3 The Third Chapter

"Hmm, it's my room so that means they did come to take me back, huh?"

Issei spoke, yawning while looking at the ceiling above him. He could feel a breath near his body and he could guess the person who was sleeping with him.

Turning his face around slightly, he finally saw a heavenly sight in front of him. Rias Gremory was sleeping completely naked beside him while hugging his arms.

Her entire white skin was in front of him along with her bouncy and soft boobs. Taking his eyes a little down, he saw her young and untouched pussy which was slightly covered with some hair. Though the hair was very small, even smaller than an inch.

He could feel the blood flowing into his penis though he controlled himself so it would not wake up. He knew that she would not give him any helping hand to calm it down and he didn't want to use his hand so no thanks, it should stay like this for now.

He looked at her body for some more minutes before a mischievous idea came into his mind. Grinning slightly, he took out his arms from her hands before he spoke in a dramatic tone.

"Am I seeing a dream right now? If yes, then I would love to stay here for eternity"

Rias who just woke up heard his words and instantly she felt heat rising in her cheeks. She didn't open her eyes though as she wanted to see his next actions.

"If this is a dream then she would not deny my hug"

Issei spoke with a smile on his face before wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her on top of him. The softness he was feeling from her body was just too good, the fact that he was naked as well made this even more good experience for him.

Rias felt her heartbeat accelerating at a rapid speed while her entire face turned crimson red. Even though she was embarrassed, she didn't try to resist. After all, she was hugging her peerage member so it's not a naughty thing, right?

While Issei was enjoying her voluptuous body, Rias was doing the same. Her hands were caressing his body slightly while she was inhaling his manly scent from time to time. Truly a perverted couple made for each other.

"Ise-kun, we have to go to school as well"

Rias spoke with an embarrassed tone while trying to remove herself from his grip. She didn't notice how she had changed her way of calling him in just two days of knowing him though he noticed.

"Ehh! I'm sorry I never thought it was real. To me, it was my best dream"

Issei spoke in an apologising tone while letting her go from his arms. He hurriedly tried to cover himself while looking in other directions so he would not see her and she would not see his body anywhere.

"It's okay, Ise-kun. I liked to sleep without clothes as I feel comfortable that way"

Rias spoke in an embarrassed tone while looking down on the ground. For the first time, she felt embarrassed by her habit of sleeping naked.

"We will talk more in the club room, Buchou otherwise we would get late for school"

Issei spoke with a serious tone which brought Rias out from her embarrassment. She nodded at him slightly while taking her clothes and walking towards the bathroom. 

Her small bubbly butt swayed slightly and it seemed that she noticed it as well as she moved her hips even more for him. She was truly a devil who knew how to seduce someone even without having any kind of experience in this field.

He waited in the bedroom for her to come out while he checked his body. There was not a single scratch on his body and he could feel this he was stronger today compared to yesterday. Super Growth for a reason, you know.

After waiting for some time, she finally came out of the shower with a towel wrapped her around the buxom figure. He did not have much time left so he went to take a quick shower while Rias changed her clothes.

Rias who was now alone in the room looked into the mirror without any clothes on her body. She has taken off her wet towel as well. Raising her right hand, she touched her belly before going all the way up to her boobs.

"It doesn't feel the same"

With a downcast expression, she muttered before wearing her clothes. Just like she had initially thought she was getting attracted to him slowly while falling for him as well. Still, it was not a bad thing as he was one of her peerages members and she should love her peerage members as well, right? 

Unlike him, she didn't need to wait for long as he came out of the bathroom with his school clothes. With a smile on his face, he spoke in a low tone.

"Let's go and have some breakfast, Buchou"

She didn't say anything instead she started to walk towards the stairs while he followed behind her, enjoying the view as well.

"Good morning, mom and dad"

He greeted them with a smile while taking a seat beside them though not before taking out a chair for Rias. His parents looked at him strangely and he could guess the reason behind it.

"Meet my girlfriend, Rias Gremory"

Issei spoke calmly while taking the hand of her in his who was completely lost at the current moment.

