Tell me do you know a Master Oogway since he was crazy about this believing stuff?"


The next few days were calm. Classes continued while rumors of Harry and Ron defeating a troll started to spread.

I took the weekend off and went to the Beachside villa. Misky was so happy to see me and immediately went to prepare tea and snacks.

I sat in my study and took out a parchment and wrote:

Dear Mrs. Skeeter.

I am a fan of your poisonous quill. I have come into possession of a curious little piece of news. Troll attack in Hogwarts. I truly am surprised as none of the parents I know never knew this news. It's not every day your school gets attacked by a troll. In the attached vial is the memory of the incident. Do make your own speculations on how it got past all the safety wards of Hogwarts.

Ps. A word of advice, Hogwarts has an animagus detection ward controlled by the headmaster. It is not easy to fool him within Hogwart's grounds even as a beetle.

Sincerely, an admirer.

I took the letter and a vial of the memories and tied them to Sky. "Off you go girl"

'Hopefully, this brings a lot of heat on the headmaster' I thought.

[Rita Skeeter POV]

Today I received an interesting letter. It thrilled and scared me at the same time. It seems like my moment to shine has arrived. The memory vial showed a troll within the girl's bathroom of Hogwarts trying to bash a first-year student to pulp and two kids surprisingly taking it down. One of them being the famous Harry Potter. I am going to milk this story dry for a week.

But what was concerning was the details of the animagus wards of the castle. It seems like the Headmaster knows about me, and he should have known about it for quite some time since I have gone to the school on multiple occasions as a beetle. I should go to the ministry and meet Amelia Bones. She should give me preferential treatment with what I am going to publish tomorrow. I should ask her to keep my animagus form a secret. Maybe I can strike a deal with her.

The question remains who is this admirer.

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