"So you have changed for real, huh? Congrats"

His dad spoke with a proud smile on his face. Well, how could he not be proud, his son was choosing a good road in his life and now he even had such a beautiful girl as his girlfriend.

"Really? How did you meet him?"

His mother asked with a happy smile sharing similar thoughts to her husband. She could not wait to boast about her son girlfriend to the neighbours who always talked bad about her son behind her back.

Rias was having a problem controlling her blush due to the sudden movement of Issei hand. For the first time, she was holding a boy's hand and that boy was someone for whom she was falling slowly but surely.

The blush increase further when he introduced her to his parents as his girlfriend. Doesn't he feel that it is going too quickly? Well, she didn't have any problem with being his girlfriend though the question arises whether is he interested in her for real or he is just passing time?

"She is very shy, mom. You are causing her to get even more anxious"

Issei spoke calmly while leaving her hand. He served both of them breakfast before eating it hurriedly.

"Take care of her and use that in case of something happens"

His dad spoke in a serious voice while his mother nodded alongside him. Issei just chuckled at her words though the same could not be said for Rias who was looking onto the ground in embarrassment.

"Let's go"

He spoke with a smile while taking her hand into his again. They waved back at his parents while leaving the house together.

"You are not mad, are you, Buchou?"

Issei suddenly spoke with a calm tone while pulling her slightly closer to him. Rias didn't speak instead she just shook her head negatively.

"You might think that it is quite early for it but do you think that something could happen between us?"

Issei asked again in a serious tone while stopping the middle way. Thankfully, no one comes here this early.

Rias felt her cheeks getting heated again and she has been getting embarrassed many times, today by him. Now, she doesn't know what to say as she never came into this kind of situation.

"I-I don't know, Ise-kun. Do you believe that we could be something more than just being friends?"

Rias muttered stammering in her words while still looking onto the ground. Her body was trembling slightly in fear of rejection.

Today, one of the two beauties of Kuoh Academy confessed to him, albeit indirectly though it does not matter. He was playing her in easy mode, coupled with his essence of harem protagonist, it was bound to happen.

Instead of speaking something, he took a step closer to her before pinning her to the wall behind them as it was a small gully. Rias who suddenly felt his movements looked at him in confusion with her cheeks turning red, anticipating his next movements.

"Since you don't have any problems with it then I don't have either. I wanted to be with you since the time I saw you at my death door"

Issei spoke in a truthful tone while raising her chin so she could look at his face as she was still looking at the ground in shyness.

Caressing her smooth cheeks lightly, he withdrew his body back much to the displeasure of Rias. He noticed the pout on her face which caused him to chuckle lightly.

"So I'm your boyfriend from now on?"

Issei asked for confirmation while holding her hand again. He didn't walk as he was still waiting for her reply.

"Y-Yeah, I'm your girlfriend from now on, please take care of me, Ise-kun"

She spoke with a blush on her face while showing a happy smile. She even pushed her body a little closer to his to feel his body again.

"Then let's go, Rias-chan"

He spoke with a smile on his face while starting to walk forward towards the direction of the school. Rias showed a beautiful smile at the affectionate way in which he called her.

Holding each other's hands tightly, both of them made their way towards the Kuoh academy with their bodies sticking close to each other.

The moment they reached the school, a big commotion started to happen as both of them were quite famous in the entire school. One was for being a pervert who knows no limit while the other was simply the most beautiful girl of their entire school.

"That pervert has infected one of our Onee-Sama, as well"

"Now even the first beauty of our academy has fallen for that pervert trap"

"He should just die for even holding her hand like this"

Even though both of them heard the other students, they didn't pay much attention to them. Rias however wanted to edit every student memory so they would not call her boyfriend a pervert. If he was a pervert then it was only for her, not for them.

"I would meet you later, Rias-chan"

Issei spoke, showing a smile on his face while waving at her. She waved back to him before both of them went separate ways.

"I wonder where those two are"

Issei muttered under his breath while recalling Sona and Tsubaki faces. Strangely, none of them was present at the entrance of the school and he knew that Sona would never leave her duties without any big reason.

Leaving these thoughts aside, for now, he entered the classroom while looking for Aika who was yet again absent. He needed another reason today to get out of these constant boring classes.

The moment their class teacher went outside the room, a knock was heard on the door before the student council vice president Tsubaki entered the room with her usual serious expression.

"Issei-san, you need to come with me"

Tsubaki spoke, maintaining her serious demeanour. Issei didn't ask for anything else as he too wanted to leave this class so he went with her without caring about the looks he was getting.

"He must have done something big for her to personally come, he now a goner"

A male student muttered with jealousy laced in his voice. The other students also agreed with him since they know that the student council vice president never comes on her own to take someone. 

"So where are we going, Tsubaki-san?"

Issei asked her with a small smile while walking beside her.

"To the student council"

She replied in a short answer and her tone was one of jealousy. Issei picked it up as well and he was confused because he didn't remember anything that might have upset her.

Remembering his every action since the time he came into the world, he suddenly found the reason. She must be upset because I was holding hands with Rias while being so close to her. Rumours spread faster than truth after all.

"Say, are you free during the fourth period?"

Issei suddenly asked while keeping a smile on his face. Tsubaki who originally wanted to speak suddenly felt herself blushing.

"Is it something important?"

Tsubaki asked with a barely serious voice while she was now looking at the ground so he would not see her rosy cheeks. She suddenly felt stupid as she should have spoken something different.

"If you are not free then leave it, you should not waste your time"

Issei spoke in a disappointed tone while shaking his head as if he was hurt by her words. In reality, he was just teasing her as she was a very easy target even more than Rias.

Tsubaki felt her world crashing down, a strange feeling emerged in her heart when she saw his unhappy expression. Did he want her to come with him? 

"I-I am not busy, Issei-san, I would meet you in the fourth period then"

Tsubaki spoke hurriedly while stammering on her words. Her entire face matched the colour of his girlfriend's hair and he could not control his chuckle.

"I was teasing you, Tsubaki-san though I am ready for the date"

Issei spoke chuckling while the last part was spoken with a teasing smile. Tsubaki didn't say anything to refute him, instead, she increased her walking speed to not let him see her crimson red face.

She could not help but wonder if Issei was always like this. He seems to be very nice compared to the guy who used to get beaten by Kendo girls for peeking at them. This Issei was oozing a warm aura which was making her feel very safe and secure.

After some time, they finally reached the student council room while making small chats. It was mostly him teasing her while she would just hide her embarrassed expression from him.

Outside the gate, her whole demeanour changed into a serious one before she knocked on the door, thrice. With a clicked sound, the door was opened slightly before she walked inside while motioning him to come as well.

The room was as big as the occult club room though there was no bathroom here. It had one table which was close to the window while some couches were placed behind the table. A small Almirah filled with many books was also there in the right corner.

Rias was sitting on a chair along with Sona while the table was between them. A chessboard was placed on it for both of them to play. Akeno and Tsubaki were standing behind their respective kings while Kiba and Koneko were sitting on a couch which was behind the table chair.

Just like usual, Kiba had a smile on his face while Koneko was busy eating her sweets with an emotionless face. Behind Sona, her peerage was sitting on the couch.

On the left side of the couch was Momo Hanakai, bishop of Sona. A young beautiful girl with white hair and blue-green eyes.

Beside her was Reya Kusaka, another bishop of Sona. She is a slim girl with long brown hair that ends in two short braids and matching eyes. She was also wearing a blue headband.

The next girl was Tomoe Meguri, one of the knights of Sona. She is a beautiful girl with shoulder-length, reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair features swept bangs and a single strand of hair sticking out from the top.

The second last girl was Tsubasa Yura, one of the rooks of Sona. She is a tall girl with blue, shoulder-length hair and matching eyes. She has the basic appearance of a tomboy and has a bishounen face.

The last girl was Ruruko Nimura, a pawn of Sona. She is a short girl with brown hair in long twin ponytails and green eyes. She was also wearing a pair of green clips in her hair and striped green stockings.

The last member of Sona peerage was a guy, Genshirou Saji, a pawn. He has short blond hair with green eyes and he was wearing a Kuoh student uniform without a blazer.

"Greeting everyone, it seems I'm meeting with you all for the first time"

Issei greeted everyone from Sona peerage with a small smile on his face. Though he didn't notice the sudden smile which formed on Sona and Akeno respective faces.

"Greeting Issei-san"

They all replied simultaneously in different emotions except for Saji who was giving him death stares though he was ignored by Issei who was now looking at the table.

"It seems a good match is ongoing, right now"

He spoke still smiling while walking towards the table. Rias didn't speak anything, she was just looking at him lovingly which was noticed by her Queen and her best friend along with her Queen.

To say they were shocked would be a lie. They never thought that Rias would fall for him so easily and it was a big surprise for all of them. Though they were also feeling strange and they knew what it was, the feeling of jealousy.

"Still, why did you call me?"

Issei asked, gaining a serious expression while looking into the eyes of Sona. The other members of the Sona peerage were a little dissatisfied with his casual way of speaking, however, Saji was getting furious.

"We have called you here to discuss yesterday attack which happened on you by that fallen angel"

Sona spoke in a serious tone, fixing her glasses. Rias and Akeno grimaced at the mention of that fallen angel.

Issei nodded at her before looking at Rias who was instantly blushing at his heated glare. He nodded at her slowly before going towards the seat next to Kiba.

"You did a great job, yesterday, Ise-kun"

Kiba spoke in a low tone while giving him a thumbs up. Koneko, who was eating her cookies, also nodded in his direction before continuing to eat.

Issei just chuckled at her way of appreciating him, still, it was a good sign as she was finally talking to him, albeit non-verbally. Kiba seems to trust him finally as he was adding affection while calling his name.

He took his seat while he kept looking at the chessboard, creating many scenarios in his head on how he could defeat both of the sides.

The meeting mostly consisted of Rias and Sona talking about the potential danger of fallen angels in their territory while they both kept playing chess. Even though both sides gave many points on why they destroyed them, it was fruitless as they both didn't want to start another great war.

"Issei-san, do you want to add something to this conversation?"

Sona suddenly spoke, looking at Issei who suddenly came out of his thoughts. Everyone chuckled at his action except for Saji who was still seething in anger.

"Hmm, what can I even add in this, Kaichou? Even though you both know that they are a threat to our lives yet you are not doing anything. This is supposed to be your territory so they need your permission to do things"

Issei spoke in a somewhat disappointed voice, shaking his head slightly. He still didn't understand why they didn't act on those fallen angels' threat.

"It's not that simple, Ise-kun. If we make a single wrong decision then we might even start a great war which would not be good for anyone"

Rias spoke calmly while looking at him seriously. Even though he was her boyfriend that doesn't mean she would not correct him. A great war is something that everyone should try to avoid, no matter how.

"Do you think that they don't know this? They know and yet they are acting in your territory and worst of all, you both are willing to put your peerage members life on the line just to avoid a war"

Issei spoke, shaking his head again at their naive thoughts. Sona who was supposed to be intelligent is making dumb decisions.

Hearing his words both sides went into silence as his words were true. Koneko, who was eating silently, also stopped and pondered on his words. If they all look a certain way, they could see a time where they might get attacked as well.

"If you can't make a decision even though this territory belongs then you should at least inform your higher-ups about this"

Issei spoke again, sighing a little while standing up from his place. He needs to change their way of thinking before training them. He would also destroy those crows in a maximum of 3 days.

Sona was quite lost in her thoughts as she didn't know what to choose right now. She feels that her thoughts are correct yet when she looks from Issei point of view, those decisions feel dumb. She was sure that everyone in the room was feeling the same.

"I think I would contact the higher-ups. Thanks for your opinion, Issei-san"

Sona spoke with a small smile on her face while looking at Issei who just smiled in return.

Others noticed her smile as well which was enough for them to be surprised as she normally doesn't smile. Rias, who could see Sona's face, smirked when she saw the familiar look in her eyes, the look of getting fascinated by something, just like she was initially fascinated with Ise-kun before she fell for him badly.

"I have enough of you, you stupid pervert"

Suddenly Saji yelled in anger while walking towards Issei who was standing near the couch. The others narrowed their eyes at him.

"You might be?"

Issei asked, showing a confused expression on his face. He looked around for any answer however all he got were chuckles from the girls even Koneko smiled.

"I'm Saji, Kaichou pawn and I took 4 evil pieces to get reincarnated as a devil"

Saji spoke arrogantly while puffing his chest which just caused Issei to chuckle.

"Good for you, see you later"

Issei spoke with a small smile while walking past him towards the table, however, his hand was grabbed by Saji who looked very angry and embarrassed. The others wanted to interfere however Sona and Rias stopped them.

"You are not going anywhere till you apologise to Kaichou"

Saji spoke angrily, pointing towards the location of Sona who has an unreadable expression on her face though Saji didn't notice it due to the huge smirk he had on his face.

"Saji-san, Issei-san, took 8 evil pieces to reincarnate as a devil"

Tsubaki spoke in a serious tone while giving him a deadly glare. To her, Saji was doing nothing except making their king embarrassed.

"Haha, those evil pieces must have defects"

Saji spoke with mocking laughter ignoring the angry look he was getting. Hearing his words, Sona's face showed an angry expression along with Akeno and Tsubaki. Rias was barely controlling herself to not kill this stupid pawn.

The evil pieces represent their master as the owner of them inject his/her magic in it so they would start to work properly. Saying that the evil pieces are detected would mean that the master of them also has defects.

Except for the queens and Issei, no one understood the other meaning behind his words even though he didn't mean it. Sona was having her worst moment of life because her new pawn just insulated her best friend/rival.

"You are just a new pawn who has not even fought his first death battle without anyone helping you. Remember I'm letting you go this time however you have chosen to be an enemy of mine, be prepared in the future"

Issei spoke in a dangerous tone while using his mana to create a powerful presence to scare that joker. Even though Issei was controlling his mana, the others still could feel it and they were amazed by the way he was utilising it.

"Leave him, Issei-kun, he is just a nobody"

Rias suddenly spoke with an authoritative tone while also smiling at him to calm him down. Issei took his mana back before walking towards the exit, not speaking to anyone.

While walking towards the door, he suddenly stopped and looked in the direction of Tsubaki who was also looking at him along with others. With a small smile, he spoke loud enough for her to hear.

"4th period, do keep your words"

Others looked confusedly in Tsubaki direction while the girl in question blushed when she was reminded about her sudden date with him. Though she didn't deny it, with a small smile, she nodded at him.

"Come, Rias-chan, we are going somewhere"

Issei spoke again while calling Rias affectionately, which was enough for others to look at him with a stupefied expression. Even Sona who was expecting something between these two could not believe her ears.


Rias happily went to his location before holding his hand and walking outside of the room though not before looking back at others and giving them a smirk and victory sign.

"When did this happen?"

Sona muttered shocked at the sudden events along with her peerage through Tsubaki didn't care about it as she was busy blushing and dreaming about her date with him.

"Rias was faster than me in this"

Akeno muttered under her breath while looking surprised. Still, now she has someone with whom she could tease Rias. She was sure that Ise-kun would help her as he is also like her. Ufufufufu, it's going to be fun for her.

Saji was still sitting on the ground due to the fear he felt when Issei spoke to him at that time. Not even Kaichou showed him such a side even when she was angry.

"Saji, you are going to get punished by me"

Sona suddenly spoke in an angry tone while looking at her scared pawn. She was not feeling any sympathy for him as she would have done the same if he was not her pawn.

"By the way, what did Ise-kun mean by 4th period?"

Akeno asked Tsubaki who came back to the world with a mild blush on her face. Everyone looked at her curiously as they wanted to know the meaning behind his words.

"I have promised him a date in 4th period"

Tsubaki proudly spoke with a smile on her face. She didn't care about their reactions as she would go out with him even if they tried to stop her for silly reasons, not like they would stop her in reality.


Everyone shouted at the same time except for Saji who was on the ground and Koneko who was still thinking about Rias and Issei's sudden romantic development, even Kiba did not think much of it. Though the others were very interested in it, they bombarded Tsubaki with a lot of questions.


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